The mobile gaming industry has been through an explosive growth since 2012,
attracting many game publishers to enter the market, thus providing more and more
choices for the gamers. However, due to the high cost of the service fee of app
stores, the increase of advertising costs, and the whole industry entering the "Red
Sea" type of competition, It is increasingly difficult for many small and medium
game developers and publishers to maintain the profit margin in the past few years,
and it’s more and more difficult even to maintain normal operations, which not only
becoming the bottleneck of the overall growth of the mobile gaming industry, but
also making it more difficult for gamers to find and enjoy the games they really love.

More than 100 games of the Top 200 revenue-generating mobile games in
Asia have agreed to release their games on Motion, which means that Motion will
not only have a huge amount of users right after its launch, but also will expand
rapidly. And it also means that Motion's cryptocurrency: Motion Token (MTN) will be
one of the main currencies that will be used by the 500+ games and more than 100
million registered gamers.

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