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From Russia with EOS!
  • улица Крымский Вал
  • We are a team from Moscow - a group of blockchain enthusiasts, tech team (~8 persons) are mostly from Mail.Ru Group (biggest Russian web, entertainment and social portal, ~ 150 mln users). Many of us have left out companies to develop blockchain application, and we really plan to work to make decentralized software closer to real life. We plan to accomplish our task by designing and implementing smart contracts, development tools, providing infrastructure, teaching people and doing everything that can help blockchain to go another step ahead. We're actively trying to skip all that political and informational buzz around crypto, regulation, geopolitics, etc., our job is performant blockchain solutions. Decentralization is the next step in evolution of humanity communication and information services, it's extremely important to build systems, tolerant to interplanetary signal times and network split, that can be used to manage processes among planets, not only on such a small pieces of rock, as Earth 😉   We’ve developed some prototypes for our clients using Bitshares (patching code) and Steem (development of standalone plugin with custom tx types, storage and indexes). Now we're actively using EOS in our last research projects: "true" random numbers generation, using SCRAPE protocol (from Cardano article), prototype of booking contract, and so on.   We're conducting lectures, workshops and meetups about technical aspects of blockchains, and plan to launch some events about EOS development here in Moscow, we have all needed resources to organize meetups, workshops and lectures in Moscow or elsewhere in Russia and we have connections to students from best Russian technical universities. We participate in different hackatons, and are going to the upcoming EOS hackaton in HongKong 9-10 June.   Our EOS-related solutions are located in company <a href="">github</a>.   We also plan to be a BP candidate here, in Moscow. We think it’s really important for the network to have a node in Moscow, utilizing high-speed Internet links and reliable infrastructure. We have containerized and ready-to-use infrastructure and know how to build really fault tolerant infrastructure (thanks to experience of handling requests of millions of users during Mail.Ru career) and how to deal with possible problems.


EOS Block Producer Norway
  • Oslo
  • BitSpace is Norway's leading blockchain technology company and has been a strong supporter of Daniel Larimer’s vision since 2013. We were honored to be invited to the EOS launch party at Consensus New York 2017 and have advanced our focus on EOS since then.   In 2018 we have created events, presentations, hackathons and videos to spread awareness of EOS. In addition we are helping several companies transition to EOS, proactively building the community and forming partnerships to scale internationally.   BitSpace is an established blockchain innovation network with strong knowledge and extensive experience with DPoS technology through consulting work, hosting a DPoS chain for over 6 months, and being a block producer in BitShares. We have also been heavily involved in the BitShares and Steemit communities, holding BitShares presentations since 2015 and the first ever Steemit hackathon in 2016. We are currently testing and running an EOS node under the node name “bitspace” and we will continue to contribute to test network environments.   We are excited about the potential for EOS to enable mainstream decentralized applications and have established a BitSpace Block Producer for EOS to help secure the values and principles BitSpace was founded on: individual sovereignty and autonomy, voluntary association, as well as financial and political freedom.   Please read our full Steemit BP proposal <a href="">here.</a>   比特空间(BitSpace)是挪威领先的区块链技术公司,自2013年以来一直是丹尼尔·拉里默(Daniel Larimer,比特股创始人)愿景的有力支持者。在2017年纽约共识会议上,我们很荣幸地获邀参加柚子操作系统发布会,并从那时起就把重点放在了柚子操作系统上。   2018年,我们举办了一系列活动、专题介绍、编程马拉松和视频来宣传柚子操作系统。此外,我们正在帮助多家公司过渡到柚子操作系统,积极建设社区并形成合作伙伴关系,以扩大国际规模。   比特空间是一个成熟的区块链创新网络,在委托权益证明技术方面拥有丰富的知识和经验,通过咨询工作,拥有超过6个月的委托权益证明链,并成为比特股(BitShares)的区块生产商。我们还积极参与比特股和斯蒂姆(Steemit)社区,自2015年以来举办了比特股专题介绍以及2016年首次举办斯蒂姆编程马拉松。目前我们正在测试并运行节点名称为“比特空间”的柚子操作系统节点,我们将继续测试网络环境。   我们对柚子操作系统实现主流去中心化应用的潜力感到非常兴奋,并且为柚子操作系统建立了比特空间区块生产者,以帮助确保比特空间建立在以下价值观和原则的基础上:个人主权和自主权,自愿联合以及财务和政治自由。   请阅读我们的<a href="">Steemit BP</a>建议

EOS Germany

Enabling businesses through EOS technology!
  • Hafenweg 26
  • About Us EOS Germany is the official Block Producer name of founded by a team of Fintech and IT entrepreneurs. We believe that the EOS Blockchain is a game changer to our economic and social systems and as such we are deeply committed to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem via becoming a Block Producer as well as a supporter of solutions which can benefit from the EOS blockchain. Our main goal is to become the ENABLER. The future digital transformation will not simply take place as a continuation of the approaches of the last decades. Decentralized applications, new value chains and the achievement of a high degree of automation will raise technical, legal, social and economic questions that we want to help to answer. For this reason, we treat the topic Blockchain as a whole, examine the different aspects and contexts. This also includes asking ourselves and the community critical questions and then analyze them publicly and transparently. In short – we are going to analyze and address facts and topics that are not yet well known since the decentralized business models are still under development. In our opinion, this is the only way to achieve sustainable approaches that are going far beyond what is currently imaginable. Further, we want to enable community and businesses when they seek for education, support or new product development based on EOS Blockchain.


EOS magic cube is infinitely possible.
  • Shenzhen
  • EOSCUBE was founded in September 2017 in "Silicon Valley of China" Shenzhen. We are the early enthusiast of block chain technology and EOS technology enthusiast team, with the core team members 5 people, operating team members 15 people. Most of EOSCUBE members are experienced network engineers, senior Architecture Engineer software engineer coming from the FORTUNE 500 Telecommunication companies. Our primary goal is to ensure the successful boot of the EOS main network. With advantage of our technical capabilities in the block chain, we will build EOS-based DAPP in the future to promote the vigorous development of EOS's entire ecosystem. We are not an exchange, neither a mine pool. There is no famous star in block chain circle behind us. We are only a group of common technology enthusiasts and evangelist, only a spark in the EOS ecology, but we firmly believe that a little spark may burst a mighty flame. Let's change the world with technology and build a chain of "mutual trust, equality and respect" with the EOS community around world. EOSCUBE's current development projects include EOS wallet, EOS block chaining browser and other infrastructure. We actively study block side chain and cross link communication technology, and cooperate with universities, scientific research institutions and funds in various forms. We will also set up the EOS ecosystem fund to focus on the incubation of EOS Dapp, and provide technical support for the growth and growth of EOS communities. Our vision: technology creates the future, EOS ecological incubator. Our slogan: EOS magic cube is infinitely possible.

Explore the future with you
  • Singapore
  • is an EOS block producer candidate from Singapore, and it is dedicated to research the underlying kernel technologies and build reliable and active EOS platform and dAPPs. Team members are all from world-class universities and top Finance/Internet companies, having solid skills in product design, product operation and EOS kernel code research. was founded in April, 2018 and has achieve rapid progress in the code research and community contribution. We launched our test net ( in the first week of we were founded and the test net supports one click connection; In the second week, we managed to meet all critirea and became BP candidate; In the third week, we built our tech blog on steemit and medium to share our thoughts on the kernel code research, getting positive response in the community. Now, is working closely with other teams to explore and develop new functions/dAPPs for EOS.   eosio.sg来自新加坡,是EOS全球超级节点竞选团队,致力于区块链底层技术研发,发展和构建安全、健康、活跃的EOS生态平台与应用。 团队成员均来自世界级名校和互联网、金融、科研等行业的顶级公司,拥有扎实的产品设计、开发和运营经验以及扎实的EOS底层代码研究能力。 团队在2018年4月成立以来,在技术理解上获得了迅速的积累,并积极为EOS社区生态的活跃作出贡献。 团队在成立第一周,发布了 Testnet并率先实现了一键接入等功能; 团队成立第二周,成为正式的超级节点候选人,并分配在Group1; 团队成立第三周,开始凭借对底层代码的深刻理解建立了技术博客,并获得了Daniel Larimer、Thomas Cox等官方人物的关注与互动。 目前,eosio.sg正与其他优秀的团队一起,积极探索和开发新的EOS功能与应用。


