Creating simple solutions to real-world problems using blockchain technology


    BuildTeam is a distributed blockchain technology organization based in locations across the globe, including Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Greece, the Netherlands and S.E. Asia. We operate our own public nodes utilizing graphene technology and are supported by a strong infrastructure consisting of several custom blockchain based services.


    Our central goal is to improve lives and increase quality of living for all human beings through thoughtful application of blockchain technology.  It is our firm belief that this radical new technology has the power to transform humanity and provide a new way of life for people everywhere. In fact, blockchain has already done much to advance that lofty goal through the implementation of decentralized, trustless architecture.


    In an effort to impact even more lives and assist humanity in realizing its full potential, our organization believes it has the experience and track record required to become responsible stewards of the EOS blockchain as an EOS Block Producer to help bring about a new and better world, a decentralized world!


    BuildTeam has extensive experience building enterprise solutions on pre-existing graphene blockchains including Bitshares and Steem. We look forward to providing the same level of outstanding service to the EOS network.


    For more information on our team and plans, please see our full block producer candidacy announcement on Steem.

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