EOS the World, LLC

Integrity. Dependability. Benevolence. And, Helping Puerto Rico Recover!


    EOS the World, LLC (Headquartered in Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico)


    We are a decentralized team of computer science, business, marketing, and philanthropic personnel vitally interested in the EOS platform. We are entirely self-funded, (and will remain so permanently), with no outside conflicts of interest to report whatsoever. Complete information can be found on our website at www.EOStheWorld.io

    We are a team of professionals. We have the best of class hardware of any BP candidate- Brand new dedicated servers with 768GB RAM and 1 PB of bare metal storage per server. (NO CLOUD STORAGE)

    And, our philantrophy will be, in part, to help Puerto Rico recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria, and fulfill it's goal to become the new Blockchain Capital of the Western Hemisphere! (See our website for further details).


    Team (partial listing for brevity) See photos in Gallery!


    J.T. Buice

    Director of Information Technology


    In addition to being the Director of Information Technologies for EOS the World, J. T. Buice is the Co-Founder and Director at Kainos Technologies. J.T. comes with more than 16 years’ experience and broad competencies in all areas of IT infrastructure and security systems including LAN and WAN networking, server architecture, large scale storage, and telecommunications. Prior to Kainos, Buice was the Manager of IT Operations at Elon Musk's Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) to deliver always-on IT that enabled SpaceX to serve commercial and government entities in furthering the exploration of space. Buice’s team was responsible for the rocket testing and development groups and while there grew the infrastructure to support hundreds of employees, miles of fiber optic network, hundreds of terabytes of data and dozens of servers directly interfacing with flight hardware. He also previously worked as an IT Manager for BKD, one of the largest accounting firms in the nation and a start-up called K2Share where he designed, implemented and managed IT infrastructure that served the world by hosting web applications for the Department of Homeland Security in the years following 9-11.


    Bobby Singh

    Director of Blockchain Coding

    Director of dApp Developer Interface


    Bobby Singh is an entrepreneur and founder of blockchain-based startups-Luxury Ledger and Refuge Network. In particular, LuxuryLedger.io is a fascinating dApp project being built on the EOS blockchain, with to goal of preventing the distribution and sale of counterfeit luxury items through the immutable ledger. This project has a very bright future. He has deep knowledge in distributed systems development, cyber security, compliance regulations, data privacy  and crypto-economics. He has previously consulted for Barclays, UBS, Societe Generale and Boston Consulting Group. He believes strongly in EOS and Dan Larimer's mission in "finding free market solutions to securing our life, liberty and property" as a passionate and ambitious pursuit.


    Roger Post

    Director of Online Security


    Roger, a resident of Puerto Rico for the last 2+ years, is, in addition to managing online security for EOS the World, the Managing Director of Lodestone, LLC a Puerto Rico-based international information technology guidelines corporation. A long-time participant in the cryptocurrency community, serial entrepreneur and technologist, Roger has lived and breathed information technology for over 25 years.


    After beginning his career in academic computing with the University of Arizona's College of Agriculture, at a time when the Internet was just emerging as a commercial tool, Roger performed pioneering work in online payments risk management. Honing his skills over the next couple decades, Roger continued to lead large scale initiatives for private and publicly traded companies in banking, financial services, biotech, and transportation sectors.  Roger is an expert in digital security, privacy, cloud computing, and identity & access management.  Since 2016, he is a full-time resident of Puerto Rico, from which he operates Lodestone, LLC,  a highly successful global IT advisory, delivery, and staffing company.


    Jennifer Morrow

    Online Security and dApp Developer Outreach Program Security Consultant


    Jennifer, a resident of Puerto Rico for the last 2+ years, is, in addition to consulting in online security for EOS the World and our dApp Developer Outreach Program, is a Director of Lodestone, LLC a Puerto Rico-based international information technology guidelines corporation.


    With a background in finance and a 20-year career as an IT professional executing high risk, strategic projects in banking and financial services, transportation, and government sectors, Jennifer has extensive experience in the security space for financial transactions, payment processing, and data encryption for classified systems. Jennifer has delivered zero outage software implementations, international hardware deployments, automation projects, and multiple global data center projects, all for Fortune 50 entities. Jennifer is a proven leader in portfolio/project management, process improvement, relationship building, strategic visioning and planning, budget management, development and organizational change management.  Jennifer is a full-time resident of Puerto Rico, where she is active in the economic development and digital transformation of the island.


    Brett Jeffery, M.D.