“Every Voice should Be Heard, Every Vote Must Be Counted!”
  • 대한민국 서울특별시 강남구 삼성동 77-20
  • <strong>Revitalizing the Trade | Eos trading platform</strong> Hanbitco values the eco-friendly DApp blockchain platform of EOS. Place your vote on Hanbitco and Become part of DPOS ecosystem! Hanbitco, a member of Korea Blockchain Committee has joined Eossey to contribute to the blockchain network. They value the eco-friendly DApp blockchain platform of EOS. Eossey is always open for anyone who wants to establish an equal society in EOS. <ul> <li><strong>Eossey Voting </strong>: Eossey voting will ensure the voting rights for EOS owners. When the mainnet launches, Eossey will place the significant amount of the total vote for Top 30 BP by a majority.</li> <li><strong>EOS Pair Trading Platform </strong>: We will facilitate the economy of EOS by supporting EOS based market. Soon we will offer the listing poll to select EOS dApps for Hanbitco .</li> <li><strong>Airdrop</strong> : We will instantly deliver most up-to-date information on airdrop utilizing the Telegram.</li> <li><strong>No fees </strong>:<strong> </strong>Eossey will not charge a fee for the most traded BTC/EOS market.</li> </ul> <strong>Blooming Ecosystem | Eossey accelerator</strong> <ul> <li><strong>EOSchool</strong> : We will strive for studying ecosystem of DApp, technology, governance and organise regular meetups to promote the platform of</li> <li><strong>Accelerating EOS DApp </strong>:<strong> </strong>We will establish an accelerating ecosystem to put full support on EOS DApp. - Conduct competitions to facilitate colleges/Institutions - Educate and support ecosystem professionals - Establish a support for educational-industries - Establish a sponsorship for college clubs/activities</li> </ul> <strong>EOScracy | Everyone has a right to say, vote and change the world. </strong><em>Openness & transparency are the core values of Eossey. Like our vision, we will hear every voice for Eossey.</em> <ul> <li><strong>Eossey Hearing </strong>: Eossey hearing is a regular meeting having to share every progress of Eossey. This will be open to the public, anybody can join and conduct an investigation, or evaluate/oversee the activities of Eossey.</li> <li><strong>Social Network </strong>: Eossey operates four major SNS channel: Steemit, Medium.twitter, telegram. We will be in full support of SNS and enable participants to communicate directly to our support team.</li> </ul> <strong>Technical specification estimate </strong>Eossey will strive to make the better ecosystem. <em>“How can we achieve high efficiency with less energy without wasting energy?"</em> <em>“How can we effectively reduce the cost and deliver more computing power to”</em> Eossey is under the mission to contribute to the Decentralized Applications and ensuring equal rights and distributions. <ul> <li><strong>Hardware expansion plan I </strong>We aim to achieve 100% node uptime with top-notch AWS computing specs. Instance type: x1e.32xlarge vCPU: 128 Memory (GiB): 3,904 Storage(GB): 2 x 1,920 SSD Network: 25Gigabit Physical CPU: Intel E7-8880 v3 Clock (GHz): 2.3 Intel AVX: Yes Intel AVX2: Yes Intel Turbo: Yes EBS OPT: Yes Enhanced Networking: Yes</li> </ul> <ul> <li><strong>Hardware expansion plan II </strong>Ultimate goal of Eossey is to create nodes that can achieve low cost and high efficiency. By working with Eossey partners who have reliably run GPU mining at a lower cost than AWS, Eossey is building its own hardware system.</li> </ul> <strong>Location : Seoul, South Korea</strong>


Creating simple solutions to real-world problems using blockchain technology
  • 281 Balfour Road
  • BuildTeam is a distributed blockchain technology organization based in locations across the globe, including Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Greece, the Netherlands and S.E. Asia. We operate our own public nodes utilizing graphene technology and are supported by a strong infrastructure consisting of several custom blockchain based services.   Our central goal is to improve lives and increase quality of living for all human beings through thoughtful application of blockchain technology.  It is our firm belief that this radical new technology has the power to transform humanity and provide a new way of life for people everywhere. In fact, blockchain has already done much to advance that lofty goal through the implementation of decentralized, trustless architecture.   In an effort to impact even more lives and assist humanity in realizing its full potential, our organization believes it has the experience and track record required to become responsible stewards of the EOS blockchain as an EOS Block Producer to help bring about a new and better world, a decentralized world!   BuildTeam has extensive experience building enterprise solutions on pre-existing graphene blockchains including Bitshares and Steem. We look forward to providing the same level of outstanding service to the EOS network.   For more information on our team and plans, please see our <a href="">full block producer candidacy announcement</a> on Steem.


The EOS comunity for LATAM (si hablas español búscanos en telegram)
  • Mexico City
  • <strong>know us</strong> <a href=""></a>   We founded EOSMX with a single purpose in mind -- to support, enhance and lead the EOS community in Latin America, starting with Mexico. As an EOS Block Producer, we will provide the EOS community with the following: A transparent governance. We are a group of technology enthusiasts who have a diverse skill set. The common thread that unites us is our belief that blockchain technlogy will provide the foundation for Internet 2.0. In 2015, the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness estimated money lost to corruption in Mexico to be $53 billion annually, or 5 percent of the country’s GDP. Alternatively, other departments of the Mexican government such the Coordinación de Estrategia Digital Nacional (CEDN) and Unidad de Gobierno Digital (UDG) are taking postive steps to promote as well as adopt distributed ledger technologies. Transparency is an ideal that can be achieved through its inflexible application and EOSMX is committed to this end. A scalable infrastructure. We have experience providing both private and public cloud solutions to business customers in Mexico and Colombia. We are evaluating infrastructure requirements to ensure stability as well as scalability. Please stay tuned for a more technical post which will include our estimate of technical specifications, total expenditures and estimated scaling plan. An active presence in the EOS community. The success of EOS will be determined by its acceptance as the leading platform for Dapp development. With experience developing web applications, we can provide development courses to software engineers as well as C-level introductory courses to technology leaders in Mexico and the larger Latin American community. -- Information Requested by EOSGO -- A) Official block producer candidate name --> EOSMX B) Location of company headquarters --> Mexico City, Mexico C) Expected location of servers --> Mexico D) Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc) --> cloud E) Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff ---> Peter Ostroske <img src="" /> <strong>know our Work Team</strong>   <strong>Today we are announcing new members of the EOSMX team!</strong> Below you will find new team members with extensive experience in different fields of work. Our purpose is to be able to contribute our knowledge to the community and also find to ensure the success of EOS as a technology and as a community. New team members:   FABIAN ZEPEDA Chief Architect <img src="" width="282" height="232" /> I have a B.E. in Telecommunications and Electronics with plenty of additional IT certifications on Cloud and IT solutions. Currently working as a solution architect at OFI.COM located in Mexico City. About 8 years working on IT environments focusing on new tendencies and technologies which helps thrive the company’s goals and always trying to have different ideas on services. More than 4 years of experience on cloud technologies (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) and exploring different solutions that can increase the cloud reach on the day to day tasks When I am not working, I like everything related to cars, working out doing Crossfit, read on new technologies and trying to keep up on the new changes related to current solutions or developments I am currently working on deepening my blockchain knowledge to contribute more in the community by creating more ideas and more suggestions on ways to develop blockchain solutions. Very excited to be part of the EOSMX group to be one of the top block producers in Mexico and create great material   JORGE LINARES Community Manager <img src="" width="257" height="191" /> Obtained his degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). He developed a large part of his working life at Microsoft before landing in Mexico. In love with new technologies, he is passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Focused on developing solutions based on blockchain technology, and helping the community achieve its goals.   CARLOS MEJIA Blockchain Expert <img src="" width="271" height="180" /> Qualifications profile Commercial and Sales Support Manager Professional with experience in strategizing, execution, and delivery of SCM / Sales & Distribution projects. 2+ years commercial management for Telco Outsourcing Services & Vendors, drive new business to the organization, Vendor selection/management and T&Cs’ contract advisor. 2+ years marketing experience driving new business introduction and marketing strategies for worldwide markets. 14+ years operational experience managing an international supply chain for high technology products. IBM NextGen Talent Program (only 300 employees selected worldwide) Develop unified cross-cultural teams to achieve common goals. Problem solver who accurately assesses technical challenges and successfully transforms ideas into workable solutions. Processes design and business re-engineering Effective oral and written communication and excellent interpersonal skills Education Master in Quality and Productivity Systems Experience 2017 to Date OFI Mexico Partner & Commercial Director Responsible to manage Sales Mexico Market Strategy and coverage model. Create Incentive program and overall sales process management & territory/account plans. 1997 to 2017 IBM Mexico SSD HGA Autolines– Process Engineer, RESO – Process Engineer and Warehouse Management Team leader, High Complex Solution and Fulfillment Project Manager, Customer Solution Center - Business Development Manager, Global Roles: Marketing Offering Manager & Channel Operations Program Manager, Senior Commercial Manager, Sales Transaction Support Country Manager, Enterprise & Commercial Sales Leader, Responsible to manage Sales Operations of Enterprise & Commercial Territories (85% of IBM Revenue in country). Work with Territory & Brand Leaders to define main Solutions per customer to achieve business results. Define Sales Coverage, Accounts/Seller Quota, OER (Expense vs Income) Targets, Incentives. Top Opportunity Management.     FRANCISCO JUAREZ Solutions Manager <img src="" /> Born in Mexico City; He is a Communications and Electronics Engineer specialized in Communications from the National Polytechnic Institute. In 1993, Francisco began his career in the electronics industry as a foreign intern in the area of assembly lines and quality of computer equipment working for Epson Mexico. Francisco has worked in some Systems Integration´s Companies in Mexico, 12 years in Centro de Productividad Avanzada with position of Presales Manager, 5 years in Emersys de México as Director of Solutions, 5 years in Imagenology and Global Distribution IGDS Systems with Position of Solutions Director, with the challenge of creation of Information Technology Solutions to cover business needs. With 22 years of experience in the Information Technology market he has been responsible for projects such as: • Migration of workloads towards a new Data Center of Pemex Gas and Basic Petrochemicals. • Optimization of workloads in the Data Center of the National Water Commission. • Integration and implementation of 10,000 digital classrooms for Enciclomedia, in the state of Michoacán. • Process of Digitalization and Standardization of title of the property. through which EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Management in the Institute of the Function Registral of the State of Mexico. • Design and Implementation of the Data Center Defined by Software in the Systems Technology State Agency of the State of Mexico. • Design and Implementation of Data Center Defined by Software, General Justicie Agency of the State of Mexico. • Desktop virtualization in the of Public Education Agency of the State of Mexico for 200 digital classrooms. • Demand generation strategies with wholesalers and global manufacturers with marketing funds granted by manufacturers. Francisco, has training and certifications related to commercial areas and Engineering from the main software and hardware manufacturers worldwide.   EDISSON OLARTE Operations Lead <img src="" /> Electronic Engineer, Master's degree in telecommunications engineering of the National University of Colombia, currently I am studying MBA on EAFIT Business School. I have more than 11 years of professional experience, leading telecommunications and technology projects in mult-sectors companies and multinationals as IBM, aligned with good market practices, I am certified as PMP, ITIL Foundations, Cobit v5 Foundations and IBM Blockchain Essentials. Since October 2017, I am the OFI Services Delivery Group Director for Colombia and Mexico.   ANDRES TRUJILLO Cloud Technical Leader <img src="" width="255" height="255" /> Leader with experience in TI Industry in the management, the establishment and projects support. Certified design experience, infrastructure monitoring and update. Decisive and takes leadership easily, with the ability to analyze and identify in a fast way the logical and inefficient processes develops and implements IT processes to solve problems or organizational needs. Enjoys making long-term plans and definition of goals.   ABDUL CANO Dapp Development Consultant <img src="" /> I consider myself a Computer Engineer trained to face the challenges proposed by the current business activity, with academic, scientific, technical and investigative training, honest, ethical, responsible, good moral habits and interpersonal relationships, with ease of learning, ability to analyze and with aptitudes for good performance in different areas, such as project management, analysis, design and development of information systems. I am currently working as Project Manager at and I want to contribute with my experience so that all new challenges are overcome.     JIMMY ESGUERRA Engineering Lead <img src="" /> Systems engineer, graduated in Colombia with experience in different development languages and great NetSuite knowledge. I have worked as a development leader in Colombia in different business areas like flowers exportation, sale of services and software creation. I am currently in Mexico working at as a technology director and I am finishing a Scrum Master certification, I find great interest in blockchain technology and how it can be applied in all types of businesses. <strong>SCALING PLAN</strong> ·         <strong>Fase 1</strong> o   Server on EC2 of AWS (8GB Ram, 4 Cores, 50GB HDD) o   Monitory from OFI-Kaseya Traverse o   Frond-end & Back-end ·         <strong>Fase 2</strong> o   Creation of private cloud o   2U Servers (192 GB RAM, 2 SSD 200 GB, additional 8 HDD 4 TB for operation) o   1GbE and 10 GbE interconnection o   High-speed firewalls with 5 and 7 GB troughput o   Infrastructure, monitory with Kaseya ·         <strong>Fase 3</strong> o   Replication in Azure West US, FW Web App, DDoS Security and load balancers ·        <strong> Fase 4</strong> o   According to analysis it will be possible to replicate in different regions of AWS or        Azure     (Europe, Asia)   <strong>COMMUNITY BENEFITS</strong> <strong>Public Sector:</strong>  With the Support of our consultants we will be in communication with the National Digital Strategy Coordinator, Yolanda Martínez to be involve in the government projects around blockchain. You can read more her:   <strong>Financing:</strong> If we are chosen as BP we will give back 10% of our profit each year to support development courses about EOS Dapp to engineers in Mexico and LATAM <strong>Recruitment:</strong> we will look for those engineers who want to know more about EOS technology and make bigger our community with professionals on the field <strong>EOS Gurú:</strong> We will position 15 influencers in LATMA trough  Reddit y Telegram. We will organize an annual conference about EOS in the main countries of LATAM where these influencers will participate <strong>EOS Regulation:</strong> Starting in Mexico, we will lead with other 2 entities the cryptocurrency regulations

