We are on a mission to drive sustainability and being a member of EOSGreen is more than just using renewable energy. It is an unshakable commitment to a Sustainable Lifestyle.

" We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world " - Howard Zinn

EOSGreen is one of the Block Producers, BPs, on EOS blockchain. As our title describes EOSGreen aims at using sustainable solutions to run its activities and also drive sustainability in EOS ecosystem. We at EOSGreen would like to be the pioneers in driving the sustainability initiative in EOS Block Production.

Why are we doing this?

We love technology, we love blockchain, we love to innovate, we love to build. But in everything we do, we think about the impacts of our actions on society, nature and future generation.

Together with our passion and thoughtfulness, we believe that Block Production is the correct platform for us, it’s a pretty big responsibility. In order to make a commitment to this, we at EOSGreen took a stand to support good initiatives from the beginning. So in everything we do we wanted to make sure it’s good for the EOS ecosystem, community and most importantly it’s sustainable. By working together with EOSGreen community we aim to be transparent, democratic and sustainable in our activities.

How are we planning to do this?

We believe in a community-driven approach rather than an entity. So we would like to create a EOS Green community where everyone who believes in our vision is part of it.

“When we speak together, we can make change happen” - this is our motto and we live by it.

In order to bring our vision into reality, we wanted to make sure that everyone in the community is involved in it. We want to drive our sustainable activities and encourage new projects/initiatives as a community. We want everyone in our community to feel a part of our mission. So we would like to introduce eosGreen tokens, which gives each and every community member a token to make the sustainable impact.

Values & Mission

  • Keeping the EOS network stable and secure is our top priority.
  • In our activities, Transparency is the key and we will strive for it.
  • Sustainability is also a priority for us. The best way to contribute is by addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forward by United Nations. EOSGreen team is committed a sustainable lifestyle.

Our BP roadmap:

Q2 2018
1) Actively working with new releases on testnets.
2) Hardware and location secured.
3) A legal entity established.
4) Mission & Values streamlined. Website updated.
5) Community establishment - Ongoing!
5) Actively working with BP community for the launch of the main chain.

Q3 2018
1) Issue our BP progress report.
2) Actively working on assessing the overall performance and scaling the hardware.
3) Building governance tools and working with the community.
4) Team development, Partnerships, and Collaborations.
5) Working on our planned activities.

Q4 2018

1) BP progress report.
2) Begin reviewing dApps & worker proposals from the community to invest in the projects which standby our values & mission.
3) Establish external partnerships and work on getting enterprises on-board. (New projects bring value to EOS)
4) Encourage other BPs and dApps to work on SDGs. Start reviewing the establishment of eosGreen side chain for only sustainable projects.


Our view on dividends:

We do not want to provide any dividends or buy votes from the community. But instead, we want to involve the community in all the activities we do. Maybe in future, our stand will change according to the dynamics within in the community.

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