Our mission is to provide the EOS platform with a strong geographical and political diversity by running the most robust EOS Block Producer possible from Costa Rica. We pledge to leverage our talent, experience, and sustainable internet resources to meet such an important challenge.

Our stable political environment, geographical location, and access to clean energy, are Costa Rica's unique contributions to the EOS network.


We welcome anyone to use our API endpoint on the EOS mainnnet:


EOS Costa Rica is an initiative of Sistemas Edenia Internacional S.A. (EDENIA), a Costa Rican IT company founded in 1987 as the country’s first BBS service.  We have been online since then and have acquired decades of experience managing our own server farm.


After studying and investing early in Dan Larimer’s projects BitShares and Steem, we were convinced to serve the EOS community by offering our hard work, knowledge and resources from Costa Rica to the world.

Learn more about our project  here:


Chinese website

Candidacy Announcement - Steemit

Technical Roadmap - PDF 

EOS Open Source Software Projects - GitHub 

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Our Pledge to the EOS Network

  • Provide the highest-standard network infrastructure possible to the  ecosystem.
  • Be self-funded and secure the investment needed to ensure a competitive BP.
  • Allocate block rewards to EOS educational and development initiatives.
  • Sponsor projects and dApps for community-led projects and developers.
  • Be transparent and open on the allocation of block rewards.
  • Actively participate in the governance of the blockchain with an open and positive attitude.
  • Respect and defend the constitution, fair elections, community vigilance and arbitration mechanisms

Community Reinvestment

Costa Rica is committed to investing where it matters most with a public education policy that is free and mandatory since 1870. Costa Rica stands out for its high educational standards and outstanding productivity levels and we intend to replicate those values for the local EOS community. We have reached out to the communities in Panama and Guatemala in order to combine efforts and build the most significant EOS cluster in Central America.


We are fully self funded and pledge to reinvest our block rewards following the same formula that has made our country a ideal business environment -- invest in a educational system for EOS developers, fund EOS startups that focus on innovation and partner with local Universities to increase research and development in the EOS ecosystem.


Expansion Plan

We will install redundant redundant infrastructure in a secondary location, Guatuso Data Center, El Guarco de Cartago, Costa Rica, 20km from the primary datacenter. We will subsequently begin to install a third clustered node within Costa Rica in order to provide not just redundancy but extra geographical diversification for the EOS ecosystem.

Both data centers will be interconnected through a Internet Exchange Point (IEP) CRIX



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