EOS Amsterdam

Comes with knowledge, know how and a liberal mind that is open to the world
  • Amsterdam
  • Goedendag! We are EOS Amsterdam. Originating from the Netherlands, we have always excelled at global trading and connecting the world. This goes back as far as the seventeenth century. Our habitat? That is the capital of this country – a prosperous city with a well-educated, liberal and internationally oriented population. Additionally, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange is close by. This is the second largest internet exchange in the world based on the number of connected members and amount of internet traffic. <a href="">Learn more about EOS Amsterdam</a>   <strong>Why EOS Amsterdam</strong>   <em>Accountable & Transparent</em> Because we are a legal entity registered in the Netherlands, we can be held responsible for our actions, changes, failures and investments. We stay in close contact with our community. The Netherlands is a mature democracy and a stable member of the European Union.   <em>Located in Amsterdam</em> Dutch, and especially Amsterdam people, are well known for their liberal minds and their open view to the world. It is the people’s minds that host such an important internet hub function.   <em>Secure</em> We collaborate closely with Kahuna, a managed security services provider in the Netherlands and Spain. This company will secure, manage and monitor our block producer infrastructure 24x7.   <em>Continuously improving</em> We consistently review our operations and infrastructure to find improvements. We believe that repetitive and marginal improvements result in a qualitative service.   <em>Reciprocity</em> We have a full-time involvement in the EOS community. Therefore, we have our ears to the ground. We know what the community wants and give back to them.   <em>Independent</em> People, budget and experience; everything is already in place to set up and monitor the block producer infrastructure. The result? We are able to operate independently.   <strong>What we do with EOS</strong> We live for developing, operating and promoting the EOS infrastructure. EOS Amsterdam’s goal? Helping people to establish voluntary free-market communities to secure life, liberty and property for all. EOS shall become a viable legal ecosystem whose decisions are sound and respected by outside courts. <em>Operate</em> We have people, budget and experience available to operate the block producer infrastructure. Our people have extensive experience in managing high profile banking, identity and website environments – and protecting them from cyberattacks including DDoS. We have been developing and operating trading platforms for multiple years. Our team is available 24x7. <em>Develop</em> We want to invest in building infrastructure and distributed applications that offer real value for our community. Our investments will most likely go to apps and dapps on topics such as on-boarding, identity, reputation, security and usability of the platform. <em>Govern</em> We navigate global human values such as freedom, privacy and property. And comply with the European rules that have translated these values into laws. This means that we work on a privacy-by-design basis. We advise on and try to ensure contract and ownership compatibility within the existing legal framework. <em>Promote</em> We organize meetups and workshops for developers, entrepreneurs, and investors to evangelize the power of the concepts behind EOS. We also plan to help on-board companies by providing lectures and on-premise training. Our team of crypto specialists focuses on helping to build and operate the infrastructure to support the EOS community.


EOS Block Producer Norway
  • Oslo
  • BitSpace is Norway's leading blockchain technology company and has been a strong supporter of Daniel Larimer’s vision since 2013. We were honored to be invited to the EOS launch party at Consensus New York 2017 and have advanced our focus on EOS since then.   In 2018 we have created events, presentations, hackathons and videos to spread awareness of EOS. In addition we are helping several companies transition to EOS, proactively building the community and forming partnerships to scale internationally.   BitSpace is an established blockchain innovation network with strong knowledge and extensive experience with DPoS technology through consulting work, hosting a DPoS chain for over 6 months, and being a block producer in BitShares. We have also been heavily involved in the BitShares and Steemit communities, holding BitShares presentations since 2015 and the first ever Steemit hackathon in 2016. We are currently testing and running an EOS node under the node name “<strong>bitspace</strong>” and we will continue to contribute to test network environments.   We are excited about the potential for EOS to enable mainstream decentralized applications and have established a BitSpace Block Producer for EOS to help secure the values and principles BitSpace was founded on: individual sovereignty and autonomy, voluntary association, as well as financial and political freedom.   Please read our full Steemit BP proposal<strong> <a href="">here.</a></strong>   比特空间(BitSpace)是挪威领先的区块链技术公司,自2013年以来一直是丹尼尔·拉里默(Daniel Larimer,比特股创始人)愿景的有力支持者。在2017年纽约共识会议上,我们很荣幸地获邀参加柚子操作系统发布会,并从那时起就把重点放在了柚子操作系统上。   2018年,我们举办了一系列活动、专题介绍、编程马拉松和视频来宣传柚子操作系统。此外,我们正在帮助多家公司过渡到柚子操作系统,积极建设社区并形成合作伙伴关系,以扩大国际规模。   比特空间是一个成熟的区块链创新网络,在委托权益证明技术方面拥有丰富的知识和经验,通过咨询工作,拥有超过6个月的委托权益证明链,并成为比特股(BitShares)的区块生产商。我们还积极参与比特股和斯蒂姆(Steemit)社区,自2015年以来举办了比特股专题介绍以及2016年首次举办斯蒂姆编程马拉松。目前我们正在测试并运行节点名称为“比特空间”的柚子操作系统节点,我们将继续测试网络环境。   我们对柚子操作系统实现主流去中心化应用的潜力感到非常兴奋,并且为柚子操作系统建立了比特空间区块生产者,以帮助确保比特空间建立在以下价值观和原则的基础上:个人主权和自主权,自愿联合以及财务和政治自由。   <a href="">请阅读我们的Steemit BP建议</a>


