EOS BlockSmith most humbly presents ourselves to the EOS community as a Block Producer Candidate. We are the first Block Producer to guarantee complete financial independence by committing to giving no investment of any kind to any actor in EOS. This removes any potential conflicts of interest and ensures we never incentivize anyone financially to vote for us.

We further guarantee that we will never take outside investment or venture capital of any kind. We are 100% self-funded and will remain so.


The Team

We, the team members that comprise EOS BlockSmith, met each other for the first time after attending various cryptocurrrency conferences in Oklahoma City and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Together we share a mutual interest in blockchain technology and a belief in its ability to change the world for the better. We share views regarding ethics, society, charity, and perhaps most importantly, a person's responsibility to help serve a higher purpose.

We began with one important question: "Can we create a block producing group that has no conflicts of interest with anyone else in the ecosystem?" EOS BlockSmith was thus founded and the vision forged.

Since our founding, we've added a number of talented team members and now maintain a rapidly growing community of thousands of followers. We now aim to spread our experience, education, ethics, insights, and tools throughout the world.


Our Mission

We strive to uphold the Three BlockSmith Pillars

  • Trustworthy Infrastructure: Employing talented engineers with extensive experience; Maintaining best practices in security; Utilizing top-notch hardware for speed and reliability
  • Financial Independence: Display transparency by providing full financial disclosures; Maintain full accountability and organizational reputation; Never accept bribes from any party
  • Public Engagement: Host and attend conferences and meetups; execute educational outreaching; Provide technical support for the community; Be active with the online community presence


We Pledge

  • remain financially unbiased. We will not accept VC investments and will remain exclusively self-funded.
  • ...that we will not financially reward any actor in EOS for supporting us, including the investment of our block rewards. Rather, we are committed to building the infrastructure of the ecosystem in a fair and financially neutral matter.
  • run highly secure, accessible, scalable, redundant, and properly managed EOS Block Production infrastructure.
  • maintain an active presence in the development of EOS governance.
  • provide full financial transparency and auditing.


EOS BlockSmith is a proven infrastructure provider that engages with industry professionals in Silicon Valley to ensure that we're always utilizing best practices. We publish high quality and trusted educational content, actively engage with the community, and build tools for EOS.IO users, developers, and block producer candiates. Find out why we're recommended by our peers and industry professionals. We envision foraging an ecosystem with complete financial integrity, pledging to take no funding or capital investment, and to give no funding or capital investment to any other actor in EOS. We are committed to staying true to the ethos of our commmunity and Larimer's vision of "radical transparency" while also providing high quality infrastructure and active community engagement.

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