We are a team from Moscow - a group of blockchain enthusiasts, tech team (~8 persons) are mostly from Mail.Ru Group (biggest Russian web, entertainment and social portal, ~ 150 mln users). Many of us have left out companies to develop blockchain application, and we really plan to work to make decentralized software closer to real life. We plan to accomplish our task by designing and implementing smart contracts, development tools, providing infrastructure, teaching people and doing everything that can help blockchain to go another step ahead. We're actively trying to skip all that political and informational buzz around crypto, regulation, geopolitics, etc., our job is performant blockchain solutions. Decentralization is the next step in evolution of humanity communication and information services, it's extremely important to build systems, tolerant to interplanetary signal times and network split, that can be used to manage processes among planets, not only on such a small pieces of rock, as Earth 😉


We’ve developed some prototypes for our clients using Bitshares (patching code) and Steem (development of standalone plugin with custom tx types, storage and indexes). Now we're actively using EOS in our last research projects: "true" random numbers generation, using SCRAPE protocol (from Cardano article), prototype of booking contract, and so on.


We're conducting lectures, workshops and meetups about technical aspects of blockchains, and plan to launch some events about EOS development here in Moscow, we have all needed resources to organize meetups, workshops and lectures in Moscow or elsewhere in Russia and we have connections to students from best Russian technical universities. We participate in different hackatons, and are going to the upcoming EOS hackaton in HongKong 9-10 June.


Our EOS-related solutions are located in company github.


We also plan to be a BP candidate here, in Moscow. We think it’s really important for the network to have a node in Moscow, utilizing high-speed Internet links and reliable infrastructure. We have containerized and ready-to-use infrastructure and know how to build really fault tolerant infrastructure (thanks to experience of handling requests of millions of users during Mail.Ru career) and how to deal with possible problems.

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