Mesoamerica is in the middle of it all! We are eosmeso: set in stone!
  • Ruta 4 1-00
  • We are a coalition of distinguished  Artists, Entrepreneurs, Developers, VCs, Media personalities,  University faculty, Blockchain Communities, all united to re-boot the social operating systems in our región. From latin america, to the world.   Our value proposition to the EOS blockchain is based on 3 pillars:   STRENGTHEN THE EOS NETWORK FOSTER ADOPTION AND USE ENGAGE VOTERS ETHICALLY   We believe that a worldwide network supporting user owned data is crucial to the peaceful, abundant and prosperous future we want to co-create. A fast, safe and usable EOS blockchain is our priority.   We believe that our experienced team of IT professionals can add great value to the EOS blockchain by using the world class internet and data center infrastructure already in place in the MESOAMERICA region and always have our choice of providers competing to win our business. Mesoamerica is a keystone in the topology of the internet infrastructure and we believe we can leverage this fact to benefit the EOS blockchains speed and reliability. Guatemala alone has 5 outlets to the world internet, a factor very few locations can affirm.   We believe that in order to protect the network, we must be able to pick and choose which jurisdictions to be in, and have many options to migrate to, to ensure honest participants that their blockchain is resilient. Should one of the particular jurisdictions in the region become hostile towards our activities, we simply switch to one of the friendlier ones. Our operation is starting in Guatemala and another can be added in two days time, to any of the following: Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Bolivia or the combination of any of the above.   We believe in teamwork and aligned incentives. We have assembled a truly amazing group of partners eager to use the powerful tools being developed within EOS and incorporate them into their businesses. We have partners from a very diverse backgrounds ranging from the who’s who of startup world in our region to film directors that have raised funding with help of the blockchain, to proven charities and impact groups and anywhere in between.   Please visit to view more of who we are.     We believe in promoting our BP candidacy to eos holders as one of the long term value builders for EOS and not a short term source of “extra tokens”. We will vote for others who like us, show a combination of technical strength, favorable local conditions and community network effects.   We are eosmeso: set in stone.   Visit for a more detailed view into who we are and what we are all about – Block Producer Candidate

SuperONE, Empowering EOS Community.
  • China
  • <strong>SuperONE - Block Producer Candidate Introduction</strong> 2524 words, estimated reading time 16 minutes <strong>Contents:</strong> 1. Introduction 2. About SuperONE 3. Campaign Declaration 4. Public website URL 5. ID information 6. SuperONE Team 7. Tech Specs 8. Scaling Plan 9. Community benefit 10. Testnet 11. Roadmap 12. Position on Dividends 13. Conclusion 14. Contact <strong>1. Introduction</strong> Super node in EOS refer to those nodes that collect transaction information and pack it into blocks. These nodes are also referred to as "Block Producers (BPs)" in the EOS white paper. Since its release, EOS has been a star project in the field of blockchain. This is because its white paper promises many attractive features such as millions of TPS, no fees, etc. The DPOS algorithm is one of the foundations for implementing these features. According to the plan of the white paper for EOS, the implementation of the DPOS algorithm requires 21 super nodes and 100 spare nodes. The super node is mainly responsible for the following affairs: Collect transactions in the network; Validate the transaction and package the transaction into the block; Broadcast blocks to other nodes, adding blocks to their local blockchain after verification; It can be seen that the super node determines the stability of the entire ecosystem of EOS, so the requirements of the node operating team will also be exceptionally high. The SuperONE team has over 4 years of abundant experience in in-depth research and operating graphene-based node in graphene technology, and has the ability to develop products( that serve the community. It is a team with a very comprehensive ability. The SuperONE team will participate in the election of the EOS super node with its own advantages. Recently, BiBi News also made <a href="">interviews</a> with the SuperONE team about the EOS election campaign, and users voted of SuperONE team is far ahead. <strong>2. About SuperONE</strong> We are the earliest enthusiasts of blockchain technology and we are the technical flow and aesthetic flow in the blockchain field, focusing on the management of blockchain assets and smart contracts. The SuperONE project sponsor (community ID: crazybit) is a senior participant in the BitShares community and has in-depth research on the kernel of graphene. As a community-leading development team, the SuperONE( wallet is developed to meet the needs of practicality and convenience of commercial applications, providing users with more secure, more transparent, decentralized on-chain trading and digital asset management platform. <strong>3. Campaign Declaration</strong> 1.The EOS node reward is reduced from 5% to 1%, calculated by an EOS of 40 CNY, and the node revenue is reduced from 100 million CNY to 20 million CNY, and the revenue is reduced to 80%. will this matter affect the enthusiasm of your campaign node? Of course, this will not affect us. We have already been part of this ecosystem for a very long time. Our products are based on EOS. No matter how the income changes, it will not affect our enthusiasm to participate in the election campaign. Besides, the qualified candidates should first consider what can be done for this community, and then the community will naturally give a reasonable return on your efforts. 2.The election of EOS nodes is as competitive as the election of some small countries. EOS nodes are highly competitive. What do you think is the difference between Chinese and foreign nodes? Compared with Chinese nodes and foreign nodes, is there have an advantage? Actually, there is no essential difference, People in different regions all come to compete. It just shows the internationalization of the project and the popularity of the audience. Everyone is in the same starting point to compete fairly. This is also the spirit of the blockchain. If you have to say that there is an advantage, then the user community of China’s EOS will be much larger than that of foreign countries. The graphene-based products we have developed also have a wide range of users, and may have some advantages in the ballot. 3.What are the biggest advantages of your competitive node? More token? Great influence? How much can you contribute to EOS? Can you explain briefly? We are the first group of people who participated in the community of BitShares (the first blockchain project by EOS founder) and were the ones who knew BM the most. We have in-depth research graphene-based technology of EOS kernel for more than 4 years. We have developed the BitShares mobile wallet with graphene-based technology( and has a wide user. We are also developing the EOS-based wallet and will become an excellent project of EOS community and serve the EOS community. 4.A token is like a kingdom. There is a saying in Kennedy’s inaugural address. Don’t ask the country what it can do for you, but ask you what you can do for the country. If the election is successful, what will you do for EOS? Our products can better serve the community and bring services outside the community, let more people to understand the blockchain, understand EOS and use EOS. 5.If the campaign is successful, how will it respond to firewalls and cheap DDoS? Actually, the kernel of graphene has an anti-DDoS mechanism. Even if a hacker can find the IP of our node, the current cloud host has enough anti-DDoS capabilities. In addition, our team has members from Fortune 500 foreign banks software R&D centers and domestic well-known internet companies. We have rich experience in preventing hackers. We are not worried about this. As for the GFW firewall problem, we will deploy backup nodes in different regions and have the ability to switch automatically. <strong>4. Public website URL</strong> Website: EOS Live: Steem: Twitter: Facebook: Medium: SuperONE Info Channel: SuperONE Official Group: GitHub: WeChat Official: superoneio(WeChat ID) Jianshu: Bihu: Zhihu: Sina Weibo: <strong>5. ID information</strong> A) Official block producer candidate name. SuperONE B) Location of company headquarters. GuangZhou, GuangDong, China C) Expected location of servers. China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Canada, etc. (multiple locations) D) Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc). Cloud server or IDC server. <strong>6. SuperONE Team</strong> ZhanShu Cai Bachelor of computer science, project initiator, senior participant in the BitShares community (community ID: crazybit), has in-depth research on the kernel of graphene, from the HSBC Software R&D Center, 11 years of financial software development and operational experience, expert in back-end development, researching blockchain technology for over 5 years. TuBiao Huang Bachelor of Computer Science, from the well-known Internet company Sohu Video Software R&D Department, 5 years of front-end development practice experience of several large-scale projects, active in the GitHub community, participated in the development of multiple open source projects, One of the founders of the webpack Chinese community, the outstanding front-end development engineers. TianHua Wen UI and UX Designer, active in the Medium community, has 5 years of Internet experience, and once worked for Sohu Video, a well-known Internet company in China. Has conducted in-depth research on product interaction experience and front-end, and participated in product design for multiple projects. YongLong Chen Bachelor of Computer Science, once worked as a project manager of HSBC, and has 11 years of experience in the development of asset management systems and has extensive operational experience. Acquired PMP certification from the American Project Management Association, PRINCE2 project management certification under a controlled environment, and software designer certification. GuoBing Wen Bachelor of Computer Science, ChainONE community initiator, a blogger of, and four years of experience in the Internet industry. Active in the GitHub community, in-depth research and practical experience of blockchain technology, database technology, and Internet operations. <strong>7. Tech Specs</strong> Testnet and the initial stage of mainnet At the testnet and the initial stage of mainnet, the EOS network load will be relatively low, we adopt of the cloud server solution after comprehensive consideration. Block node: 64 cores 256G memory 1T SSD hard disk * 2 sets, at Hot-Warm state, have the ability to fast switching API node: 64 cores 256G memory 1T SSD hard disk * 1 set <strong>8. Scaling Plan</strong> Growth period of mainnet It is expected that after a few months on the network, with the increase in the number of DAPP smart contract deployments and the increase in node traffic, the super node server load will increase. Within the cloud service provider, we can use virtualization and CDN technology to horizontally scale nodes. Subsequent according the load of the api node and block node changes, we even consider to create physical data centers and provide the ability of remote disaster recovery. <strong>9. Community benefit</strong> <strong>SuperONE</strong> Mobile wallet is an important part of the blockchain ecosystem. The SuperONE team is a community-leading development team. SuperONE( is a blockchain-based digital asset investment management platform. The goal is to provide users with more secure, more transparent, decentralized on-chain transactions and digital asset management. In addition, EOS wallet is also in full swing development. What are the advantages of the products we develop? Let's take a look. SuperONE video introduction: <a href=""></a> EOS wallet video introduction: <a href=""></a> What are the characteristics of the SuperONE wallet that is already online? Specifically: Trading speed is comparable to centralised exchanges With blockchain technology, we eliminate trusted third parties and conduct point-to-point transactions through the automation of processes and protocols. SuperONE takes full advantage of its BitShares system and has the characteristics of fast transfer and low transaction fee. At the same time, we also carry out groundbreaking innovations in the UI design of product, which greatly improve the user experience. Secure and transparent decentralized transactions Decentralized transactions enable users to control funds by operating blockchain functions to achieve safer and more transparent transactions. SuperONE ( has a simple user interface and rich trading features and ensure the security of user funds and personal data via decentralized capacities. Integrated access channel of legal currency In the later period, we will select the top-line exchanges for outstanding projects in the world and gradually open up the one-key recharging functions such as Alipay, WeChat, and bank cards. By then, the user access to the legal currency will be more convenient. At the same time, SOT as token for SuperONE (, you can register for 100 SOT. Scan the QR code to download SuperONE wallet Note: Android and iOS versions of SuperONE ( are available for downloading. <strong>EOS Live</strong> Also, We release an application and information aggregation platform which called EOS Live. EOS Live, Discover your favorite thing of EOS. EOS Live surfaces the best new product of EOS community, very day, it's a place for EOSer to share and geek out about the lastest mobile apps, websites, projects, block producers, and the activities of EOS community. A sharing platform for entrepreneurial team of EOS ecosystem, independent developers, block producer candidates, and EOS users. EOS Live domain, welcome to trial. Scan the QR code below and turn it on immediately. The detail of EOS Live refer this article. <strong>10. Testnet</strong> EOSIO DAWN 3.0 released on April 5, 2018. SuperONE( has deployed EOSIO DAWN 3.0 Testnet node, and keep producing block steadily at April 9. EOS Green Testnet Block Producer ID is ursula, and EOS Jungle Testnet Block Producer ID is unicorn. EOS Green Testnet Info Server Location: China Organisation: node ip/domain: Port (http): 8899 Port (p2p): 9877 producer name: ursula You may check EOS Green testnet produce status via or EOS Jungle Testnet Info Server Location: China Organisation: node ip/domain: Port (http): 8888 Port (p2p): 9876 producer name: unicorn You may check EOS Jungle testnet produce status via or EOS SG Testnet Info Server Location: China Organisation: node ip/domain: Port (http): 9988 Port (p2p): 9879 producer name: superone You may check EOS SG testnet produce status via or Testnet Info Server Location: China Organisation: node ip/domain: Port (http): 8889 Port (p2p): 9880 producer name: superone You may check EOS SG testnet produce status via or SuperONE team has Telegram channel and group, you can subscribe our channel and join our group for amazing news and products. SuperONE Info Telegram Channel: SuperONE Official Telegram Group: You may contact @crazybits and @robinwen in the Telegram for more detail. <strong>11. Roadmap</strong> The SuperONE team currently has two products, they are SuperONE and Roadmap of SuperONE Block Producer is as follows: <strong>12. Position on Dividends</strong> Our goal is to do our utmost to make EOS ecosystem more prosperous. We never campaign for votes via "vote buying". We will take advantage of the block producer inflation rewards to do the following affairs: Encourage team to develop and maintain existing project Incubation Dapp Invest in excellent team and project Organize online activities and offline meetup Accumulate kernel of blockchain technology <strong>13. Conclusion</strong> With the strong technical strength and operational capabilities of the SuperONE team, we believe that we will be a powerful contender for the EOS super node and wish the SuperONE team to campaign successfully and jointly promote the development of the EOS ecosystem. <strong>14. Contact</strong> Website: Twitter: Steemit: Business: Tech: Job: Support:

