BitSpace is Norway's leading blockchain technology company and has been a strong supporter of Daniel Larimer’s vision since 2013. We were honored to be invited to the EOS launch party at Consensus New York 2017 and have advanced our focus on EOS since then.


In 2018 we have created events, presentations, hackathons and videos to spread awareness of EOS. In addition we are helping several companies transition to EOS, proactively building the community and forming partnerships to scale internationally.


BitSpace is an established blockchain innovation network with strong knowledge and extensive experience with DPoS technology through consulting work, hosting a DPoS chain for over 6 months, and being a block producer in BitShares. We have also been heavily involved in the BitShares and Steemit communities, holding BitShares presentations since 2015 and the first ever Steemit hackathon in 2016. We are currently testing and running an EOS node under the node name “bitspace” and we will continue to contribute to test network environments.


We are excited about the potential for EOS to enable mainstream decentralized applications and have established a BitSpace Block Producer for EOS to help secure the values and principles BitSpace was founded on: individual sovereignty and autonomy, voluntary association, as well as financial and political freedom.


Please read our full Steemit BP proposal here.


比特空间(BitSpace)是挪威领先的区块链技术公司,自2013年以来一直是丹尼尔·拉里默(Daniel Larimer,比特股创始人)愿景的有力支持者。在2017年纽约共识会议上,我们很荣幸地获邀参加柚子操作系统发布会,并从那时起就把重点放在了柚子操作系统上。








请阅读我们的Steemit BP建议

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