Palliums is the most influential network infrastructure service provider globally


    EOS Palliums is the most influential network infrastructure service provider globally, a valued-added telecom platform, and the largest neutral Internet infrastructure provider for telecom in China. Over the past 20 years, the new era of information infrastructure (data center, decentralized distributed network, CDN, broadband) have been created with high performance, mobility, security and ubiquity through disruptive technology innovation, business model innovation and ecological innovation. EOS Palliums want to continue to exert our full strength in the future value Internet, and is actively engaged in the infrastructure construction of EOS block producer. We not only have abundant resources(data center and broadband network) in hardware, also T-level flow cleaning center that is perfectly integrated from all the elements and effective against from all kinds of attacks. We have rich experience in software, and we have accumulated rich experience in the operation of Microsoft blue cloud, providing reliable, safe and stable operation and maintenance guarantee. Please take a look at our mission, our team, our roadmap and our ability to nurture the EOS community. On April 28, the EOS technology salon will be held in Beijing, and a series of discussions will be conducted on the current trend of the development of the public chain and the future significance of EOS.

    EOS Palliums focus on doing a neutral credible underlying infrastructure group, and is also keen to promote and expand community influence. We offer salon EOS community space, building incubator offices around the world in Silicon valley, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Auckland, Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xi 'an, Ningbo. We have opened EOS series courses combined with CSDN and PDJ Education, which is committed to spread blockchain foundation education and contribute to the technical community. In addition, EOS Palliums is expected to launch the EOS mobile wallet in 2018 Q4. It also plans to hold an EOS community and developer conference each year, organizing hackathon contest, industry summit and BBS, etc. We believe that every small step forward in EOS Palliums is a big step of EOS!

    Our Mission
    Build underlying infrastructure for value Internet, provide neutral multi-dimensional service, and build the cornerstone of social credit in the future.

    Why Us
    Palliums Technology is shareholder of WiFIRE(Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd, investor of Bejing PDJ Education, and establish Z-Park Blockchain Industry Alliance. It has three major telecom interfaces in China, several T flow resources, and three hundred CDN nodes, with the control capability of DDoS, connection, maintenance and large bandwidth.

    1. WiFIRE(Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd is committed to be the provider of the network space infrastructure innovation. It is designed to make network transmission to extend the to the last mile via the world's leading SDN, the two-layer network, by introducing the public cloud, and then activating the broadband, which eventually makes the broadband itself an "application-type service" that can be configured by a user's cell phone. Relying on the big data bus, WiFIRE will lead the enterprise and family users directly to the data center, which will lead to the mainstream public clouds and broadband network in the industry, obtaining the most extreme network experience and turning on the Chinese mega network era.
     Data and content distribution clusters: As the Kernel content distribution network business of WiFIRE is operated by the Beijing Fastweb Technology Co., Ltd(www.fastweb.com.cn) which was takeover by 21Vianet on Sept. 2012, is the leading provider of CDN in China.

     WiFIRE CDN includes static acceleration, dynamic acceleration, on-demand streaming media distribution, distributed network storage, CDN platform monitoring, website access analysis, network status detection, fire alarm and so on. At present, there are over 300 network nodes throughout significant provinces and cities in the country, such as China telecom, Mobile, China Unicom, education network and Great Wall broadband, the total amount of bandwidth exceeds 3TB, offering high quality, high security cloud acceleration (CDN) service, with 7 X 24 hours Operation and Maintenance Center (OMC) which could immediately response and solve the problem.

     Distributed IDC: WiFIRE distributed IDC could be divided into the core, the backbone and edge three layers across the country, Internet enterprise client can distribute areas in accordance with their application level and user profile.
    • With the upper core layer data center, managed area exceeds to 15000m2 in Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai;
    • BGP network across all operators in China to ensure network connectivity;
    • The first service quality agreement (SLA) to implement international standards in China
    • The first rigorous service standards (Standard Operation Process).

     Newdefend Cloud Security: Overall cloud protection
    • Fingerprint identification, intelligent cloud WAF, high security DNS and T-level flow cleaning center can effectively resist various attacks from various links, and fully guarantee the safety of EOS nodes.
    • Acceleration: visit nearby and improve user experience effectively.
    • The acceleration node of the national backbone and the leading page optimization technique, dramatically reducing the latency of the network, increasing the load speed.
    • Stable guarantee: 24 hours full monitoring.
    • Newdefend cloud security, the high stability guarantee of Newdefend for cloud security commercial class allows EOS nodes to be solid as core stones throughout the day.
     In China, Europe, America and Asia Pacific, there are dozens of controllable nodes, with over 300 network nodes in China, throughout China Telecom, Mobile, Unicom, Tietong, education net, sci-tech network and Great Wall broadband. The total amount of bandwidth exceeds 3TB.