The two new criterias

EOS Bepal
  • Wenzhou
  • Block Producer Roadmap 1.Block Producer Candidate Roadmap on Values (1)Bepal Team EOS Bepal is from China,we focus on the research and development of blockchain technology and security field.We already have relevant R&D achievements about blockchain network underlying construction,consensus mechanism designing,personal and enterprise private key protection.Bepal has launched a number of personal asset management terminals (wallets) and is committed to building blockchain full scene security.Our next plan is to gradually establish blockchain security technology community.   (2)Our Principle We see the safety,transparency and independence of EOS.IO community as our primary mission.EOS Bepal will not pay for the votes,elections and suggestions from token holders.And we will not let any profits affect the independence, objectivity and impartiality of EOS Bepal.   (3)Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics EOS Bepal declare that we will always act with honesty and integrity while applying the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct. This includes never paying voters for their support or establishing a quid pro quo relationship with any party with regard to voting.   (4)Security As an ecology community who always focus on the security of blockchain,we will take a series of security measures to prevent any intentional or unintended operational threats against the EOS.IO community.   (5)Transparency We believe that the operation of the EOS.IO community should be open and transparent, including but not limited to the specific income and expenses of each witness node.   (6)High Network Performance EOS Bepal promises to dedicated to network infrastructure and personnel which enable the EOS.IO network to perform at the highest level and scale effectively with demand.   2.Community Project Timeline   (1)EOS Bepal Foundation We will establish a distributed application incubator and contact the EOS distributed application development team.Our incubator has 20 million RMB.We will use our multiple strengths to provide development teams with funding, advocacy, community, and technical support. We will help and invest in DApp development team with excellent development strength to promote EOS ecological prosperity. If we become a super node,We will continue to properly handle the inflation incentives of super nodes to incubate the ecological industry chain.   (2)EOS block browser We will assistant the third-party platform and set up EOS block browser with them together,to check EOS market and block data.The block browser will have these functions:check EOS market and block data,check trading volume and currency price;data including block information,trading information,messages,account information,address information,support to quick search according to the accounts and tradings.   (3)Bepal App Bepal App is a private blockchain asset management app,it helps customers to monitor offline account,real-time balance check,conduct trades quickly and broadcast transactions .It also supports multiple currency and addresses,to provide safe and quick blockchain asset storage and sending management services. EOS cellphone wallet fully support EOS ecology,it can check current super node distribution and it provide one click mapping,quick vote,tokens acquisition and proxy voting. EOS cellphone wallet discover channel has media news,knowledge,flash news and morning news.   (4)EOS hardware wallet EOS hardware wallet is an entrance to enter EOS ecology world,it provides safe and convenient cryptocurrency management.EOSwenzhou actively builds and maintains the development of blockchain ecology based on this entrance. In the era of blockchain 3.0, blockchain is going to have success in many fields such as finance, credit collection, Internet of things, economic and trade settlement, asset management and so on.Security is most important thing in the applications of the blockchain. EOS hardware wallet can provide safe and convenient blockchain asset storage and sending services.It combined the technologies of cold and hot separation and non-electromagnetic wave channel encrypted transmission.It can help customers to control cryptocurrency completely and protect the trading away from the network ,lot size monitoring and help to conduct trades quickly and broadcast the trades.EOS hardware wallet supports Chinese simplified,traditional Chinese ,English,Japanese and Korean,EOS ecological system,one key mapping and voting,the new designed UI is fluency to use.   (5)Cartoons about Blockchain Security EOS Bepal tries to popularize blockchain security knowledge through the Bepal Cutie story series.Bepal has also registered an official Wechat account called Bepal Planet , which specifically publishes blockchain security knowledge comic.We wish to enhance customer’s awareness of security protection with a lively cartoon story, and then they can protect the assets well.   (6)EOS DAPP Incubation Project Code Sharing Application BE-code We wil use blockchain techmology to set up a hosting platform for open source and proprietary software projects.All Shared source code will be written on blockchain,so functions like tracing the code contributors,historical version record will be available.And all shared source code on BE-code will be tamper-proof.Users can easily find a huge amount of open source code with BE-code. Blockchain Knowledge Popularization and Social App BE-post BE-post will be a blockchain knowledge sharing and recording platform which will provide high quality and original blockchain technical content.Anyone can easily create, post, interact, thumb up and vote on BE-post.Users who are interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can acquire blockchain knowledge on BE-post and make use of the social function of BE-post to meet like-minded friends. Technical masters can disseminate knowledge on BE-post and actively participate in the community construction that will be paid by the fair and transparent accounting system that reflects everyone's contribution. Blockchain Storage App Be-Box Be-Box is a data platform that focuses on blockchain applications like contract protection,intellectual property storage,data flow tracing etc.Be-Box will maintain the authenticity, uniqueness and integrity of electronic data in technology using the features about privacy protection, tamper proof, anti-attack of blockchain infrastructure.Be-Box will combine blockchain technology and cryptography technology effectively to ensure the data cannot be tampered and keep the system  safe.By using the time stamp of blockchain technology and the uniqueness of data, Be-Box will ensure the first time online evidence of intellectual property ownership is fixed and the right of confirmation is completed.Be-Box will cover all traces of copyright application, using and trading steps so that the whole process can be viewed and tracked later.


