Mesoamerica is in the middle of it all! We are eosmeso: set in stone!


    We are eosmeso.io a coalition of distinguished  Artists, Entrepreneurs, Developers, VCs, Media personalities,  University faculty, Blockchain Communities, all united to re-boot the social operating systems in our región. From latin america, to the world.




    Our value proposition to the EOS blockchain is based on 3 pillars:




    We believe that a worldwide network supporting user owned data is crucial to the peaceful, abundant and prosperous future we want to co-create. A fast, safe and usable EOS blockchain is our priority.


    We believe that our experienced team of IT professionals can add great value to the EOS blockchain by using the world class internet and data center infrastructure already in place in the MESOAMERICA region and always have our choice of providers competing to win our business. Mesoamerica is a keystone in the topology of the internet infrastructure and we believe we can leverage this fact to benefit the EOS blockchains speed and reliability. Guatemala alone has 5 outlets to the world internet, a factor very few locations can affirm.


    We believe that in order to protect the network, we must be able to pick and choose which jurisdictions to be in, and have many options to migrate to, to ensure honest participants that their blockchain is resilient. Should one of the particular jurisdictions in the region become hostile towards our activities, we simply switch to one of the friendlier ones. Our operation is starting in Guatemala and another can be added in two days time, to any of the following: Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Bolivia or the combination of any of the above.


    We believe in teamwork and aligned incentives. We have assembled a truly amazing group of partners eager to use the powerful tools being developed within EOS and incorporate them into their businesses. We have partners from a very diverse backgrounds ranging from the who’s who of startup world in our region to film directors that have raised funding with help of the blockchain, to proven charities and impact groups and anywhere in between.


    Please visit www.eosmeso.io to view more of who we are.



    We believe in promoting our BP candidacy to eos holders as one of the long term value builders for EOS and not a short term source of “extra tokens”. We will vote for others who like us, show a combination of technical strength, favorable local conditions and community network effects.


    We are eosmeso: set in stone.


    Visit www.eosmeso.io for a more detailed view into who we are and what we are all about.


    Vote for large team, geographic dispertion, independent and decentralized, diverse, male and female, latino and western and asian influence. Ancient traditions of the maya are respected. We care for the environment. Global south leapfrogging. Vote for strength, adoption, community. Vote for esoMeso


    Se habla español también! Spanish is spoken! We love diversity. We are friendly, fun, hopeful, excited.

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