EOS Tax Relief

Helping individuals and businesses pay taxes originating from EOS.


    We are an EOS Block Producer Candidate that will help coin holders by subsidizing tax payments from EOS.


    EOS Block Producers may generate a significant amount of revenue.  We will use the majority of our funds to bring something unique to the EOS community that we hope will make EOS more valuable and attractive to investors.  We want to help individuals and businesses pay taxes originating from EOS.


    In order to achieve our goals, we will first use the funds to pay for the costs of being an effective and reliable block producer. Seventy-five percent (75%) of the remaining funds will be allocated for the tax relief initiative.  This is going to be challenging as we will have to hire tax accountants and other employees in many countries to validate the tax subsidy requests.  The tax subsidy payments will NOT be in the form of a cash payment.  Instead, you will receive a dollar value that you can invest in an EOS Decentralized Application (dapp) from a pre-vetted list of companies.  Your investment will provide tokens that we will distribute in your wallet.


    We are still formalizing what the reimbursement and investment process will look like. Most likely, we will not be able to pay the full EOS tax bill submitted for reimbursement on our website.  However, we are hoping to subsidize a portion of the request based on the number of tax relief submissions and the funds available for a prorated disbursement.


    The other remaining twenty-five percent (25%) will be given to the Launch Team, Advisors, and our Community Supporters.  EOS Tax Relief will be completely transparent and we will publish independent audits conducted by a trusted third party.


    In theory, EOS Tax Relief will enable taxpayers to become an EOS Venture Capitalist (VC). You will be able to view live VC styled pitches from the founders of each company and pick the project/s that you would like to invest in. After each pitch, you will be able to ask the entrepreneurs questions like any other VC.  If you miss the live pitch, you can review the videos and the documentation online at your convenience.  To protect investors, we will issue the funds to each company in tranches to ensure the founders hit their milestones on their roadmap.


    We believe this model will enable us to return some value to the EOS taxpayer while reinvesting in EOS and growing the overall ecosystem.  As for the entrepreneurs, EOS Tax Relief will provide an additional incentive to building their Dapps on EOS. In addition to the funding, EOS Tax Relief will provide an enormous platform that entrepreneurs can leverage to introduce their project and company to a global community.  This process will be exciting and beneficial for all parties involved.  For those who have always wanted to be a Venture Capitalist, come join us.  Please consider voting for EOS Tax Relief as a block producer so we can turn this concept into reality.



    Join Us


    We are still building our team and we would love to hear from you. If you would like to help us turn this idea into reality, please contact us.  We are looking for:


    1. Social Media Coordinators, Marketers, Community Organizers, and Ambassadors who can help us spread the word to the EOS community.


    2. Technical members to add to our technical team.


    3. Accountants and other tax professionals who can advise us.


    If you are interested in joining our team, please send us an email at joinus@eostaxrelief.com.

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