Block Producer App Coalition
  • Bangalore
  • The EOS Block Producer App Coalition (EOS BPAC), headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a global alliance of 4 EOS application developers. BPAC represents the stakeholder community of EOS smart contract developers. The four founding members of the coalition are from BLOCKv (<a href=""></a>), a programmable blockchain layer; Workcoin (<a href=""></a>), a decentralized platform for freelancers; SpringRole (<a href=""></a>), a protocol for professional attestations; and, White Rabbit (<a href=""></a>), an ICO discovery and indexing platform.   We take the responsibilities conferred on Block Producers (BPs) seriously. As delegates of EOS token holders, our mandate will be to use the role of Block Producer to further enhance the EOS app ecosystem, with short and medium term objectives of: <ul> <li>continuously re-investing in the hardware and software infrastructure to run the EOS open-source protocol in a fast, efficient and reliable manner</li> <li>indexing, classifying, and enhancing the discovery of EOS apps</li> <li>building a robust set of developer tools to make it easier to write to the EOS blockchain, including programmable tokens</li> <li>creating an open and transparent marketplace of freelance resources available to the EOS developer community viaWorkCoin promoting a global vision of the EOS community, through our community of application developers throughout the world.</li> </ul> <strong>Contact Us / Community</strong> <ul> <li>Website: <a href=""></a></li> <li>Steemit: <a href="">@eosbpac</a></li> <li>Telegram: <a href=""></a></li> <li>Twitter: <a href="">@eosbpac</a></li> </ul>


Driving sustainability in blockchain
  • Poland
  • We are on a mission to drive sustainability and being a member of <strong>EOSGreen</strong> is more than just using renewable energy. It is an unshakable commitment to a <strong>Sustainable Lifestyle</strong>. <em>" We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world " - <strong>Howard Zinn</strong></em> EOSGreen is one of the Block Producers, BPs, on EOS blockchain. As our title describes EOSGreen aims at using sustainable solutions to run its activities and also drive sustainability in EOS ecosystem. We at EOSGreen would like to be the pioneers in driving the sustainability initiative in EOS Block Production. <strong>Why are we doing this?</strong> We love technology, we love blockchain, we love to innovate, we love to build. But in everything we do, we think about the impacts of our actions on society, nature and future generation. Together with our passion and thoughtfulness, we believe that Block Production is the correct platform for us, it’s a pretty big responsibility. In order to make a commitment to this, we at EOSGreen took a stand to support good initiatives from the beginning. So in everything we do we wanted to make sure it’s good for the EOS ecosystem, community and most importantly it’s sustainable. By working together with EOSGreen community we aim to be transparent, democratic and sustainable in our activities. <strong>How are we planning to do this?</strong> We believe in a community-driven approach rather than an entity. So we would like to create a EOS Green community where everyone who believes in our vision is part of it. <em><strong>“When we speak together, we can make change happen”</strong> </em>- this is our motto and we live by it. In order to bring our vision into reality, we wanted to make sure that everyone in the community is involved in it. We want to drive our sustainable activities and encourage new projects/initiatives as a community. We want everyone in our community to feel a part of our mission. So we would like to introduce eosGreen tokens, which gives each and every community member a token to make the sustainable impact. <strong>Values & Mission</strong> <ul> <li>Keeping the EOS network stable and secure is our top priority.</li> <li>In our activities, Transparency is the key and we will strive for it.</li> <li>Sustainability is also a priority for us. The best way to contribute is by addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forward by United Nations. EOSGreen team is committed a sustainable lifestyle.</li> </ul>

ChainRift EOS

Collaborative trading platform helping build the EOS network one block at a time
  • Wyoming
  • ChainRift LLC (“ChainRift”) is a high-performance cryptocurrency exchange platform with the intention of helping propel the future of cryptocurrencies and decentralization. ChainRift was launched by a team of dedicated cryptocurrency activists, experienced developers and tenured traders, all eager to build products and services around the Bitcoin and crypto space.   We’re presenting our candidacy as a block producer in order to secure the EOS blockchain and ensure the network operates in a resilient, reliable and efficient manner. Our priority is to empower the community through responsible scalability and a decentralized separation of roles and responsibilities.   With team members and investors based in Canada, Greece, Lebanon, Slovenia and Thailand, ChainRift EOS regroups 10+ experts, from development to software engineering and IT. We have extensive experience with blockchain technologies, software engineering and hardware solutions and we believe that we can significantly contribute to the EOSIO community.   Our vision for the EOS network is to contribute towards its evolution into a multifaceted platform that reduces the drawbacks of prior established smart contract systems, i.e resource usage, scalability issues and turing complete security. In doing so, we also intend to capitalize on desirable blockchain attributes, censorship resistance, privacy and complete fungibility, ultimately leading to a functioning, decentralized platform.

Aloha EOS

Bridging North America to all points West
  • 3375 Koapaka Street
  • We are Aloha EOS, a block producing candidate that will hosted primarily in Hawaii. At Aloha EOS, we believe firmly in acting with integrity, honesty, fairness, openness, and transparency as we work towards promoting and supporting the EOS community at large. Our team is led by industry experts in high availability server administration, application and web development, usability and design, and blockchain technology.   <strong>Vision and Goals</strong>   We promote the community tenets of integrity, transparency, benefit to the community, and the overall success of EOS. Our unique geographic location helps to diversify the EOS block production network as we bridge the North American continent with all points West. We aim to have among the highest level of security and performance as a block producer. Additionally, we will strive to maximize stability and uptime. Finally, we intend to provide measurable <a href=""><strong>value back to the community</strong></a> – both for the Hawaii populace and the EOS community at large.   <strong>Charity</strong>   For the first 60 days of operation, Aloha EOS will be donating 5% of all post-expense operating profits to the Hawaii Life Charitable Fund, which will serve disaster-stricken islanders (such as those affected by the recent volcanic activity of Kilauea). Additionally, on an ongoing basis, Aloha EOS will be donating 10% of all post-expense operating profits to needy non-profit organizations. For example, the Hawaii Foodbank which serves one in five islanders, or a more public charity such as the American Red Cross.   <strong>Community Support</strong>   We plan on investing a portion of the revenue to fund our own EOS decentralized app (dApp) development, as well as community education and advocacy that will promote EOS and assist the community at large. We will do this as transparently as possible and will announce our projects on our site. The success in EOS is when the community benefits, not the individual. Doing these activities will increase the value of the EOS ecosystem, which will create a self-sustaining uplift for the EOS community as a whole.   <strong>See <a href="">our website</a> and <a href="">Steem posts</a> for more information including hardware and budget. Thanks!</strong>  


  • Zug
  • <strong>BLOCKCHAIN 3.0</strong> It is time to change the STATUS-QUO with blockchain-businesses. Our actuation and passion is to bring the citizens of the world together, to meet visionary people around the world, to publish educational media, to realize and support innovative and quality production, to think publicspirited off- and online and to understand the public-needs. It is our goal that you believe in the future and use blockchain possibilities for your projects. EOS is one of the systems built on Bitcoin, plus Blockchain, and is a third-generation operating system. The first generation is the global payment system, while the second generation has expanded its capabilities to allow further applications on the Blockchain. With the third generation, the efficiency and a Constitution are guaranteed. All three generations have been and are concerned with monopoly decentralisation and a global network. An operating system must be provided to enable users and investors to benefit. The software is open source and thus the source code is exposed and is accessible to all. The Constitution regulates the administration, the management and the educating of user groups. Sanctions are therefore possible. The Constitution will be a community in law and decide on disagreements International arbitration courts in the sense of legal settlement. In addition, the user groups can use democratically their voting rights based on important decisions.   <strong>IN DETAIL</strong> Company location Our company wants to be active as a block producer of the EOS Blockchain network. This network is Blockchain Technology 3.0 and will be future-oriented. The network has twenty-one nodes and other nodes that are activated if necessary. Our company is aiming for a stand-by status in the EOS community. The EOS software is open-source, i.e. not a so-called black-box development, which is provided only to certain user groups for use with licenses. A Blockchain performs through permanent development and the variety of applications. EOS was developed as an operating system that offers a communication and trading platform not only for private individuals but also for companies of all kinds. The fields of application are multi-layered and EOS offers space in which innovative and creative new things will be created. To support the decentral network we are located in europe. Our headquader is Zug in Switzerland. Our Server is runing near CERN. personal Beside EOSBROS staff we will support 8 teams with an investment. They will startup with EOS-Token. The EOSBROS staff initial investment is made with EOS-Token and monthly we will burn EOS-Token. Services consulting, Data Center, dApps As block producer we support your needs. We show you the way to use the EOS-Blockchain as gate for professional businesses communication. It is not easy to understandthink about decentral services. Social projects support EOSBROS ... soon ... Future Expansion join EOSBROS TEAMSend your CV Partner additional services We use different ways to communicate with EOS geeks and business-partners. We cooporate with others EOS companies when it sounds good to us.   <strong>EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE IS POSSIBLE</strong>

EOS Authority

Community focussed block producer candidate
  • 68 Lombard Street
  • EOS Authority is founded by a team of software developers. We believe that EOS is the first law & order blockchain with several unique arbitration & governance features. EOS is also well suited to be the first widely adopted blockchain where losing a private key does not mean the end of your account.   EOS Authority is fully self funded and will operate independently. Our inhouse Amazon cloud solutions architects will setup the server infrastructure to meet all security & performance needs. We participate in numerous EOS testnets in collaboration with other block producers.   We love to get the public using EOS and have created several resources to help users where possible. Examples of a few EOS projects / tools are 1) <a href="">EOS registration & balance check</a>:  Allows users to enter their ethereum address and check if they have completed registration correctly. 2) <a href="">Check EOS private key offline</a>:  Tool to make sure your EOS private key matches the public key 3) <a href="">EOS Space invaders</a> proof of concept shows how fast EOS blockchain actually can be   Every game move is written to the EOS testnet and synchronised in around 0.5 seconds. 4) Video series from Jack in our team on getting <a href="">started with EOS development.</a>

