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    EOSDR.io Dominican Republic - Block Producer Candidate

    EOSDR.io Dominican Republic / Control Virtual, S.R.L (legal entity registered in 2004 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

    Twitter: @EOSDR     SteemIt: @EOSDR

    Dominican Republic is well known for its great tourist attractions, beaches, music, baseball celebrities and the unique warmth and hospitality of its people. It is also a developing country with the second highest economic growth in the American continent, with an average of 5% yearly growth for the past 10 years.

    EOSDR.io is a small group of professionals with an altruistic mentality, who follow strict guidelines of integrity. We believe the only way to make EOS Project succeed is to be benevolent, transparent and reliable when it comes to supporting the EOS Community, network resiliency and developer encouragement. Please visit our site https://EOSDR.io to meet our team.


    • Block Producers should be TRUSTED CUSTODIANS and executors of the EOS Constitution.

    • Block Producers should never pay for votes, no exceptions! EOSDR.io has clearly posted this    on home page.

    • Business model, team members and any affiliated entities should be disclosed to the                   community.

    • Block Producers should never participate in Arbitration, only execute arbitrator decisions.

    • Mistakes done or doubts about what actions to take given any situation should be                       communicated to EOS Community, regardless of impact to Block Producer standing.

    • Block Producers should be responsible to learn and share the legal repercussions of operating BP nodes in its legal geographical jurisdiction (if any).


    Transparent business models: shouldn't every business and government operate like this? 🙂

    Other BP Candidates have commented, and we agree: "It is important for Block Producers to have transparent business models but also have a revenue and cost base to be able to support the EOS community for the long term." (from @EOSDublin)

    Net Income (Revenue – Direct Costs) will be allocated as follows. 60% - Retained Capital (Infrastructure, research / Capacity Scalability) 25% - EOS Development Fund (or similar for helping out startups and promising EOS development projects) 15% - Community Expansion and support

    We reserve the right to partner up with other BP's and, if they agree, use other BP's as proxies for any reward distribution as stated above, such as funding development projects or sharing in costs of organizing EOS Community events.

    We reserve the right to accept any donations sent directly to address link in EOSDR.io home page. Such donations will be disclosed to community on a yearly or quarterly basis as well as allocation its per above.

    We reserve the right to alter percentages of allocation at any time since there are still many unknowns about the appropriate infrastructure required to run BP nodes or any sudden expansion requirements.


    Our primary objective is to guarantee a reliable and resilient network infrastructure, capable of expanding seamlessly with user requirements. We will offer public tools for the community to monitor performance and throughput. We will eventually host our primary infrastructure in the NAP of the Americas datacenter in Miami, FL. Please refer to Technical Proposal section of https://EOSDR.io website for more details.


    We look forward to sharing our knowledge, opinions and experiences with EVERY citizen of the World. We believe strongly in sharing best practices to reach goals faster and more efficiently. Please feel free to reach out to give us your feedback, critiques, jokes, anything...

    Website: https://eosdr.io

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/info_eosdr

    SteemIt: https://steemit.com/@eosdr/

    (What we share as our experiences is not financial or technical advice.)

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