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    is a block producer candidate for the EOSIO Blockchain. We plan on supporting the EOS Blockchain after June 1st 2018.   We will be transparent, reliable and support the network with resources.



    Our EOS Block Farm contains readily available network resources, power-redundancy and servers connected to a high speed network. (cable and fiber-optics are available)

    Our support team will administrate and monitor on a regular basis. Our Block Farm contains a controlled security access with a 24/7 monitoring system.

    Our network is redundant with alternative power and internet connection with additional resources on stand-by to support a growing EOS blockchain.

    We also plan on utilizing both Cloud-Based servers and Bare-metal server resources. Our servers will utilize a RAID environment with effective computer resources.

    We will monitor and measure after launch the required and most demanded resources.


    Location: Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
    Budget: Flexible budget to scale server-farm after realizing resources require
    Security: Yes, controlled premises with security on site
    Internet: Fiber-Optics line with high-speed within facility  and High-Speed Cable 


    Implementation #1 Testing - EOS Blockchain  Test Net (Prior to launch) - in-house servers


    • 4 Core Processor running at 4 GHz Intel
    • 16 gigabytes of RAM
    • 4 TB HHD / 256 M.2 SSD


    Implementation #2 Phase #1 - EOS Block Production


    • CPU: 20 Cores, 3.70 GHz Each (Intel)
    • RAM: 256 GB of RAM
    • Hard Drive: 20-50 TB (expendable at any moment)


    Implementation #3 Phase #2 - EOS Block Production


    • CPU: 32 Cores, 2.00 GHz Each (Intel)
    • RAM: 2 TB of RAM
    • Hard Drive: 120 TB (expendable at any moment)
    • RAID Implemented
    • Hot-Swappable Hard-Drive Bays
    • Full Server Racks & Enhanced Server Farm Environment




    We are a team of blockchain entrepreneurs with strong technical backgrounds in computer programming, network design and administration.  We are supported by Canadian businesses with a reliable background in finance, technology and commerce.

    We hope to improve and support the EOS eco-system with performance and security.


    Belief in EOS Blockchain

    We are excited to support the EOS Blockchain as a leader in the smart contract platform. We believe that Decentralized Applications (DApps) will enhance many areas of our economy and make more efficient existing systems already in place. The EOS Blockchain is more transparent, efficient, flexible and secure.

    The EOS Blockchain contains a coded governance mechanism and delegated proof of work that leads us to believe that smart contracts are enabled for potential mass integration into real-world adoption.

    The EOS Blockchain is a decentralized and secured frame-work operating at the application layer and is capable of serving other Blockchain technologies to scale and perform better. More efficiency, more transparency.

    Location: Waterloo, Ontario Country: Canada
    Block Farm Type:  Cloud and Bare-Metal


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