EOS the World

Integrity. Dependability. Benevolence. And... Ideas Worth Implementing!
  • Puerto Rico
  • <strong>EOS the World, LLC</strong> (Headquartered in Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico) Structure We are a decentralized team of computer science, business, marketing, and philanthropic personnel vitally interested in the EOS platform. We are entirely self-funded, (and will remain so permanently), with no outside conflicts of interest to report whatsoever.   <strong>Team</strong> (partial listing for brevity)   <strong>J.T. Buice</strong> <strong>Director of Information Technology</strong>   In addition to being the Director of Information Technologies for EOS the World, J. T. Buice is the Co-Founder and Director at Kainos Technologies. J.T. comes with more than 16 years’ experience and broad competencies in all areas of IT infrastructure and security systems including LAN and WAN networking, server architecture, large scale storage, and telecommunications. Prior to Kainos, Buice was the Manager of IT Operations at Elon Musk's Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) to deliver always-on IT that enabled SpaceX to serve commercial and government entities in furthering the exploration of space. Buice’s team was responsible for the rocket testing and development groups and while there grew the infrastructure to support hundreds of employees, miles of fiber optic network, hundreds of terabytes of data and dozens of servers directly interfacing with flight hardware. He also previously worked as an IT Manager for BKD, one of the largest accounting firms in the nation and a start-up called K2Share where he designed, implemented and managed IT infrastructure that served the world by hosting web applications for the Department of Homeland Security in the years following 9-11.   <strong>Bobby Singh</strong> <strong>Director of Blockchain Coding</strong> <strong>Director of dApp Developer Interface</strong>   Bobby Singh is an entrepreneur and founder of blockchain-based startups-Luxury Ledger and Refuge Network. In particular, is a fascinating dApp project being built on the EOS blockchain, with to goal of preventing the distribution and sale of counterfeit luxury items through the immutable ledger. This project has a very bright future. He has deep knowledge in distributed systems development, cyber security, compliance regulations, data privacy  and crypto-economics. He has previously consulted for Barclays, UBS, Societe Generale and Boston Consulting Group. He believes strongly in EOS and Dan Larimer's mission in "finding free market solutions to securing our life, liberty and property" as a passionate and ambitious pursuit.   <strong>Roger Post</strong> <strong>Director of Online Security</strong>   Roger, a resident of Puerto Rico for the last 2+ years, is, in addition to managing online security for EOS the World, the Managing Director of Lodestone, LLC a Puerto Rico-based international information technology guidelines corporation. A long-time participant in the cryptocurrency community, serial entrepreneur and technologist, Roger has lived and breathed information technology for over 25 years.   After beginning his career in academic computing with the University of Arizona's College of Agriculture, at a time when the Internet was just emerging as a commercial tool, Roger performed pioneering work in online payments risk management. Honing his skills over the next couple decades, Roger continued to lead large scale initiatives for private and publicly traded companies in banking, financial services, biotech, and transportation sectors.  Roger is an expert in digital security, privacy, cloud computing, and identity & access management.  Since 2016, he is a full-time resident of Puerto Rico, from which he operates Lodestone, LLC,  a highly successful global IT advisory, delivery, and staffing company.   <strong>Jennifer Morrow</strong> <strong>Online Security and dApp Developer Outreach Program Security Consultant</strong>   Jennifer, a resident of Puerto Rico for the last 2+ years, is, in addition to consulting in online security for EOS the World and our dApp Developer Outreach Program, is a Director of Lodestone, LLC a Puerto Rico-based international information technology guidelines corporation.   With a background in finance and a 20-year career as an IT professional executing high risk, strategic projects in banking and financial services, transportation, and government sectors, Jennifer has extensive experience in the security space for financial transactions, payment processing, and data encryption for classified systems. Jennifer has delivered zero outage software implementations, international hardware deployments, automation projects, and multiple global data center projects, all for Fortune 50 entities. Jennifer is a proven leader in portfolio/project management, process improvement, relationship building, strategic visioning and planning, budget management, development and organizational change management.  Jennifer is a full-time resident of Puerto Rico, where she is active in the economic development and digital transformation of the island.   <strong>Brett Jeffery, M.D.</strong> <strong>Founder</strong>   Prior to founding EOS the World, Dr. Brett was a specialist physician (M.D. University of Texas Health Science Center), treating over 140,000 patients in a 30 year career with impecible integrity, dedication, and a stellar record, additionally serving as a sought-after consultant and expert witness over the last 10 years, all while not missing a single day of work in 30 years. While doing so, he has additionally built 2 multi-million dollar real estate companies, and prior to his medical career, was a professional musician, performing Rachmaninoff Piano Concertos before packed houses to standing ovations, as well as being the opening act for the late, great Ray Charles.   He began his love affair with the blockchain in 2013, and had an life-changing epiphany in mid-2017, listening to the "EOS Consensus Presentation" by Dan Larimer in May, 2017, knowing that this was the "the one", (the crypto for which many of us have been searching). Now, a resident of Puerto Rico, the new World's Capital of Cryptocurrency, he has been actively promoting EOS ever since to anyone who will listen!   <strong>Willard E. Brown, III</strong> <strong>Director of Philanthropy</strong>   Willard E. Brown, III has had a large, sought-after impact on the philanthropic world for over 40 years. A graduate of the Univeristy of Texas at Austin with a BBA in 1973, an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, in 1976, Willard has served on the boards of many charible organizations, overseeing millions of dollars of charitable giving, including being on the Board of the Bolton Foundation, a private charitable trust, the Board of Directors of the Texas Governor's Mansion during it's multimillion dollar renovation, the Board of Directors of the Texas State Aquarium, and multiple other boards of schools, financial institutions, and museums, such as the Dallas Museum of Art. Willard will advice on the charitable giving aspects of the EOS the World Outreach Programs.   <strong>Raul Vidal, Esq.</strong> <strong>Legal Counsel and Governmental Regulatory Lobbying</strong>   Former Assistant Secretary for International Affairs for the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico, Raul was also the lead promoter of the Island’s incentives around the world and the Director for Puerto Rico’s New York Office. As such, he attracted over $700 million in foreign direct investments to the Island. A very strong supporter of the blockchain revolution in Puerto Rico, and a sponsor or the recent #BlockchainUnbound, #CoinAgenda, and #RestartWeek conferences on the island, several of Raul’s other successful projects include Puerto Rico’s first commercial bank in 30 years, two corporate headquarters, a major hotel and tourism investment, and the Island’s first A rated re-insurer. Recent accomplishments include the processing of high net-worth individuals under Acts 20 and 22, the very same incentives he helped develop in 2012 under Governor Luis Fortuno’s administration. In recognition for his work on behalf of Puerto Rico’s economic development, Raul was named by the World Economic Forum as a founding Global Shaper for the San Juan Hub, and was recently invited as the first Puerto Rican to participate in the WEF’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland to speak on the role of cities as centers for economic development, and to take part in the Prime Minister of Australia’s G-20 2014 Presidency platform team.   <strong>Roberto Corretjer, Esq.</strong> <strong>Legal Counsel and dApp Developer Legal Outreach Team</strong>   Corporate attorney, businessman, and social entrepreneur, Roberto brings his extensive corporate and real-estate experience to Omnia Economic Solutions’ services. In tune with Puerto Rico’s investment trends, Roberto has served as a leading corporate and real-estate attorney in Puerto Rico – negotiating real-estate settlements for some of the largest construction companies and real-estate developers in the region. He has also represented developers and investors in the acquisition and disposition of commercial and residential real-estate assets, including equity, leasehold, and debt. Roberto’s unique access to investment opportunities in Latin America provides our clients with some of the necessary access and insight to make a sound venture. Roberto holds a Masters Degree from Northwestern University and is licensed in Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.   <strong>William Torres Torres, C.P.A.</strong> <strong>Financial Management and dApp Developer Outreach Team</strong>   CPA William Torres Torres has been a well-respected CPA in Puerto Rico for over 35 years, Partner at Torres CPA Group, TCG.,  William is active in the explosive blockchain growth in Puerto Rico, having been an active participant and sponsor or the recent #BlockchainUnbound #RestartWeek conferences in Puerto Rico in March 2018.  William will maintain transparency in all things about the activities of EOS the World, LLC; he will also assist in providing subsidized accounting, payroll and tax compliance services to promising EOS dApp developers.   <strong>Scott Daniel</strong> <strong>Director of Community Outreach</strong>   Scott, a native of Australian, currently residing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is a successful serial entrepreneur who currently hosts the fabulously successful Facebook group "Crypto Investing" with over 135,000 followers, and the rapidly growing blockchain investment analysis subscription service, which has had a remarkable tract record of analyzing and predicting trends in the rapidly evolving cryptosphere.   (Temporary EOS the World logo courtesy of Steve Floyd. Thank you, Steve!)