    Prior to founding EOS the World, Dr. Brett was a specialist physician (M.D. University of Texas Health Science Center), treating over 140,000 patients in a 30 year career with impecible integrity, dedication, and a stellar record, additionally serving as a sought-after consultant and expert witness over the last 10 years, all while not missing a single day of work in 30 years. While doing so, he has additionally built 2 multi-million dollar real estate companies, and prior to his medical career, was a professional musician, performing Rachmaninoff Piano Concertos before packed houses to standing ovations, as well as being the opening act for the late, great Ray Charles.


    He began his love affair with the blockchain in 2013, and had an life-changing epiphany in mid-2017, listening to the "EOS Consensus Presentation" by Dan Larimer in May, 2017, knowing that this was the "the one", (the crypto for which many of us have been searching). Now, a resident of Puerto Rico, the new World's Capital of Cryptocurrency, he has been actively promoting EOS ever since to anyone who will listen!


    Willard E. Brown, III

    Director of Philanthropy


    Willard E. Brown, III has had a large, sought-after impact on the philanthropic world for over 40 years. A graduate of the Univeristy of Texas at Austin with a BBA in 1973, an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, in 1976, Willard has served on the boards of many charible organizations, overseeing millions of dollars of charitable giving, including being on the Board of the Bolton Foundation, a private charitable trust, the Board of Directors of the Texas Governor's Mansion during it's multimillion dollar renovation, the Board of Directors of the Texas State Aquarium, and multiple other boards of schools, financial institutions, and museums, such as the Dallas Museum of Art. Willard will advice on the charitable giving aspects of the EOS the World Outreach Programs.


    Raul Vidal, Esq.

    Legal Counsel and Governmental Regulatory Lobbying


    Former Assistant Secretary for International Affairs for the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico, Raul was also the lead promoter of the Island’s incentives around the world and the Director for Puerto Rico’s New York Office. As such, he attracted over $700 million in foreign direct investments to the Island.

    A very strong supporter of the blockchain revolution in Puerto Rico, and a sponsor or the recent #BlockchainUnbound, #CoinAgenda, and #RestartWeek conferences on the island, several of Raul’s other successful projects include Puerto Rico’s first commercial bank in 30 years, two corporate headquarters, a major hotel and tourism investment, and the Island’s first A rated re-insurer. Recent accomplishments include the processing of high net-worth individuals under Acts 20 and 22, the very same incentives he helped develop in 2012 under Governor Luis Fortuno’s administration.

    In recognition for his work on behalf of Puerto Rico’s economic development, Raul was named by the World Economic Forum as a founding Global Shaper for the San Juan Hub, and was recently invited as the first Puerto Rican to participate in the WEF’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland to speak on the role of cities as centers for economic development, and to take part in the Prime Minister of Australia’s G-20 2014 Presidency platform team.


    Roberto Corretjer, Esq.

    Legal Counsel and dApp Developer Legal Outreach Team


    Corporate attorney, businessman, and social entrepreneur, Roberto brings his extensive corporate and real-estate experience to Omnia Economic Solutions’ services.

    In tune with Puerto Rico’s investment trends, Roberto has served as a leading corporate and real-estate attorney in Puerto Rico – negotiating real-estate settlements for some of the largest construction companies and real-estate developers in the region. He has also represented developers and investors in the acquisition and disposition of commercial and residential real-estate assets, including equity, leasehold, and debt.

    Roberto’s unique access to investment opportunities in Latin America provides our clients with some of the necessary access and insight to make a sound venture.

    Roberto holds a Masters Degree from Northwestern University and is licensed in Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.


    William Torres Torres, C.P.A.

    Financial Management and dApp Developer Outreach Team


    CPA William Torres Torres has been a well-respected CPA in Puerto Rico for over 35 years, Partner at Torres CPA Group, TCG.,  William is active in the explosive blockchain growth in Puerto Rico, having been an active participant and sponsor or the recent #BlockchainUnbound #RestartWeek conferences in Puerto Rico in March 2018.  William will maintain transparency in all things about the activities of EOS the World, LLC; he will also assist in providing subsidized accounting, payroll and tax compliance services to promising EOS dApp developers.


    Scott Daniel

    Director of Community Outreach


    Scott, a native of Australian, currently residing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is a successful serial entrepreneur who currently hosts the fabulously successful Facebook group "Crypto Investing" with over 135,000 followers, and the rapidly growing blockchain investment analysis subscription service Cryptogasmic.com, which has had a remarkable tract record of analyzing and predicting trends in the rapidly evolving cryptosphere.


    (Temporary EOS the World logo courtesy of Steve Floyd. Thank you, Steve!)

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