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Partnering under the name Greymass, renowned Witnesses and prolific contributors to the Steem blockchain, @jesta and @anyx are bringing their complementary skills together to establish a uniquely qualified EOS Block Production team.


The Greymass team has served as block producers or witnesses for a number of chains including Steem, Golos, Decent, Peerplays, Muse, and Karma. Beyond their infrastructure contributions to these blockchains, the team has also developed a number of tools and services that enhance the user experience on those chains, including Steemcleaners, Cheetah, Guard, SteemDB, Vessel, ChainBB, Chainsync, Chainmodel, Reprint, and more.


Our Mission

Greymass (Our company name, and official block producer candidate) is headquartered in Michigan, USA. Our mission is to enrich the EOS platform by building, and supporting others building, cool and useful stuff that adds value to the blockchain!


Our top priority is the efficient development of the EOS infrastructure and community. We passionately believe that blockchain systems can only reach their full potential when both their infrastructure and community are developed with clear purpose. We will be announcing a lot of cool projects soon, including our plans for eosDB, an EOS block explorer, and our EOS Light wallet, of which the first version can already be found here.



  • Our full EOS Block Producer application can be found here.
  • A brief overview of our EOS Block Producer infrastructure can be found here.
  • Our 2018 EOS Roadmap can be found here.

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