    2. 21Vianet Group, Inc., is China's telecom neutral third party Internet infrastructure service provider and China's leading third-party independent data center operator, which provide customers with industry-leading server and network equipment hosting services, management network services, content distribution network services and cloud computing services.
     Independent third party, 1000G+port capacity,400+network nodes
     It operates 80 distributed data centers in more than 20 cities, with nearly 30,000 cabinets with a transmission bandwidth of up to 1000G, which the network is in incomparable reliability and stability.
     T-level flow cleaning center that is perfectly integrated from all the elements and effective against from all kinds of attacks.
     Provide high quality, high security cloud acceleration (CDN) service.
     Blue cloud Microsoft, has accumulated rich experience, with reliable, safe and stable operation and maintenance
     Switch+ High performance data center shapes the new world of interconnectivity
     Inaugurate the new era of Internet infrastructure with more openness, innovation and energy
     Full line product, meet the DC demand of EOS node

    3. PDJ Education is a blockchain technology innovation company established by the largest Chinese IT technology development community CSDN, with honorary chairman YUANDAO, is the initiator of the blockchain Token, chairman Menyan. PDJ Education is committed to the development of the blockchain training, technology development, project incubation, and industry/enterprise blockchain application consultant, especially as a training base and a mission platform, to build a sense of the value of Token, to help each industry create the Token economy system, and to create the Whampoa military academy. with the idea of tong zheng. At present, the company has assembled a large number of IT blockchain technology education, R&D talent resources, and is committed to promoting a new generation of value Internet infrastructure construction based on Token, to build a new large-scale cross-border strong collaboration model, and to establish a multi-dimensional value system. The company aims to build a new generation of digital economic community and Token economy innovation as its mission, and to build a world-class Token service platform as a vision. It is the first in China to open the blockchain course, popularize the blockchain foundation education, and will open the EOS series to contribute to the community.

    Estimate of technical specifications and total expenditure for resources by June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. Check mark given for any estimate, modesty encouraged by permanent Steem record. Quality and accuracy of effort will be judged by the EOS community.
    Quasi server
     1 x Cloud Node(Microsoft Azure D13 V2)
     CPU: 8 vCPU Cores
     RAM: 56GB
     Network: 1000Mbps
     Storage: Local SSD 400GB, Managed OS Disk 1TB
     Estimated Monthly Cost: USD $711

    Estimated scaling plan for hardware after June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. Rough outlines receive a check mark, open review gauges the effort.
    Master Server
     HP DL360 Gen 10 server.
     x CPU Intel 8180M x 2 processor 28 cores and 56 threads per CPU (total 56 Cores and 112 threads)
     RAM: 1TB RAM
     Network: 10Gbps
     Storage: 4 x 800GB SSD (Expandable to 17 x 800GB SSD)
     Estimated Monthly Cost: USD $6,058 / month
    Referral Server
     1 x Cloud Node (Microsoft Azure E64 V3)
     CPU: 64 vCPU Cores
     RAM: 432GB
     Network - 30Gbps
     Storage: Local SSD 1.6TB, Managed OS Disk 2TB
     Estimated Monthly Cost: $4,688
    The main server is located in east China area of China, and the referral server is located in north China and south China respectively, and the data center has the competence of financial level remote backup service, 1T flow backbone network with perfect integration of flow cleaning center to protect against various attacks, 7 x 24h monitoring, the first time response of the all-weather Operations center and solving the problem.

