Reliable node. Legal friendly jurisdiction. Geographical diversification support


    1) Vision


    We believe that the features and functionality of the EOSIO technology is so revolutionary that in the near future we may witness disruptions in the traditional business models and social relationships that may affect each of us. We believe that the major driving force for mass adoption will come from business developing industrial scale decentralised applications, and pioneers in this will be startups that are not burdened with the clunky organisational structures and who are able to look into the future with a fresh perspective. But once the transformational process initiated large corporations will find themselves in the position to follow EOSIO revolution and adopt their business models accordingly. Then the changes may become viral.


    However, given that the EOSIO technology is based on the DPOS protocol, the networks launched by the community will be associated with the producing nodes and their owners. Thus all these transformational changes may not happen soon unless the community offers reliable and reputable network, which is not burdened with the legacy of the early blockchain projects often associated nowadays with the criminal activity.


    Therefore, we believe that the block producing nodes should be located and operated in the jurisdictions that support trust and transparency. The owners of block producing nodes should be transparent and comply with the local legislation, the community ethical standards and adopted EOSIO constitution. Also, in order to minimise potential risks and make the EOSIO network stable and reliable producing nodes must be distributed across different jurisdictions.


    2) Values


    We pledge to never pay for the approval votes. Also we believe that paying dividends to the EOS tokenholders is not healthy for the the EOSIO ecosystem.


    Our inflation rewards will be reinvested into the network performance (node security, redundancy, processing capacity and additional geographic diversification) as well as into initiatives that benefit to the whole community (investments into DAPPs development and education).


    We believe that inflation rewards for the block producers should be at the levels enough to support node scaling plans and support initiatives that benefit to the whole community. At the same time block producer's revenue for personal use should not be higher than IRR for typical venture capital investments (20-30% per annum on investments). Therefore we pledge to publicly disclose our rewards and investments once a quarter.


    We pledge to always comply with the local legislation, high ethical standards and adopted EOSIO constitution. We will stop our operations if local legislation become restrictive or the community ethical standards become contradictory to the local legislation. In this case we will inform the community in advance.


    We pledge to never collude with the other block producers or put our interest above the interests of the community.


    We pledge to run only one node per network.


    3) Location


    HQ and node are located in Novosibirsk, Russia.


    4) the Team


    Ivan - the founder and CTO of a large data center. Ivan has broad experience in rolling out industrial scale IT infrastructure solutions. Tech specialist with deep expertise in telecommunication and server-based solutions.


    Kirill - a serial entrepreneur, who successfully built nationwide businesses and who is able to provide all necessary resources (legal support, human resources and etc.) for node scaling. Kirill is a professional investor with the rare skills to build large projects from the scratch. Kirill has international work experience and is ACCA charterholder.


    Maxim - an investment banker with 15+ years of international experience. Maxim has broad experience in capital raise for IT companies in Russia. Maxim is qualified for operation with cryptocurrencies in accordance with the currently adopting legislation in Russia.


    5) Hardware at mainnet launch and approach to scalability


    We understand importance of BP roles for the EOSIO community and take them seriously. We already tested our node in the public environment and monitored throughput (our node has been operating in the public community testnet since early February 2018), therefore we are pretty confident that at mainnet launch date our robust and only ‘bare metal’ IT infrastructure will meet performance requirements. At EOSIO mainnet launch our infrastructure will consist of two EOSIO servers (CPU Xeon x5670 3GHz 24 cores, RAM 192Gb) and three Data Storage servers (Xeon 3GHz 16 cores, Cashe: 1Gb OSD journal NVMe 256Gb, 48 Tb DataStore - designed to unlimited scalability) protected with the redundant DDOS protection services.


    The node architecture guaranties high resilience level and support rapid scaling without interruption:

    • Cluster architecture to the node designed and distributed approach to IT infrastructure allow to us dedicate sufficient processing resources with the high resilience level at mainet launch date as well as to facilitate dynamic and rapid scaling in the environment of the ever-growing processing and storage requirements without node interruption (please see attached diagram with the node IT architecture).
    • The servers are distributed across two different buildings and are interconnected via fiber-optic communication links. These premises are equipped with the fire alarm emergency systems and backup power supply channels and accumulators.


    6) Most immediate plans (next 3 months)


    Russia is on its way to become one of the most digitalised economy in the world. It is expected that the new legislation in this regard to be introduced this summer.  Under this new legislation many changes will be related to blockchain technology (below are the major ones):

    • mining (including validation and block production) business will be legal entrepreneurial activity, which is subject to taxation after a certain threshold
    • sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies and tokens will be considered as legal operations if these operations are transparent and individual persons / legal entities meet the similar criterions required for sales and purchases of public shares and bonds
    • cryptocurrencies and tokens will be classified as an asset, but at the same time are not legal tender
    • ICO procedures will be formalised and established
    • smart contracts in the blockchains will be equated to a legally binding contracts


    With this in mind our goal is to create one of the main EOSIO node in Russia to enjoy and leverage on these fundamental changes. As a first step we plan to focus on investments in/support of DAPPs that may boost EOSIO software adoption and awareness. Since EOSIO ecosystem is in infant stage we believe that DAPPs with payment/settlement systems should be introduced first. Therefore, we plan to hire developers or create a partnership with a team of developers in which we could bring our banking and entrepreneurial experience.


    Also in order to increase the node resilience level we plan to introduce 24/7 monitoring duty and distribute our IT infrastructure geographically across Russia. We also plan to provide 24/7 support for EOS tokenholders in order to handle the emergency cases.


    We are fully funded to meet the near term plans. All funds come from the team members listed on http://eoszon.io.


    7) Links


    telegram: https://t.me/eoszon
    url: http://eoszon.io
    bp.esgo.io: https://bp.eosgo.io/listing/eoszon/
    steemit: https://steemit.com/@eoszon
    FOR RUSSIAN SPEAKING golos.io: https://golos.io/@eoszon

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