Block Producer Roadmap

1.Block Producer Candidate Roadmap on Values

(1)Bepal Team

EOS Bepal is from China,we focus on the research and development of blockchain technology and security field.We already have relevant R&D achievements about blockchain network underlying construction,consensus mechanism designing,personal and enterprise private key protection.Bepal has launched a number of personal asset management terminals (wallets) and is committed to building blockchain full scene security.Our next plan is to gradually establish blockchain security technology community.


(2)Our Principle

We see the safety,transparency and independence of EOS.IO community as our primary mission.EOS Bepal will not pay for the votes,elections and suggestions from token holders.And we will not let any profits affect the independence, objectivity and impartiality of EOS Bepal.


(3)Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics

EOS Bepal declare that we will always act with honesty and integrity while applying the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct. This includes never paying voters for their support or establishing a quid pro quo relationship with any party with regard to voting.



As an ecology community who always focus on the security of blockchain,we will take a series of security measures to prevent any intentional or unintended operational threats against the EOS.IO community.



We believe that the operation of the EOS.IO community should be open and transparent, including but not limited to the specific income and expenses of each witness node.


(6)High Network Performance

EOS Bepal promises to dedicated to network infrastructure and personnel which enable the EOS.IO network to perform at the highest level and scale effectively with demand.


2.Community Project Timeline


(1)EOS Bepal Foundation

We will establish a distributed application incubator and contact the EOS distributed application development team.Our incubator has 20 million RMB.We will use our multiple strengths to provide development teams with funding, advocacy, community, and technical support.

We will help and invest in DApp development team with excellent development strength to promote EOS ecological prosperity.

If we become a super node,We will continue to properly handle the inflation incentives of super nodes to incubate the ecological industry chain.


(2)EOS block browser

We will assistant the third-party platform and set up EOS block browser with them together,to check EOS market and block data.The block browser will have these functions:check EOS market and block data,check trading volume and currency price;data including block information,trading information,messages,account information,address information,support to quick search according to the accounts and tradings.


(3)Bepal App

Bepal App is a private blockchain asset management app,it helps customers to monitor offline account,real-time balance check,conduct trades quickly and broadcast transactions .It also supports multiple currency and addresses,to provide safe and quick blockchain asset storage and sending management services.

EOS cellphone wallet fully support EOS ecology,it can check current super node distribution and it provide one click mapping,quick vote,tokens acquisition and proxy voting.

EOS cellphone wallet discover channel has media news,knowledge,flash news and morning news.


(4)EOS hardware wallet

EOS hardware wallet is an entrance to enter EOS ecology world,it provides safe and convenient cryptocurrency management.EOSwenzhou actively builds and maintains the development of blockchain ecology based on this entrance.

In the era of blockchain 3.0, blockchain is going to have success in many fields such as finance, credit collection, Internet of things, economic and trade settlement, asset management and so on.Security is most important thing in the applications of the blockchain.

EOS hardware wallet can provide safe and convenient blockchain asset storage and sending services.It combined the technologies of cold and hot separation and non-electromagnetic wave channel encrypted transmission.It can help customers to control cryptocurrency completely and protect the trading away from the network ,lot size monitoring and help to conduct trades quickly and broadcast the trades.EOS hardware wallet supports Chinese simplified,traditional Chinese ,English,Japanese and Korean,EOS ecological system,one key mapping and voting,the new designed UI is fluency to use.


(5)Cartoons about Blockchain Security

EOS Bepal tries to popularize blockchain security knowledge through the Bepal Cutie story series.Bepal has also registered an official Wechat account called Bepal Planet , which specifically publishes blockchain security knowledge comic.We wish to enhance customer’s awareness of security protection with a lively cartoon story, and then they can protect the assets well.


(6)EOS DAPP Incubation Project

Code Sharing Application BE-code

We wil use blockchain techmology to set up a hosting platform for open source and proprietary software projects.All Shared source code will be written on blockchain,so functions like tracing the code contributors,historical version record will be available.And all shared source code on BE-code will be tamper-proof.Users can easily find a huge amount of open source code with BE-code.

Blockchain Knowledge Popularization and Social App BE-post

BE-post will be a blockchain knowledge sharing and recording platform which will provide high quality and original blockchain technical content.Anyone can easily create, post, interact, thumb up and vote on BE-post.Users who are interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can acquire blockchain knowledge on BE-post and make use of the social function of BE-post to meet like-minded friends.

Technical masters can disseminate knowledge on BE-post and actively participate in the community construction that will be paid by the fair and transparent accounting system that reflects everyone's contribution.

Blockchain Storage App Be-Box

Be-Box is a data platform that focuses on blockchain applications like contract protection,intellectual property storage,data flow tracing etc.Be-Box will maintain the authenticity, uniqueness and integrity of electronic data in technology using the features about privacy protection, tamper proof, anti-attack of blockchain infrastructure.Be-Box will combine blockchain technology and cryptography technology effectively to ensure the data cannot be tampered and keep the system  safe.By using the time stamp of blockchain technology and the uniqueness of data, Be-Box will ensure the first time online evidence of intellectual property ownership is fixed and the right of confirmation is completed.Be-Box will cover all traces of copyright application, using and trading steps so that the whole process can be viewed and tracked later.

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