EOS Dusseldorf

Improving our world, one block at a time.


    We are a team of self-funded optimists, from different walks of life, but with a strong foundation in engineering. While most recognize blockchain as a revolutionary technology, very little real-world applications has materialize. Ultimately, our aim is to integrate engineering and blockchain to deliver real-world applications.

    With EOS, offering feeless and quick transactions, scalability and high throughput, blockchain technology has evolved to a point where it is technically feasible to do so. We are very optimistic about the future of this foundational platform and what it has to offer for people with bright and innovating ideas. We ourselves have a few projects that we want to bring to market, but we also want to contribute to the EOS network by adding to the infrastructure that makes EOS great.

    Our goal is simple, uphold the EOS constitution and bring great, real-world products to market that'll have a positive impact on society, while at the same time, contributing to the EOS network.

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