Eossey x Hanbitco

“Every Voice should Be Heard, Every Vote Must Be Counted!”


    Revitalizing the Trade | Eos trading platform
    Hanbitco values the eco-friendly DApp blockchain platform of EOS.
    Place your vote on Hanbitco and Become part of DPOS ecosystem!
    Hanbitco, a member of Korea Blockchain Committee has joined Eossey to contribute to the blockchain network. They value the eco-friendly DApp blockchain platform of EOS.
    Eossey is always open for anyone who wants to establish an equal society in EOS.

    • Eossey Voting : Eossey voting will ensure the voting rights for EOS owners.
      When the mainnet launches, Eossey will place the significant amount of the total vote for Top 30 BP by a majority.
    • EOS Pair Trading Platform : We will facilitate the economy of EOS by supporting EOS based market. Soon we will offer the listing poll to select EOS dApps for Hanbitco .
    • Airdrop : We will instantly deliver most up-to-date information on airdrop utilizing the Telegram.
    • No fees : Eossey will not charge a fee for the most traded BTC/EOS market.

    Blooming Ecosystem | Eossey accelerator

    • EOSchool : We will strive for studying ecosystem of DApp, technology, governance and organise regular meetups to promote the platform of EOS.io.
    • Accelerating EOS DApp : We will establish an accelerating ecosystem to put full support on EOS DApp.
      - Conduct competitions to facilitate colleges/Institutions
      - Educate and support ecosystem professionals
      - Establish a support for educational-industries
      - Establish a sponsorship for college clubs/activities

    EOScracy | Everyone has a right to say, vote and change the world.
    Openness & transparency are the core values of Eossey.
    Like our vision, we will hear every voice for Eossey.

    • Eossey Hearing : Eossey hearing is a regular meeting having to share every progress of Eossey. This will be open to the public, anybody can join and conduct an investigation, or evaluate/oversee the activities of Eossey.
    • Social Network : Eossey operates four major SNS channel: Steemit, Medium.twitter, telegram. We will be in full support of SNS and enable participants to communicate directly to our support team.

    Technical specification estimate
    Eossey will strive to make the better ecosystem.

    “How can we achieve high efficiency with less energy without wasting energy?"
    “How can we effectively reduce the cost and deliver more computing power to EOS.io?”

    Eossey is under the mission to contribute to the EOS.io Decentralized Applications and ensuring equal rights and distributions.

    • Hardware expansion plan I
      We aim to achieve 100% node uptime with top-notch AWS computing specs.
      Instance type: x1e.32xlarge
      vCPU: 128
      Memory (GiB): 3,904
      Storage(GB): 2 x 1,920 SSD
      Network: 25Gigabit
      Physical CPU: Intel E7-8880 v3
      Clock (GHz): 2.3
      Intel AVX: Yes
      Intel AVX2: Yes Intel Turbo: Yes
      EBS OPT: Yes
      Enhanced Networking: Yes
    • Hardware expansion plan II
      Ultimate goal of Eossey is to create nodes that can achieve low cost and high efficiency. By working with Eossey partners who have reliably run GPU mining at a lower cost than AWS, Eossey is building its own hardware system.

    Location : Seoul, South Korea

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