EOS Authority

Community focussed block producer candidate


    EOS Authority is founded by a team of software developers. We believe that EOS is the first law & order blockchain with several unique arbitration & governance features. EOS is also well suited to be the first widely adopted blockchain where losing a private key does not mean the end of your account.


    EOS Authority is fully self funded and will operate independently. Our inhouse Amazon cloud solutions architects will setup the server infrastructure to meet all security & performance needs. We participate in numerous EOS testnets in collaboration with other block producers.


    We love to get the public using EOS and have created several resources to help users where possible. Examples of a few EOS projects / tools are

    1) EOS registration & balance check:  Allows users to enter their ethereum address and check if they have completed registration correctly. Also, helps users find their EOS account name.

    2) Check EOS private key offline:  Tool to make sure your EOS private key matches the public key

    3) EOS Space invaders proof of concept shows how fast EOS blockchain actually can be   Every game move is written to the EOS testnet and synchronised in around 0.5 seconds.

    4) Video series from Jack in our team on getting started with EOS development.


    UPDATE: Read about how we saved $10 million worth of EOS from being hacked https://eosauthority.com/blog/how_we_saved_10_million_dollars_of_EOS

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