Vietnamese American David Thai started Highlands Coffee in 2000 by bringing packaged roasted coffee products to the domestic and international markets through hotels, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets. Today, his creation, Highlands Coffee has grown into a producer and international distributor of coffee products, and a chain of coffee shops throughout Southeast Asia. Highlands Coffee is proud to introduce an EOS Block Producer Candidate, Eos Việt Nam, to enhance and strengthen its existing supply chain operations.

The coffee industry is about more than just coffee; at its heart it is a logistics business bringing beans grown in the hills to consumers worldwide. We believe that Blockchain technology has the potential to greatly increase efficiency of operations and revolutionize supply chains, while improving the lives of farmers.

Việt Nam
The Socialist Republic of Việt Nam, located in Southeast Asia is the world’s 14th most populous country, with an estimated 95.6 million inhabitants as of 2017. The socialist-oriented market economy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the 47th-largest economy in the world measured by nominal gross domestic product and 35th-largest in the world measured by purchasing power parity. Since 2000, Vietnam's economic growth rate has been among the highest in the world -- PricewaterhouseCoopers forecast in February 2017 that Vietnam may be the fastest-growing of the world's economies.

Việt Nam is a leading agricultural exporter and remains to be a popular destination for foreign investment. But although Việt Nam is a major exporter of agricultural products, Agriculture accounts for only 20% of GDP., as high-tech industry exports from Vietnam grew significantly during the last decade. Highlands Coffee is working in its own small way to improve local quality and capability as a service business, by being servant to our customers.

EOS as a Metaphor for Việt Nam

In the mid 1980s, our country underwent economic reconstruction and reform, and made a shift from a highly centralized command economy to a mixed economy. Today, Việt Nam is dominated by small and medium enterprises. It is a nation driven by entrepreneurship, and the people of Việt Nam greatly value the concept of independent innovators and self starting businessmen. At the same time, Việt Nam is at its core a socialist nation, and the people understand deeply what it means to work together. Việt Nam, therefore, is the perfect embodiment of the EOS ethos: a nation of innovators and individualists, and yet focused on collaboration for the betterment of society as a whole.

The people of Việt Nam understand first-hand the benefit of independent thought leaders driving innovation, and EOS definitely exhibits innovation and promises cutting-edge results. On top of this, as members of a socialist republic we admire the way EOS stakeholders from around the world have voluntarily coalesced around an idea and worked together to build this amazing blockchain technology.

The coffee supply chain offers many opportunities for reform.

The production of coffee between supplier and retailer is not a streamlined, integrated process. The beans themselves are grown predominantly in remote and developing areas, and getting them in the form of coffee to customers in the shops involves a long series of transactions. Farmers struggle to sell the beans at a decent cost, but often are given no choice in the matter.

The process is slow and costly, and there is little traceability.

Blockchain, by bringing transparency and efficiency to the coffee supply chain, can help address some of these issues. It speeds up operations, saves money, and reduces fraud. These benefits can also apply to agriculture supply chains as a whole.

Vietnam is the third largest exporter for rice in the world. However, for a typical rice farmer who grows for export, he must go through a minimum chain of local wholesaler, national wholesaler, and finally an exporter to get to market overseas. Because of the number of intermediaries, the price that the farmer is given is significantly less than what is paid by the consumer overseas. The local wholesaler is chosen based on proximity and perhaps trust, but in many cases, there is only one available wholesaler locally. For the farmers, dealing directly with the wholesalers in the cities is difficult, while dealing directly with supermarkets abroad is impossible.

By applying EOS smart contracts to the process, not only the coffee producer, but others, like the rice farmer will be empowered and enabled to work directly with firms such as Highlands Coffee . Smart contracts will allow the parties to reach an agreement on terms and conditions without intermediaries, and since the entire agreement is entered and built into the contract, it cannot be misinterpreted. By dealing directly with the desired party, the rice farmer is given reasonable and fair compensation, and the transaction is completed rapidly and effectively.

The agricultural industry can benefit greatly from blockchain technology, especially once it can adapt and integrate IoT monitoring. (We expect to run IoT monitoring on a local side chain.) By providing real time information about the produce, the quality and provenance of crops can be assured, boosting consumer confidence.

At EOS Vietnam, we expect that the application of blockchain technology to logistics will help in many other export industries as well. Ultimately, due to its built-in traceability, transparency and quick nature, blockchain has the potential to increase efficiency of supply chains by impacting everything from warehousing, to production, to delivery, to payment. Purchasing and sales will be similarly enhanced with smart contracting.


  1. EOS Việt Nam will faithfully manage its block production duties, without bias or discrimination.
  2. EOS Việt Nam will abide by the practices, laws, and regulations of the Socialist Republic of Việt Nam, the EOS Constitution, and the EOS Block Producers Agreement. We will immediately notify the EOS Community in case of conflict between these, and take whatever action is best for compliance while causing least harm to the chain.
  3. We will accept all valid Arbitrator’s orders and take appropriate action.
  4. We will not share more than 10% ownership with another Block Producer.
  5. We pledge transparency as required by the laws and regulations of the Socialist Republic of Việt Nam.
  6. We will never buy votes.

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