EOS block producer with heavy DPOS experience


    Tokenika is a Warsaw based, Eastern European blockchain expert, software house and a think-tank specialising in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Consisting of a strong team of experts from the fields of IT, coding, artificial intelligence, trading, law and regulatory environments, we strive to create a foundation for the most promising blockchain related tech. Our team members have been involved in blockchain and DLT tech since 2012, and have been firm supporters of Dan Larimer’s (the creator of EOS) projects since the introduction of BitSharesX, the first incarnation of BitShares.

    Currently Tokenika’s efforts are exclusively dedicated to successful deployment of ecosystem, in our eyes being one of the brightest new stars on the blockchain scene. As a potential block producer, we are acutely aware of the scale and complexity of this task.

    Our key strengths as an EOS block producer:

    • Our block production infrastructure has been setup and fine-tuned by GTG - one of the best performing Steem witness nodes, consistently scoring in the top 3 for the least amount of dropped blocks.
    • We are ready to start EOS block production, offering solid support to the sprouting EOS community and immediately scale it according to needs.
    • Tokenika’s server infrastructure is robust and most importantly, rapidly scalable, largely due to our Steem witness know-how. We are not just hoping this is the case, we know it.
    • We use industry grade Tier-3+ datacenters with fail-over protection and an up-time of around 99.9%.
    • We are already producing blocks for the EOS community testnet  under the witness name ROGUE.
    • We lead an active EOS community and have a lively following on the Steem platform, where we educate and offer advice on technological and practical subjects regarding

    This separates us from many inexperienced witness candidates who are forced to adopt a trial-and-error approach to this task, and might lack the skills or the infrastructure to set up and sustain a stable EOS node.

    We are also developing several solutions for the EOS ecosystem, such as EOSFACTORY (a Python-based smart-contract testing framework, similar to Ethereum's Truffle), EOSPROJECTS, a listing of existing EOS tools and extensions, and an EOS block explorer.

    As far as dApps are concerned we're building an EOS-based digital identity system called SYGNET. Also, to facilitate the mass adoption of EOS, we are at advanced talks with a respected MMO game developer interested in using EOS technology, a regulated bullion ownership registry migrating to a blockchain and several other prospects. From time to time we also advice the Polish government’s Ministry of Digitisation on blockchain related matters, and have early insight into Poland’s and EU’s blockchain regulatory landscape.

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