The wheel put the giants out of business


    The current generation of browser plugin dependant DApps are not fit for mass market consumption, the average consumer has little interest in the fact that the products they use are running on top of a blockchain technology. We do not see a future for generic wallet apps as a gateway to Dapps running in web views, in comparison to native mobile experiences, the UX is slow and cumbersome.


    We envisage a second generation of Dapp developed natively for Android and iOS, slick mobile experiences that attempt to hide all knowledge of the underlying blockchain technology. This new generation of Dapps will utilise multisig, inter-blockchain communication, smart contracts and the decentralised nature of EOS to empower existing business processes.


    During August and September 2018 we developed eos-jvm, an SDK for interacting with the EOS network on Android. These libraries were used to rapidly develop EOS REACH, an open source EOS wallet app for Android.

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