EOSCUBE was founded in September 2017 in "Silicon Valley of China" Shenzhen. We are the early enthusiast of block chain technology and EOS technology enthusiast team, with the core team members 5 people, operating team members 15 people. Most of EOSCUBE members are experienced network engineers, senior Architecture Engineer software engineer coming from the FORTUNE 500 Telecommunication companies. Our primary goal is to ensure the successful boot of the EOS main network. With advantage of our technical capabilities in the block chain, we will build EOS-based DAPP in the future to promote the vigorous development of EOS's entire ecosystem. We are not an exchange, neither a mine pool. There is no famous star in block chain circle behind us. We are only a group of common technology enthusiasts and evangelist, only a spark in the EOS ecology, but we firmly believe that a little spark may burst a mighty flame. Let's change the world with technology and build a chain of "mutual trust, equality and respect" with the EOS community around world. EOSCUBE's current development projects include EOS wallet, EOS block chaining browser and other infrastructure. We actively study block side chain and cross link communication technology, and cooperate with universities, scientific research institutions and funds in various forms. We will also set up the EOS ecosystem fund to focus on the incubation of EOS Dapp, and provide technical support for the growth and growth of EOS communities.

Our vision: technology creates the future, EOS ecological incubator.

Our slogan: EOS magic cube is infinitely possible.

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