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    DutchEOS is looking forward to help build and support a thriving EOS community in Amsterdam and around the globe. We plan to do this as follows:

    1. Technology
    Our team has extensive experience with running nodes and pools both on bare metal and in the cloud. Until we know better, we’re sticking with the cloud for the EOS.IO Mainnet. Our initial infrastructure will be the Google Cloud Platform hosted in The Netherlands, where we are based. Using GCP will help us to ensure 100% uptime for all of our nodes and storage facilities. If you’d like to find more information on Google’s setup in the Netherlands, please go here.

    2. Team and Organization
    As a BP, we are aware of our responsibility to the community. Our primary concern is providing a reliable node and generating community growth and engagement. From these primary goals a very simple organizational structure appears. There are 3 main responsibilities; (i) Business development / Strategy, (ii) Community and of course (iii) Tech / Infra. The last component requires 2 persons from the start.

    3. Cooperation
    DutchEOS believes that knowledge should be shared between BP teams so that each BP can support the global and local EOS communities most efficiently. We have already reached out to other BP candidates in the area, awaiting their response. Of course, we are open to get in touch with anyone who feels they could contribute to EOS or DutchEOS, in any way, shape or form.

    4. Benevolence
    DutchEOS’s primary commitment is to scale it’s block producing capacity ahead of demand. Secondly, to guard financial independence, the founders earn fair returns for the investments they made. DutchEOS seeks to remain self-funded. The balancing amount will be used to support the community. At least once a year transparency on DutchEOS’s spending will be provided by means of an external auditing report.

    5. Diversity
    DutchEOS strives to represent the Netherlands in the global EOS network and use the 2nd largest internet hub in the world, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, as it’s ISP. DutchEOS will be based in Amsterdam, a city known for its diversity and the start-up friendly environment.

    6. Political opinions
    DutchEOS fully supports the EOS vision whereby Block Producers exist primarily to benefit the EOS community as a whole. DutchEOS is particularly keen that financial incentives for all actors in the EOS community are structured in such a way that collusion between BPs and thereby the risk for malicious behavior is minimized. We will always look out for the interest of the EOS community.

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