The ''Dapp Developing'' EOS Block Producer candidate


    Hi everyone!

    We are EOSVibes – The ''Dapp Developing'' EOS Block Producer candidate.

    We are a diversified team of talented, motivated and creative blockchain enthusiasts who live in a variety of locations across the world. EOSVibes is an Honour and Reputation based organisation. We have created an early draft of our Constitution and made it open source for community input on GitHub.

    Our mission is to create continuous value for the EOS community.

    EOSVibes pledges to do this by:

    • Securing the EOS blockchain in an optimal manner, along with
    • Creating and deploying new Dapp’s on top of EOS.IO that have real-world use cases

    The first Dapp our team is releasing via a free Airdrop to all EOS Token holders (within 90 days of EOS blockchain launching) is called;

    HireVibes Dapp  www.hirevibes.io

    All future Dapps created by EOSVibes will follow a similar Airdrop model which will give the whole EOS community an opportunity to build a portfolio of EOS powered tokens.

    EOSVibes will also crowdsource new Dapp ideas from the EOS community giving everyone the chance to propose their dream Dapp to be developed on top of EOS.

    Check out our Steemit introduction post for more information.

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