EOS Medici Chainstone is proud to present itself to the EOS Community as an EOS Block Producer candidate.

EOS Medici Chainstone is a joint-venture between Medici Ventures, Chainstone Labs, the parent company of Medici Ventures, and Portfolio Companies. Lead partners Bruce Fenton of Chainstone Labs, Patrick Byrne of, and Jonathan Johnson of Medici Ventures share similar beliefs in the transformative potential of the EOS platform, actively supporting the EOS community.

With over 1,800 employees worldwide, has been a leader in the blockchain community since 2013. Today, continues its leadership and support of Blockchain development through their Medici Ventures and tZero subsidiaries. Medici Ventures maintains an extensive platform of portfolio companies. tZero continues to develop their platform to become a tokenized-securities exchange.

Chainstone Labs is the parent company for Atlantic Financial and The Satoshi Roundtable, both of which are focused on the growth and development of the tokenization of securities. Founded in 1994, Atlantic Financial has offered Financial Planning and Asset Management to a number of individual investors, institutions, and family offices. The company hosts the Satoshi Roundtable, one of the industries’ leading events.

Company Name
EOS Medici Chainstone JV

Website Address


Node Name

Company Location
Portsmouth, NH

Server Location
Utah, United States

Server Type
Owned servers in an owned rack with 24/7 access control and dedicated security.

Technical Specs
Block Producer Servers
Processors: Dual Intel Xeon® 8180M Scalable processors, up to 28 cores per processor and 56 threads per core
Memory: 1.5 TB 2666MT/s LRDIMM expandable to 3 TB
Storage: 900 GB 15k RPM SAS x 8 SSD (RAID 6) - expandable
Network: 10/25 Gb/s fibre card
Mirror of main system

Full Node Servers
Processors: Dual Intel Xeon® 8180M Scalable processors, up to 28 cores per processor and 56 threads per core
Memory: 128 GB 2666MT/s LRDIMM expandable to 3TB
Storage: Boot optimized internal 2 x M.2 SSDs 240GB
Mirror of main system

IPFS Servers
Processors: Dual Intel Xeon® 8180M Scalable processors, up to 28 cores per processor and 56 threads per core
Memory: 64 GB 2666MT/s RDIMM expandable to 3TB
Storage: Boot optimized internal 2 x M.2 SSDs 240GB (system), up to 22 additional M.2 or 2.5” Hard drives for IPFS, Initial 10TB.
2+ Mirrors of main system

Main systems deployed in Overstock datacenters by the same industry leading engineers responsible for with failover systems deployed in a secondary offsite datacenter.

EOS Medici Chainstone maintains the ability to add additional servers as needed to grow in-line with overall the EOS network and community.

Community Benefit
The Securities Token Industry
Tokenization of securities is a major use case for EOS and a major transformative change which we believe will occur in the global economy. The current global market for tokenized securities is over $10 trillion. The key benefit of using a blockchain over the current systems is that it has the ability to radically reduce the complexity and layers currently required by the system.

The Current Securities Ledger System
Currently, securities ledgers are run through a complex network of broker-dealers, issuers, customers, registrars, transfer agents, clearing firms and other parties who all are communicating highly complex information in tens of millions of real-time trades.

To make matters worse for Wall Street, the hundreds of parties involved in keeping pieces of the ledgers do not trust each other to manage one primary ledger. Issuers are already trusted by shareholders however issuers cannot run the ledger either because in certain cases (such as activist held hedge funds or leveraged buyouts) the shareholders don’t even trust the issuer to know that they own the shares.

The system Wall Street and other major global markets are built on is based on continual incremental capacity speed and technology improvements on an essentially century-old system. As late as the 1970s paper shares were still delivered between brokers using bicycles and today hundreds of billions of dollars of trades are reported to custodians and figures ledgers using antiquated technology like FTP.

Medici Chainstone has a great deal of experience in this area and understanding of the extreme complexity and subtle nuances needed to update these antiquated systems with tokenized securities.

Medici ventures is the owner of tZero a fully licensed broker-dealer, ATS and partner of a national market system exchange. tZero owns SpeedRoute, a leading routing firm who works with hundreds of broker-dealers routing 20 million orders per day.

A blockchain can serve as an excellent alternative to a ledger run by a centralized trusted third-party. However, the actual implementation and usage of such a technology requires a great deal of industry know-how, legal and regulatory experience, operational licenses and numerous other expertise.

Community & Developer Meetups
With a presence in both New Hampshire and Utah, EOS Medici Chainstone is well suited to hosting general Community Meetups as well as Developer specific events to support the organic growth of the EOS community. Events that will draw upon the experience from hosting The Satoshi Roundtable and the FSBDAC in New Hampshire.


Patrick Byrne

President, CEO, and Founder of

In late 1999, Patrick M. Byrne launched, which achieved its first profitable quarter in 2002 and its first full year of profitability in 2009. In 2016, had revenues of $1.8 billion and its seventh out of eight straight years of profitability.

Jonathan Johnson

President, Medici Ventures

Jonathan Johnson is president of Medici Ventures, Overstock’s subsidiary that oversees a portfolio of blockchain technology and fintech businesses, which include tZERO, and investments in, PeerNova, ripio, factom, SettleMint, IdentityMind SpeedRoute, FusionIQ, Blue Ocean, Spera, and Symbiont. In this role, Johnson is responsible for continuing Medici Ventures’ efforts to pioneer growth and innovation in applying the blockchain to financial systems and beyond.

Bruce Fenton

President and Founder of Chainstone Labs, Atlantic Financial, and The Satoshi Roundtable

Bruce Fenton is an experienced economic advisor and an active member of the blockchain industry. He is the founder of Atlantic Financial, CEO of Chainstone Labs, the former Executive Director and a current board member of the Bitcoin Foundation, a co-founder of the Bitcoin Association, and the organizer of the first Dubai Bitcoin Conference. He is also the host and founder of the Satoshi Roundtable retreat, an exclusive, invitation-only retreat for leaders in the blockchain industry.

Saum Noursalehi

CEO, tZero

Saum Noursalehi is the CEO of tZERO, a global leader in the development and commercialization of blockchain-based financial technology. As CEO, Noursalehi’s focus is on accelerating the implementation of tZERO’s fintech products, including its Security Token Trading and Digital Locate Receipt platforms, as well as the creation of the industry’s first regulated Security Token exchange.

Joel Weight

Chief Technology Officer, Medici Ventures

Joel Weight is the Chief Technology Officer for Medici Ventures, a subsidiary of Joel brings two decades of enterprise software architecture and development experience to the blockchain industry. As Medici Ventures seeks to democratize capital, eliminate middlemen, and re-humanize commerce through the advancement of blockchain technology. Joel is vital in evaluating the technical stack, vision, and personnel of potential portfolio companies while also building and maintaining multiple world-class blockchain development teams.

Carl Litsch

Director of Financial Operations, Chainstone Labs and Atlantic Financial

Carl Litsch has over 15 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry managing teams of Financial Advisors. Carl brings his experience in goals-based financial planning and portfolio management to Chainstone Labs and Atlantic Financial and its focus on the tokenization of securities.

Mike Malloy

Analyst, Chainstone Labs and Atlantic Financial

Michael Malloy has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2013, and developed a trading algorithm that he used to invest in portfolio of currencies. Michael has a background in Financial Services where he worked with clients maintaining their portfolios on a daily basis. Michael joined Chainstone Labs as an analyst evaluating opportunities throughout the industry.

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