EOSchain-Block Producer Candidate

Hello we are EOSChain from AiBiLink, a block producer candidate from Greater China


    Hi everyone, we are EOSChain from AiBiLink, a block producer candidate from Greater China. We believe that a candidate should be judged more based on what it currently does than what it claims to be doing.


    AiBiLink are a leading international digital asset value management company, which covers investment advisors in digital assets, value circulation and wealth management.


    AiBiLink continue to focus on the high-tech frontiers of artificial intelligence, large data processing, block chain value circulation, quantitative investment, risk pricing decision-making engine and other high-tech frontiers in the field of digital asset value management, which are widely used in banks, investment banks, securities, funds, insurance, real estate finance, supply chain and listed companies. Industry and other financial institutions and public users.


    We believe that in the next ten years, science and technology finance will change the world, the value management of digital assets will lead the era of change, we will be put into a wave of innovation for this hundred years, make the dream into reality, and everywhere!


    Adhering to the vision from the initial heart, we set up the top team in the industry, independent research and development of the first deep integrated artificial intelligence (A.I.: Artificial Intelligence) and block chain integration (B.I.: Block Chain Integration) technology for the digital asset value investment (Invest) and value connection (Link) innovation. Digital asset value management platform, which provides all-around one-stop service, such as digital asset circulation, information and value management.


    It will be driven by science and technology, provide professional services, solve the problems of technology, brand, wind control and value circulation in the digital assets industry for users, and let users experience the safe, convenient and efficient service in the process of investment, finance and circulation in digital assets.


    In the future, We will continue to focus on artificial intelligence, large data processing, quantitative investment in block chain value, risk pricing decision-making engine and other high-tech frontiers in the field of digital asset value management, which are widely used in banks, investment banks, securities, funds, insurance, real estate finance, supply chain. Financial institutions such as listed enterprises and public users.


    Corporate architecture:

    AiBilink is operated by Beijing Yun Ling Network Technology Co., Ltd. and has 10 departments. There are research institutes, investment research department, technology department, product department, market department, finance department, Department of forensic affairs, personnel department, administration department and customer service department.


    History of development:

    2016: gets tens of millions of financing from angel seeds.

    2017: Yun Ling Zhi chain was established and operated formally.

    2017: Yun Lingzhi chain, launched new product , more services are accelerating R & D.


    This is just a brief introduction of our EOS Block Producer candidacy to all of you net freedom, blockchain and crypto-world lovers out there. Much like you all we also believe that there is a lot the world can gain by blockchain and cryptospace - especially individual freedom, right to express, rights to protect one's property and so on and so forth.

    This report is trying to answer the questions outlined by @eosgo in their BP candidates criteria post.








    Sina Weibo:http://weibo.com/aibilink

    WeChat official account:AiBiLinki

    400 calls: +86 400-088-5299

    Mobile phone: +86 18611714186

    Company phone: +86 010-65067537

    Mailbox: laoliping@aibicoin.com, linli@aibicion.com

    Company address: 11 floor, F block, Fuhua building, Dongcheng District, Beijing.

    Zip code number: 100708


    A) Official block producer candidate name:EOSChain

    B) Location of company headquarters:Beijing, China

    C) Expected location of servers. Hongkong,China

    D) Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc). cloud

    E) Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff.

    F) Relevant background qualifications for at least 67% of staff.


    Our team


    Jingzhong LIu

    China's financial science and technology continuous entrepreneurs, successively serving in Alibaba, the southern fund, NTT DoCoMo, participated in the central bank third party payment standard formulation, the former core leader of the balance treasure, quick payment of early members, the first batch of mobile payment practitioners. The current Beijing Tong Shen Bao Technology Co., Ltd. CEO. he has extensive experience in the blockchain industry and worked as a blockchain leader at a former technology company


    Yun Yuan

    Graduated from Peking University, Internet entrepreneur, has rich experience in Internet operation management. He served as the head of Baidu payment business, and vice president of credit card portal. At present, Beijing cloud Ling Network Technology Co., Ltd. (love to vote) CEO. he has extensive experience in the blockchain industry and worked as a blockchain leader at a former technology company


    Li Lin

    Graduated from Peking University, an expert scholar in cryptography and gene decoding, a researcher in block chain and AI industry.


