EOSAmericas will bring network security, stability, and reliability to the EOS network throughout the Americas.



China, the US, and Western Europe currently represent a majority of the potential EOS BP network. We will add robust, secure, professionally managed servers throughout North, Central, and South America.



Large corporations and special interests that already control large parts of the blockchain ecosystem are vying to become EOS BPs. We will add an independent voice representing real EOS developers and users.



Four companies dominate the cloud server business (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud). If a majority of EOS BPs use these providers the EOS network becomes centralized and at risk. We will use only our own secure, on-premises servers and cloud servers that are not part of the “Big Four” providers.



We will employ a hybrid/redundant system comprised of secure, on-premises, professionally managed 8-core servers plus a series of DDoS-protected cloud servers outside of the “Big Four” system. This system of listening servers and node servers will ensure maximum up-time, redundancy, and minimum latency throughout the Americas.

The multiple redundancies of vast geographic diversity and multiple service providers guarantee high reliability.



As an EOS network representative throughout the Americas, we will dedicate 10% of our revenue to EOS evangelism and technical education. We will promote native language classes and meetups throughout the regions we serve.

We are active DApp developers with programmers and IT administrators dedicated to the EOS BP project. We will dedicate a further 10% of EOS revenues to developing tools and DApps that will benefit the entire EOS community.

When the network is in jeopardy, every second counts and BPs from around the world must work together closely to protect and restore the network. There is a real risk that language difficulties will slow our progress at key moments. The EOSAmericas team speaks a broad diversity of languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. EOSAmericas will be in a position to serve as the nerve center of the EOS network to rapidly facilitate worldwide consensus among block producers to resolve any problem.



We fully support the EOS BP Constitution.

EOSAmericas pledges to abide by the EOS BP Constitution. We will never pay for BP votes. Vote buying is against the core values of EOS.

We place network decentralization and security as our highest values. We favor low inflation to preserve investors’ value. We are frugal in our own spending in the belief that lowering our cost of providing BP service allows for lower inflation overall.

We will swiftly inform the EOS community of our positions on upcoming voting issues and these will be guided by the principals of preserving security and decentralization, maximizing EOS utility, and limiting inflation.



EOSAmericas is adequately funded by private capital without any secret funding arrangements. The organization currently has three active revenue streams apart from the EOS network: DApp development; ~5 PH/s mining operation; multiple masternode PoS holdings. As evidence of sufficient funding, we offer links to signed messages from two current DASH masternodes. (Please see our web site for links.)

By decentralizing our operation across multiple countries we insulate our BP node from the demands of any particular government or institution. We can provide a reliable, low-latency network throughout the Americas, even in countries not currently friendly to cryptocurrencies. If the political winds shift to make one country less accommodating, we will already have resources in other countries to carry on our BP duties without any lapse.

We intend to apply revenues generated through block production as follows:

• Network operation and expansion..................45%
• EOS DApp development..................................10%
• Evangelism and Community-building............10%
• Legal, Accounting, Reporting and Audits.........5%
• Taxes................................................................20%
• Contingency Fund and Profit..........................10%


Please see our web site for more details.  Thank you!


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