AcroEOS, an EOS Block Producer Candidate


    The Six Check Mark Criteria in EOSgo

    1. About

    AcroEOS is a subsidiary of ICB Co. Ltd (, an expert in payment technology and merchant acceptance.

    ICB’s main businesses are cross border retail payments, remittance, and logistics. ICB has partnered with various multinational companies and managed transaction systems covering thousands of merchants.  Retail and high speed blockchain transactions require accurate insight of cross border solutions and practices.

    ICB wants and expects EOS to succeed. To accelerate the EOS ecosystem’s access to existing real world transaction systems, ICB launched AcroEOS. We believe AcroEOS will be a contributive block producer, developing the EOS ecosystem.

    ICB is the basis for our experience, trust, and ability. Through ICB, AcroEOS has the licenses required in Korea to operate in the financial technology sector, regardless of how the EOS token might be categorized by any local regulator. By leveraging all of this, we plan to promote and drive widespread usage of EOS among consumers and businesses.


    2. Location of company headquarters.

    Seoul, South Korea

    3. Expected location of servers.

    Seoul, South Korea


    4. Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc).

    Initial Network Bandwidth : 1Gb/s

    • Main Block Production server

    ​            CPU : 6 core Xeon® 3.4GHz. 2EA

    ​            RAM : 768GB DDR4 ECC.

    ​            Storage : 4TB NVMe

    • Application-Specific Firewall server

    ​            CPU : 4 core Xeon® 3.7GHz

    ​            RAM : 64GB DDR4 ECC

    ​            Storage : 960GB. 2EA

    ※ server capacity will be expanded as needed.

        Scaling plan

    We monitor operations to ensure that our hardware has sufficient performance capacity. Our experiences on running servers for financial transactions has taught us how to effectively perform trend analysis to ensure accurate prediction models for hardware upgrades to adequately provision for future growth of the EOS ecosystem.


    5. Team

    • Jack Lee — Operation Division
      Vice President, China Merchants Securities Korea subsidiary
      Software Engineer, SK Holdings C&C
      B.E. in Software Engineering, Zhejiang University
    • Damian Byeon — Community Division
      Co-founder, Riseagain
      Communication director, KOMRAS
      B.A. in Event Management and Advertising, Iowa State University
    • Kyungseok Choi — Community Division
      ICB — New Biz manager
      LG Electronics, Thinkware, Humax
      MBA, HULT International Business School
    • Jayden Hwang — Head of Research
      Co-founder of
      Research Engineer, LG display
      M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)
    • Hanyong Lee — Strategy Division
      ICB CEO
      Cross-border payment expert
      M.S. in Sogang Information & Technology
    • Grek Won — System & Security Division
      Senior System Engineer, YeloPay
      Senior System Engineer, Sysgate
      System Engineer, UBPay
    • Kyungsu Min — Technical Division
      System Engineer, SK Communications
      System Engineer, Interpark
    • David Jeong — Technical Division
      Software Engineer, Mining Pool Project
      Software Engineer, SKT Voip Smart Conference
      Software Engineer, Ankle Monitor System of Korea Minister of Justice
      Software Engineer, Samsung Securities mPop Easy

    6.  Block Producer Candidate Roadmap on values, community project timeline, finances, transparency, or any other topic the candidate deems important. Please show the direction and future of your candidacy in a Steem post for the community.


    There are many outside of our network who would benefit from EOS. To involve them and continue to expand the popularity of the EOS technology, AcroEOS will engage with experts on blockchain technology, governance, and economics to provide ongoing EOS classes. We will also hold regular advanced technical courses and lectures offering certification.

    AcroEOS also plans to produce high quality articles concerning EOS, analysis of projects, and other informative content pieces. We are building a new “Acropolis” for EOS where people can discuss how to improve the EOS ecosystem.

    2018 Q2

    • AcroEOS candidacy announcement
    • Team member and advisory member announcement
    • Establish server in Secure facility
    • Initial technical specification and operations announced

    2018 Q3

    • EOS payment sandbox stores open
    • Partnership announcement
    • 1st incubating project line up announcement
    • EOS education class starts
    • Organize EOS block producer summit
    • Server extension

    2018 Q4

    • World EOS community meetup
    • Public financial report for the AcroEOS
    • 2nd incubating project line up announcement
    • 1st global block producer summit
    • 2018 EOS ecosystem report
    • EOS hackathon
    • EOS payment API beta release
    • Server extension

    2019 Q1

    • 3rd incubating project line up announcement
    • 2nd global block producer summit
    • Server extension


    7. Position on Dividends (The sharing of Block Producer inflation rewards with unaffiliated voters, AKA "vote buying.")

    AcroEOS Will not buy votes and will not try to influence token holders unduly. We, as a block producer candidate, believe that it is the block producer’s duty to use block producer rewards as a resource to help the EOS ecosystem. Of course we will do our best to use the tokens wisely.

    We think the best way to do this will be staking any surplus of our block production rewards to lend to dApp developers for free. We believe that helping dApps by providing opportunities has the most beneficial outcome for the EOS ecosystem.

    We will report our usage of these resources transparently every quarter so that the EOS community can see how surpluses were spent.

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