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    We are the OS.TOP team from China, dedicated to eos system development.

    Our team has a total of more than 150 technical, operational and after-sales support staffs. The OS.TOP team has been engaged in data center room, cloud computing, big data and other aspects since 2003. There are more than ten data storage, calculation and analysis. The experience of the year is China's top three cloud computing service providers. At the same time, the ostop team is the global ".top domain name" root domain management organization, which includes many countries including the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, China, and Hong Kong The DNS resolution node provides global users with a full range of DNS root domain resolution services and has rich experience in global data center node management and operation.

    In recent years, our team has paid close attention to the technological development in the blockchain field and has actively participated in it. We are particularly concerned about the development of eos. We are also confident in the future development of eos, and actively promote and promote eos by organizing various activities in the eos community. Provide professional technical support and consulting services to community members and contribute to the development of the EOS ecosystem. In the process of providing services and building a community, we have accumulated a wealth of communities, companies, operators, and cloud computing resources, providing a guarantee for the future sustainable development of the platform.

    We believe that with the joint efforts of the community members, more people will participate in the eos ecosystem, and it will be necessary to provide more useful services for this ecosystem so as to create a positive cycle. Therefore, the ostop team can provide a stable network based service for the community with more than 10 years of experience in data center operations management and reliable technical services. Therefore, we are willing to participate in the innovation of the EOS ecosystem.


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