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Focus on EOS-based gaming ecosystem building


    ➢ EOSGames is an experienced team dedicated to EOS gaming projects. EOSGames core developer team members come from Gamechain System, a blockchain project based on Graphene technology, and have over 3 years of extensive experience in thorough research and practice of Graphene technology.
    ➢ Gamechain System adopts the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, aiming at providing an interface for small/medium indie game developers, where they can issue their own game assets, and at the same time allowing players to store and trade digital assets on the blockchain. Gamechain System Team is also a blockchain games projects incubator and community builder.
    ➢ Both Gamechain System and EOS cores are based on the Graphene blockchain framework, which is highly efficient and secure, with a massive scaling potential of over 100,000 transactions per second. As Gamechain System focuses on the blockchain gaming sector, while EOSGames focuses on EOS-based games, Gamechain System and EOSGames together can serve the community and provide services outside the community, giving more developers and gamers an opportunity to better understand blockchain technology and EOS.
    ➢ With the comprehensive knowledge and operational competence of the EOSGames team, we believe that we will become one of the most powerful, stable and secure EOS Block Producers in the EOS-based gaming sector.

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