EOS NodeOne

BP candidate from Seoul, Korea. For a Positive Sum World for All.


    EOS NodeOne is a block producer candidate based in Seoul, South Korea. The global team is consisted of an engineer with C.S. & biotechnology masters degree in Harvard and Boston, a founding member of Korea's biggest startup incubator with $500m fund, a reknowned blockchain expert and an electrical engineering doctor who hold more than 30+ patents and more.


    The vision of EOS NodeOne is to create a healthy upward spiral within EOS community by circulating and amplifying value so that it can compound upon itself indefinitely. To achieve this, EOS NodeOne strives to serve as a catalyzer by;


    • providing secure and reliable infrastructure,
    • Investing and incubating EOS Dapp projects,
    • fostering a healthy community on and offline,
    • and keeping independence from undue external influence.


    For the Mainnet, EOS NodeOne is preparing a bare-metal server with the follow corresponded configuration:


    • Memory : 768GB
    • CPU : 2x3.4GHz 6128 6-Core 12 Thread Processor
    • Storage : 2x480GB STA SSD Intel S4600

    * Adjustments in specification might be applied upon Mainnet launch.



    Security, load balancing, and backup: EOSNodeOne’s deployment architecture has been designed with high availability, scalability, and state of the art security considerations as key motivators.

    Inter Block Producer connectivity: Our Block producer to block producer infrastructure supports a mesh VPN/whitelisted set of IP addresses to ensure that only qualified BPs can connect with each other on the established p2p ports. Traffic on all other ports and from other IP addresses is dropped by upstream hardware based routing rules. Public Internet connectivity,

    DDoS protection and load balancing: We have implemented significant safeguards to protect access to our keosd daemon (public endpoint for wallets/transactions etc.).

    DDoS: We have a Cloudflare based subscription to protect our public endpoint against UDP and ICMP protocols, SYN/ACK, DNS and NTP amplification and Layer 7 attacks. Cloudflare has demonstrated experience in flighting large scale DDoS attacks e.g. a 300Gbps DDoS attack in March 2013, and a record-breaking 400Gbps attack in February 2014, etc. Our subscription and testing shows that a local Seoul based node on their infrastructure will provide the required protection for our node without adding unacceptable latencies to network traffic.

    Validating transactions: We are currently exploring the feasibility and performance implications of adding a Nginx/Apache layer to validate EOS transaction syntax arriving via REST Api calls (to prevent rouge players from flooding improperly formatted transactions) on to our node.

    Load balancing: Our architecture provides for application level (layer 7, http/https) load balancer and a network layer (layer 4, TCP traffic) load balancing to provide ultra high performance as transaction volumes increase on our node.

    Failover support: EOS NodeOne will invite the 121 BP community members to create a failover node collaboration agreement with us so that in the event of a catastrophic failure of data center or sub-sea fiber links, etc. our node will immediately migrate to a partners’s data center hardware and remain operational. We will similarly act as a catastrophic backup for other BP community members.

    Monitoring: We are deploying a sophisticated array of monitoring tools (monit, upstart, and in-house authored shell scripts) to ensure that Nodeos and Keosd are consistently operational and downtime is restricted to milli-seconds when any unexpected event (including crashes) occur. In blockchain world, the community is everything.


    EOS NodeOne’s motto is ‘Positive Sum World for All.’ and its mission is to generate a healthy upward spiral for all in the EOS community. To achieve this, it is crucial to nurture the right kind of culture to prevent a situation where zero-sum game prevails. It can be done by fostering a culture of giving, where members of our community are constantly “paying it forward”. Instead, they will have bought into the goal of creating relationships with social capital and trusting that they’ll benefit from the community in often unforeseen ways.


    • We’ll develop a community of EOS dapp token economists, investors and developers in collaboration with various local partners.
    • We’ll hold annual Block Producers Summit where 21 BPs can gather and discuss about how EOS community should evolve.
    • We'll create online EOS content for education, dapp development and community governance to foster a deeper understanding on EOS for those who are not very familiar with how EOS works.

    * In the order of the priority. Any budget expenditure in investing & incubating will come only after we are 100% confident with infrastructure stability and reliability.

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