EOSMetal is founded on the premise of being as decentralized and independent as is possible while still providing a robust infrastructure.  We accomplish this through a 'bare metal' physical server design, further decentralized by locating our infrastructure across multiple geopolitical borders.  We have targeted data centers in geographical areas currently underserved by EOS BP's and neutral to cryptocurrencies.

We are entirely self-funded and will never take any money from a DAPP, token sale, or exchange.  We have also pledged to never buy votes through dividends or any other method that would compromise our being an unbiased block producer.  We are all EOS investors first, block producers second, we respect the needs of this role as it directly impacts us as investors and supporters of the EOS project.

Our infrastructure at mainnet launch will consist of three servers protected with redundant firewalls and DDOS protection services using geographically distributed at the time of launch.  Two physical servers located in Iceland and one server located in Panama used for additional failover and API queries, relaying the BP blocks.  As the network grows and infrastructure demands require, we will expand out server counts while also adding Denmark as an additional datacenter for further geopolitical diversification.

EOSMetal Governing Policies and Roadmap:

  • We pledge to follow the EOS constitution in all aspects and judgments.
  • We are 100% self-funded and will never take money from any outside organization, DAPP, exchange or investor.
  • We pledge to never pay out dividends or other financial methods to purchase votes or favor, our operations will maintain complete unbiased neutrality.
  • We pledge to maintain a funding account from our reimbursements ensuring 12 months of uninterrupted operations at any time.
  • We pledge to allow all facilities and operations to be accessible to auditors.
  • We will maintain a quarterly operations report outlining our infrastructure status, any infrastructure updates, current EOS utilization of our network resources, to be published on Steemit and our website at
  • We pledge to serve all nationalities, publishing content and updates in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and English.

We thank you for considering us as a block producer and look forward to serving you on the launch of mainnet on June 3rd. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions about our candidacy.


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