    Xiaomao Lan ,architect

    Lili Zhang ,Product Manager

    Peng Lv ,Operation Manager

    Liping lao,marketing manager

    xiong Du, Designer

    Chuanda Guo, Software Engineer

    Suhao Li :,Software Engineer

    Wenfei  Pang,Software Engineer

    Fan Li ,operation and maintenance engineer

    Chao zhu, Community operation

    Sun Juan, editor in chief

    Longkun li,Community operation



    Before Jun 3, 2018, the following initial cloud server is adopted for the test nets:

    16-core CPU/32GB RAM/800GB SSD cloud disk

    Of course, we will make adjustments based on the specific recommendations and requirements of EOS.IO.



    Base on the launch requirements of EOS.IO,with the continuous improvement of our services , we customized the following solutions after June 3, 2018:

    1. Increase server high availability: use more than three servers for high availability clustering solutions

    2. Provide fault tolerance of the server: adopt multi-machine backup and off-site backup combined to ensure data security

    3. Establish a complete monitoring system and automatic failure recovery system

    4. Improve security defense solutions to ensure the security of nodes



    As a software house , we are currently involved in development of several projects for the EOS blockchain. These are:

    —EOS Union Meet up /EOS salons in Beijing

    —Christmas Group Mining for EOS activity in the community online

    On Christmas day every year, we will hold an online mining campaign. In the whole activity, users will get the calculated power through daily check-in and invite friends, etc. the higher the power is, the more the ore will be excavated. For users who are particularly outstanding, we will give EOS incentives to enhance your enthusiasm.

    —New user registration for EOS/bitcion activity in the community online

    —The EOSChain team also organized some blockchain high-end technology salon and will continued to export the core blockchain technology to China's blockchain projects and enterprises. http://aibilink.com/portal.php?mod=view&aid=32819


    —The EOSChain team has a strong background in information and system security and is working hard to provide a security solution for the EOS ecosystem, especially the EOSIO block producer node.

    —Community Development Plan

    The EOSChain team has set up operation centers in China,  and will operate in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other countries and regions, which can constitute a strong user base of EOS community so that it provides more energy for the EOS ecology .

    —Community education Plan

    Based on our News platform, we will provide abundant and exclusive industry analysis, cutting-edge information,  and other industry information for EOS ecology and EOS community, so as to help EOS establish extensive popularity and strong influence in China and the world at large.

    —The EOSChain team will continue to actively participate in the EOS community's various tasks which includes improving and optimizing EOS development documentation, promoting the development of EOS wallet and browser, support for EOS start-up projects, organizing various types of event to propagate EOS projects, etc. We hope to cooperate with global EOS developers and community participants to build EOS Ecosystem.



    Telegram: https://t.me/aibitou

    IP :

    Port(http): 8888

    Port(p2p): 9876


    7、BP roadmap

    l  Establish the special news area and forum column for the EOS community. Through information or discussion, ordinary people could easily approach to EOS. Providing EOS Developer training and tutorials for beginners and seasoned developers facilitate the entire EOS ecology development and growth.

    l  Develop an open sourced web app. Developers can use it connect to the EOSIO network, view network interactions mechanism, test and develop the EOS smart contract. Token holders can use it to vote for their preferred Block Producers.

    l  Combine with EOSChain currently services. We will add EOS token to EOSChain existing wallet, help users map EOS from Ethereum network and build a cross-chain liquidity network by blockchain gateway.

    l  Continue to build prediction market dapp based on EOS, provide an in-depth analytics and data tools for the EOS community.

    l  Create further partnerships in the Education and Business Awareness space to ensure growth and adoption of the EOS platform.


    8、Position on dividends


    We follow the rules of the EOS community, and as long as the community has reached a consensus, we must strictly abide by it. We have always thought that too much emphasis on dividends to much dividends to voters is not good for community development. In the long run, it is also dangerous to EOS super nodes. If they paid the voters, it will naturally attract the EOS holder to vote to the node that is willing to share the bonus, and then cause all the nodes to compete for the bonus for the ticket. If all the nodes used the funds for development to pay dividends, the development of EOS would be rather slow. This is the last thing EOS supporters want to happen. Therefore, if the rules do not support dividends, we strongly oppose it.


    Our goal is to do our utmost to make EOS ecosystem more prosperous. We never campaign for votes via "vote buying".We are very grateful to the voters for their trust and support, but we promise that they will not pay any fees and benefits for this purpose. Our feedback on voters may lie in other added values, such as extending more EOS knowledge by hosting online, offline EOS theme sharing and community promotion activities to enable the holder to understand the value of EOS more deeply, or to use the remaining rewards for the incubating of DApp, so that the DApp project will develop rapidly and will be more willing to give back. Support their community members.Invest in excellent team and project.Incubation Dapp.Accumulate kernel of blockchain technology


    Our open commitment link is:


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