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    Account name: eosdublinwow
    Producer Key: EOS5bjub7pm8H9WLMYW5ETSwfFKrEJpVWwiwK5knvGAqLVUjEpLxx

    EOS Dublin is a block producer based in Dublin, Ireland.

    The four green dots on our logo represent our core values: Independence, Honesty, Integrity and Education. We are the main hub for EOS in Ireland.

    We believe that EOS.IO represents a global paradigm shift towards a better digital world.

    EOS.IO is more than a technological advance, it's about what becomes possible when we merge technology, community and individual commitment.

    To us EOS block producers are akin to the janitor sweeping the floor at NASA. We play a small part in a world-changing venture.

    As block producers, we're engineering the foundation for the future. We can't wait to see what the future holds once the foundation is finished.

     Our Core Values

    1. Independence
    EOS Dublin is wholly owned and funded by the founding team. We commit to sustain this model and will never take outside investment should it pose any risk to our operation.

    We do plan to have an option pool for future team members to participate in, and may accept small investments from friends and family who are also excited by our mission.

    Our holding company, EOS Blockchain Limited, is a Limited Irish Company and will comply with all legal and statutory obligations. Our audited accounts will be publically available at the company’s office in Ireland each year.

    2. Honesty
    We commit to being honest and transparent with each other and with the wider community, in all our dealings.

    3. Integrity
    “Say what we will do, and then do what we say.” There is always a right way to do things, and we commit to take that path, regardless of how difficult it seems.

    4. Education
    We commit to keep learning and improving each day and to teach what we know both internally and to the wider community. We are seeking opportunities to work with the leading Irish universities to ensure that when they teach Blockchain, they’ll have the resources to make sure EOS is on the curriculum. We also commit to support a number of Testnets post go-live to support innovation and testing.

    Stance on Revenue Distribution
    Our primary commitment is supporting EOS and to create value for the entire EOS ecosystem. This involves scaling capacity ahead of demand. The EOS blockchain will only be as strong as its weakest link, we all need to ensure that each of our BPs and standbys are production ready.

    Any excess revenue will be invested back to benefit the global EOS community. We are invested in this project personally. The founding team have committed to vest their own shareholdings for 3 years should we remain as active BPs. When everyone’s incentives are aligned, great things will happen.

    We have committed to support community projects which we believe in like Chintai and to develop and support App development which will be value creative. The compounding effect of this re-investment will be to create excellent outcomes for all stake-holders.

    No pay to play
    We want EOS investors to vote for EOS Dublin based on our merits and the value we add every day.

    We will never pay for, or indirectly reward, any entity for voting for us.

    At EOS Dublin Independence means Independence.

    Our core values dictate our behaviour, and we are committed to transparency in the global EOS community. Reward systems we build through our applications and architecture will serve to improve the EOS global community as a whole.

    At EOS Dublin we believe that new ways of working will build upon those which have worked for centuries. Trade fair, value your customers, what goes around comes around. New technology is always fun, but its application impacts people’s lives. We can’t predict what the future will hold, but will work as hard as we can to make sure it works for everyone.


    We are working hard behind the scenes to deliver the most robust and agile architecture we can. We will be participating in multiple BP peer reviews and will be using findings to help serve the wider community. Ireland is an essential location for a block producer, a stable environment which leading technology companies have called home for decades.





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