Community Supported Block Producer Candidate


    As a Block Producer we provide freedom to the users of the system, offering an alternative to the ‘Old Guard’.  Providing peer to peer transactions without intermediaries is in itself a form of freedom.  Freedom provides options, options can be the beginning of hope, and the pursuit of hope can lead to happiness.  As an EOS Block Producer, this is what we intend to provide to the users, applications, and the network.

    We take this role very seriously, and pledge to be servants of EOS and masters of service.  We serve the EOS community by producing blocks reliably, efficiently, and with the highest standard of integrity.

    Mutual success for our community is contingent on a Positive Feedback Loop.  This was the inspiration for our logo - a continuous self sustaining loop; where the community drives the inspiration for the EOS CSX development team.  With our rewards reinvested into education, we believe our cooperative approach will benefit our united EOS vision to secure life, liberty, and property for all!

    To start, we are developing open source tools and dApps to interact with our community with a goal to make the EOS ecosystem easier for the community and developers to use.

    We will close the loop on security providing confidence in the network.  Our highly available resilient systems require full time committed people.  Our team consist of long time cryptocurrency geeks, programmers, development operations specialist, business intelligence gurus, investors, and traders.  Some of our teammates were involved in supporting the Bitshares, Steem and related communities for more than 5 years from evangelizing the ecosystem to block production.  We are independent and self funded and commit to disclose all information to prove full transparency in our operation and development.

    Please send us your feedback.  We look forward to having you join the EOS adventure!

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