• We are HelloEOS, one of the Block Producer Candidates in China. With the ability to develop and maintain Graphene blockchain, and a community of more than 30 thousand user base, HelloEOS will try the utmost to help achieving the effective community governance and a vibrant, healthy blockchain ecosystem of EOS.
  • HelloEOS was the earliest to introduce EOS to Chinese Community, which attracted considerable numbers of people therefore formed the earliest domestic EOS community. Being the member of BitShares Committee, HelloEOS has always been a firm supporter of Bytemaster over the years. Ever since the boot-up of BitShares 1.0, we have been absorbed in operating and maintaining node servers and offered technical support to at least 3 independent active witnesses on BitShares blockchain.
  • Led by Zi Cen and Alex Li, HelloEOS team founded and managed several social media groups to introduce EOS and translated many technical and analytical articles, helping the community to better understand EOS from beginners to advanced users. Learn more about HelloEOS on our official website: .

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