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    About EOS UK (click to view video)
    EOS UK is the official Block Producer candidacy name of Advanta Productions Limited. Advanta is an Internet solutions provider founded by Roger Davies in 2004. For over 13 years Roger and his team have been gaining crucial experience vital to being a robust Block Producer. This experience has been gained in the field, working for real-world paying customers, with very high standards


    EOS UK是正式的候选区块生产员,由Advanta Productions Limited拥有。 Roger Davies于2004年创立Advanta Productions提供互联网服务,迄今超过13年。团队拥有丰富的巿场实战经验及高水准网络技术,使我们成为最合适、最能理解巿场客户需求的区块生产员。Advanta Productions一直在新科技和技术上发展,并且以无障碍、诚信、可靠及稳定为发展基石。这些理念为我们赢取客户的信任。

    EOS UK是你的一票最佳的选择。揉合了专业科技技术、项目管理经验及传统商业品德的我们,将能为你守护EOS投资的未来。

    了解更多关于EOS UK的资讯,欢迎随时瀏覽我们的中文网站 eosuk.io


    Why should EOS UK get my vote for EOS Block Producer?
    The number one question we are asked is “Why should EOS UK get my vote for EOS Block Producer?”
    The answer is that EOS UK is the common-sense choice because ‘we will protect your investment in EOS’ through the following


    • Until such time that EOS is properly launched and any initial teething problems are resolved we are wholly focused on the EOS Block Production
    • We have made a conscious decision to not be distracted by any other projects such as dApp development unless it specifically relates to block production
    • The primary focus is launching the Block Production node in a reliable, secure and stable environment therefore protecting your investment in EOS


    • We are “all-in” and have already made a significant financial commitment to our Block Production candidacy both in terms of staffing resources, hardware and our community Meetups program.
    • EOS will succeed due to the efforts and commitment of the EOS community and EOS UK are spearheading this initiative in the UK


    • You can speak to us in English, not binary. Our primary objective in communicating about EOS is to engage without you needing to have a degree in computer science
    • If you are in the UK you can meet with us in person, for the rest of the world you can talk to us on the telephone, send an email or connect with us on social media platforms
    • Reporting to EOS GO, the independent assessor, on behalf of our Block Producers Group


    • Focussed on reliability of our Block Production node including Failovers, DDoS Security & Load Balancing to ensure continued operation of the Blockchain
    • We turn up! You can see we support the community through our actions and our active involvement in the Telegram Block Producers community
    • In this fast moving space we are prepared to be ever present and to answer and ask, the questions raised by the community
    • Make EOS UK your Vote for EOS Block Producer because when it comes to your money you need level headed experienced business people representing your interests

    Passionate about your Vote for EOS Block Producer

    Click this link to see Roger explain why he is so passionate about the future of EOS


    Community Engagement Project


    EOS University
    First and foremost, EOS UK is commited to producing blocks for the EOS Blockchain. However, we are in this space for the long haul and realise the importance of supporting the growing EOS community. To that end we have committed to financially supporting the EOS University with a percentage of all block rewards

    This new venture has been set up by EOS UK and is a totally independent entity so as to not distract from our primary focus of block production. This independence enables other block producers to also support the project for the good of the EOS Blockchain if they so choose

    EOS University has its own financial and staffing structure. EOS UK is committed to funding the project for the next 3 years or until it becomes self sufficient. EOS UK will have no input on the day to day running of the University and will not commit any other resources that may distract from the primary role of being a block producer

    EOS University will nurture the development of tomorrow’s EOS professionals to support the healthy growth of the EOS Blockchain and therefore your investment in EOS

    Vist EOS University for more details

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