The Swarm – EOS BP Candidate

Together, we are unstoppable


    We are The Swarm. And together, we are unstoppable.

    Why “The Swarm”?

    In nature, a swarm is a self-organized, decentralized, collaborative system working instinctively to achieve goals. The power of a swarm is in emergent properties; simply put, the total exceeds the sum of its parts.

    We recognize the strengths of the entire EOS community to mobilize and quickly adapt to challenges. The Swarm is an extension of these strengths; our vision is one with an open invitation to community contributions.

    We have a special opportunity to accomplish something truly great. But the end-result is shaped from all of our actions. That’s why, as we announce our candidacy for Block Producer, we invite you to join The Swarm. It takes a legion of disruptors to make a revolution a reality.

    Let’s work together to build the best foundation for the future.

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