    Port(http): 8888
    Port(p2p): 9876

    Community benefit project outline, only for projects expected to be public by June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain.
     The global incubator office is providing the EOS distributed application to the team, supporting the Internet host and other services, building a thick ecosystem, and regularly hosting the technology salon and the hackathon, which makes the value and spirit of blockchain blossoming in Silicon valley, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Auckland, Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xi 'an, Ningbo.
     CSDN is the largest Chinese IT technology community in the world. With over 30 million registered members (including 8 million active members), 500,000 registered enterprises and partners, in which includes CSDN, authority IT professional technical journal: the journal Programmers, IT human resources service: careerfocus, IT technology learning platform: Lezhi Education, managed code+social programming platform: code, Mobile development tools and service aggregation platform: mobilehub, IT job site: job, Chinese software outsourcing and project transaction platforms: csto, Programmer communication community: iteye, China's largest technology management platform: CTO club, Cloud computing industry salon: cloud computing club, technical organization for mobile developers: CMDN Club, Technical organization for national college students: College club.
     PDJ Education is the first company to launch the blockchain course in China, popularize the blockchain foundation education, and will open the EOS series to contribute to the community.

    Our Partners
     CSDN
    Established in 1999, is the largest IT community and service platform in China and provides Chinese software developer and IT practitioners with full services such as knowledge dissemination, career development and software development, meet their need for learning and knowledge sharing and information in career development, establishing a career development circle, and realizing commercialization of technology through software development.

     Microsoft China blue cloud
    Shanghai Blue Cloud Network Technologies Co., Ltd is wholly-owned subsidiaries of 21Vianet(NASDAQ: VNET), providing cloud services together with the strategic partner of Microsoft in operating Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Power BI in China. Blue Cloud delivers world class cloud operation and service in china with over 400 professionals offering comprehensive cloud computing services including Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS) and Service as a Service(SaaS). As a leading local cloud computing service provider, Blue Cloud offers a renowned international cloud computing service platform – secure, mature and intelligent-it is the first official and commercial one of its kind in China.
    1. As the first company bringing international leading public cloud to China, is a one-stop operator of cloud services based on Microsoft technics, providing cloud service with Microsoft Azure, Office 365.
    2. Implementation of international standard service level agreements, provide a financial guarantee monthly 99.9% SLA of Microsoft Azure and Office 365.
    3. Established the first professional team with ability of international public cloud operation, provide high standard, high quality and reliable cloud services for users and ensure that all customers are able to enjoy the same service.
    4. The dual certification service with ISO9002, ISO 27001 / ISO20000, US RAB and UKAS provide excellence service capability.
    5. As our country's first reliable cloud service certification enterprise issued by TeleInfo Institute of MII, currently is the cloud computing service provider which owns the most trusted cloud-certified in the country, covering the cloud hosting, cloud storage, database, cloud engine, total network load balance.

    Core Team
    Yuan Dao
    Pallet thinker
    Founder of Token economy
    Director of Z-Park Blockchain Industry Alliance
    Promoter of Blockchain and “Tong Zheng“(Token)conception
    Graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University in 1991. Engaged in the Internet industry for more than 20 years
    Leader of the Internet infrastructure field.
    Vice president of the well-known open source community-CSDN
    one of the promoters of “Tong Zheng“(Token)conception

    Peijiang Zhu
    Secretary General of Z-Park Blockchain Industry Alliance
    President of Palliums
    Graduated from Department of electronic engineering of Tsinghua University in 1998
    Held the position of deputy director and senior engineer of a National Research Institute
    Engaged in network,video as well as blockchain technology research for years

    Kenneth Chen
    Co-Founder & CTO of GenieNRM
    Co-Founder & CTO of Datamite Technology
    Chief Strategy officer of TelTel
    Co-Founder & CTO of IDHuB
    20 years experience in products design and management

    Dr. Xinman Li
    General Manager of Shared Services Center, SSC of 21Vianet
    The doctor in Computer application of Northeastern University
    Held the position in Cernet Networkd Co., Ltd
    Director of operation centerin CERNET
    General Management of Network Development Department in Neusoft

    Xianguo Zhang
    General Manager of CDN in WiFIRE, in charge of operation of WiFIRE
    15 years experience in R&D and products
    Engaged in cloud computing, CDN, IOT, the car network, wireless communication, communication equipment
    Have served in Huawei, Blue flood, Letv, MOTOROLA, Nokia

    Dr. Jian Liu
    The doctor of National University of Defense Technology
    Engaged in the development and research of operating system, distributed computing, supercomputer and so on for years.

    Zhehao Yang
    Product manager of blockchain Palliums Technology
    Senior researcher of Z-Park Blockchain Industry Alliance
    Engaged in market analysis and problem-solving of blockchain

    Social media contact
    Official website:http://eospalliums.org
    Telegram Chinese:https://t.me/EOSPalliums_zh
    Telegram Ennglish:https://t.me/EOSPalliums

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