EOS Emerge Poland

EOS block producer based in Poland


    As members of EOS Emerge Poland we are honored to be part of this revolutionary project and to have the opportunity to present ourselves to the EOS community as a founding block producer candidate in the launch of an EOS.io based blockchain.


    We are a group of strong IT and blockchain enthusiasts from Poland with background and IT experience in private companies (precious metals, mutual funds, insurance), with a 14-yr history in the financial market and extensive knowledge about most of the financial instruments that appeared in the last decade, indicating our ability to adapt to the changing environments of business.


    As such, we are extremely excited and ready to use our financial background, IT knowledge, and innovation skills to serve the EOS project.


    We are big enthusiasts of the EOS ecosystem and we believe in its core foundations, which makes us want to be active participants in its early adoption phase.

    Using our previous experience in IT and finance, we are eager to join your community to contribute in building dApps for EOS, which in our opinion could be a real breakthrough!

    Get to know us! Useful Steemit links:


    Here you can find our full candidacy -> https://steemit.com/eos/@eosemerge/eos-emerge-eos-block-producing-candidate-from-poland


    Here you can find our stance on token rewards and financial aspects of block producing -> https://steemit.com/eos/@eosemerge/eos-emerge-poland-finances-token-rewards-position-on-dividends


    Our community roadmap & key values of our team -> https://steemit.com/eos/@eosemerge/eos-emerge-poland-roadmap-on-values-community-and-transparency


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