Active EOS

Bringing cloud-native technologies to the EOS ecosystem
  • Los Angeles
  • We're an independent Los Angeles, California company dedicated to running EOS block producers and building out the EOS open-source landscape. Our team is composed of engineers with years of cloud infrastructure and distributed systems experience. We aim to harness that to bring enterprise-grade reliability to the EOS project. <strong>Block producers</strong> We will initially run block producers in both Amazon and Google clouds, with planned support for more. Our initial buildout will feature technology that enables block producer failover between different clouds. This ensures that cloud computing providers are never single points of failure. The system will build upon the state of the art in cloud infrastructure, using technologies such as Kubernetes and Etcd. <strong>Open-source</strong> Our mission is to advance the EOS open-source ecosystem, and we plan on open-sourcing all of our projects, starting with our block producer failover system. Using our technology, the EOS network will be able to run with unmatched reliability. <strong>Sponsorships</strong> We will sponsor developers to develop tools for EOS using the block reward revenue. These sponsorships will initially be towards developers working on open-source Active EOS projects. However, we will eventually extend this to developers working on the EOS ecosystem at-large. We plan on having an open application process for finding developers in need of sponsorship. <strong>Meetups</strong> We run the Meetup group <a href="">LA Decentralized Web</a>, which gathers developers to discuss technical aspects of decentralized technologies. We plan on sponsoring EOS and decentralized web-themed events through it. <strong>Blog post</strong> More information about our candidacy can be found on our Steemit post <a href="">here</a>. – Dominican Republic

Awareness with technical and moral superiority for LATAM
  • Av. Lope de Vega
  • <strong> Dominican Republic - Block Producer Candidate</strong> Dominican Republic / Control Virtual, S.R.L (legal entity registered in 2004 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) Twitter: @EOSDR     SteemIt: @EOSDR Dominican Republic is well known for its great tourist attractions, beaches, music, baseball celebrities and the unique warmth and hospitality of its people. It is also a developing country with the second highest economic growth in the American continent, with an average of 5% yearly growth for the past 10 years. is a small group of professionals with an altruistic mentality, who follow strict guidelines of integrity. We believe the only way to make EOS Project succeed is to be benevolent, transparent and reliable when it comes to supporting the EOS Community, network resiliency and developer encouragement. Please visit our site <a href=""></a> to meet our team. <strong>BELIEF SYSTEM</strong> • Block Producers should be TRUSTED CUSTODIANS and executors of the EOS Constitution. • Block Producers should never pay for votes, no exceptions! <a href=""></a> has clearly posted this    on home page. • Business model, team members and any affiliated entities should be disclosed to the                   community. • Block Producers should never participate in Arbitration, only execute arbitrator decisions. • Mistakes done or doubts about what actions to take given any situation should be                       communicated to EOS Community, regardless of impact to Block Producer standing. • Block Producers should be responsible to learn and share the legal repercussions of operating BP nodes in its legal geographical jurisdiction (if any). <strong>BUSINESS MODEL</strong> Transparent business models: shouldn't every business and government operate like this? 🙂 Other BP Candidates have commented, and we agree: "It is important for Block Producers to have transparent business models but also have a revenue and cost base to be able to support the EOS community for the long term." (from @EOSDublin) Net Income (Revenue – Direct Costs) will be allocated as follows. 60% - Retained Capital (Infrastructure, research / Capacity Scalability) 25% - EOS Development Fund (or similar for helping out startups and promising EOS development projects) 15% - Community Expansion and support We reserve the right to partner up with other BP's and, if they agree, use other BP's as proxies for any reward distribution as stated above, such as funding development projects or sharing in costs of organizing EOS Community events. We reserve the right to accept any donations sent directly to address link in home page. Such donations will be disclosed to community on a yearly or quarterly basis as well as allocation its per above. We reserve the right to alter percentages of allocation at any time since there are still many unknowns about the appropriate infrastructure required to run BP nodes or any sudden expansion requirements. <strong>INFRASTRUCTURE</strong> Our primary objective is to guarantee a reliable and resilient network infrastructure, capable of expanding seamlessly with user requirements. We will offer public tools for the community to monitor performance and throughput. We will eventually host our primary infrastructure in the NAP of the Americas datacenter in Miami, FL. Please refer to Technical Proposal section of <a href=""></a> website for more details. SHARE We look forward to sharing our knowledge, opinions and experiences with EVERY citizen of the World. We believe strongly in sharing best practices to reach goals faster and more efficiently. Please feel free to reach out to give us your feedback, critiques, jokes, anything... Website: <a href=""></a> Twitter: <a href=""></a> SteemIt: <a href=""></a> (What we share as our experiences is not financial or technical advice.)

EOS Sweden

Strives for Decentralized Community-Owned EOS Block Producers. Best Blockchain Security.
  • Stockholm
  • <strong>WELCOME TO EOS SWEDEN</strong> We are a group of EOS.IO Blockchain Enthusiasts. We supports & strives for Decentralized Community-Owned EOS Block Producers. We are confident that EOS.IO has the potential to fundamentally change global economy and  social systems. It has the potential to empower it's communities, it's user base, as well as involved stakeholders. We are deeply committed to contribute towards the growth of the EOS.IO ecosystem.   EOS Sweden is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It is founded by a team of energetic, optimistic, tech entrepreneurs who are well recognized and have decades of experience in Information Security, Privacy, Governance, Legal, Compliance and Risks Management. EOS Sweden emphasis on fundamental and sound principles of Information Security in all aspects (ISO 27001/2, 27017, 27018, CSA CCM, etc.); including but not limited to: <ul> <li>People (Awareness, Culture, Ethics)</li> <li>Processes (including Governance, Audit & Fraud Detection, Data Breach Notification process)</li> <li>Technology (including Vulnerability Scanning, OWASP, Pen Testing, Fraud Detection, Forensics, Auditing)</li> <li>Environment</li> <li>Legislation (including Compliance, EU GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield, China Cyber Security Legislation)</li> <li>Geo-Politics, Organization, etc.</li> </ul>   EOS Sweden has a vision to become a well recognized productive player in the field. We aim to become a hub for Companies, Entrepreneurs, Governments, Public Safety & National Security Organizations, Developers, and Global Communities. EOS Sweden would like to build sound infrastructure and beneficial decentralized applications on top of EOS.IO.   We believe that everyone can contribute and benefit from EOS.IO. Let's we all work <strong>together</strong> for the <strong>greater good </strong>and <strong>well-being</strong> of all <strong>global </strong>and <strong>local societies</strong>.   <strong>WHY WORK WITH EOS SWEDEN AND VOTE FOR US?</strong> We welcome anyone who is EOS.IO Blockchain Enthusiast and is willing to positively contribute for the greater good within EOS blockchain ecosystem. We fully support the EOS blockchain ecosystem constitution that enables the protection of the stakeholders (including, but not limited to: EOS individual token holders) who are part of the valid chain.   As top priority, our role is both to <strong>produce block</strong> and <strong>secure</strong> the EOS blockchain ecosystem. We will play an integral role for the <strong>awareness</strong>, <strong>education</strong> and future <strong>growth</strong> of EOS echosystem.   <ul> <li><strong>Bribes and Buying Votes</strong>: We have strong policy "against" bribes and paying money to buy votes. We do "not" accept any sum of money or other inducement offered or given to bribe someone.</li> </ul>   <ul> <li><strong>Giving Back:</strong> We will give back to the community by Education, Awareness Activities and Meaningful Innovation. We will use part of surplus revenue to support and develop innovative DApps to help global and local communities. As we grow with time, depending on circumstances, we will also focus on developing innovative "surplus revenue sharing models" within the applicable legal and ethical boundaries.</li> </ul>   <strong>EOS SWEDEN CORE VALUES</strong> <em>"It is necessary that people work together in unison toward common objectives and avoid working at cross purposes at all levels if the ultimate in efficiency and achievement is to be obtained."  </em>— Dave Packard   Our Shared Values includes, but not limited to: <ul> <li><strong>Transparency:</strong> Our culture is "Default to Transparency". We will be completely open and transparent. Our issues (positives and negatives) will be put out there for the community and world to see.</li> </ul>   <ul> <li><strong>Trust and Respect for Individuals:</strong> We work together to create a culture of inclusion; which is built on trust, respect and dignity for all.</li> </ul>   <ul> <li><strong>Achievement and Contribution:</strong> We strive for excellence in all what we do. Each one of your's & our's contribution is critical to EOS success.</li> </ul>   <ul> <li><strong>Education and Meaningful Innovation:</strong> Education (Awareness & Training) is the key for EOS echosystem to succeed and to play a major role in global economy. We will also support useful and significant initiatives in this industry.</li> </ul>   <ul> <li><strong>Speed and Agility:</strong> We are resourceful and adaptable. We will achieve results faster than our competitors.</li> </ul>   <ul> <li><strong>Uncompromising Integrity:</strong> We are open, honest and direct in our dealings.</li> </ul>   <ul> <li><strong>Global Citizenship:</strong> We understand our responsibility to global society by being an intellectual, social, and economic asset to each country and local community independent from any discrimination.</li> </ul>  

EOS New York

Always adding value. Everything a block away.
  • New York
  • We are EOS New York, a leading block producer in North America. We are a self-funded team of seasoned professionals entirely separate from all outside interests. Our single goal is to ensure the success of the EOS network. In order to guarantee the success of the EOS network on a global scale EOS New York ensures that all our activities fall into at least one of the following categories: <ul> <li>Community's benefit or organization.</li> <li>Furthering EOS education and adoption across the world</li> <li>Cultivating EOS based technology.</li> </ul> Block Rewards are a precious resource that is meant to secure the EOS network. As an elected Block Producer, it is EOS New York's responsibility to efficiently and effectively allocate all block rewards. We prioritize their use as follows: <ul> <li>Producing Blocks = Network infrastructure and Technical Operations</li> <li>dApp Support = Development, Incubation, and Funding. Community Engagement & Growth</li> <li>Understanding the EOS Blockchain = Research & Tools</li> </ul> Please join our Meetup group <a href="">here</a> to be notified when we host events, guest speakers, hackathons, and more. All operations of EOS New York are transparent and available for the Community's review. Please check out our EOS documentation initiative, <a href=""></a>, to learn more about the EOSIO software. In the gallery of images please find our roadmap to 2019, our framework for the prioritization of block rewards, and our values as a Block Producer. We believe that our model will ensure we are always increasing the value of the network and the EOS token. Join us on our journey where everything is only a block away.


DutchEOS, your reliable, helpful and independent EOS block producer
  • Amsterdam
  • DutchEOs is looking forward to help build and support a thriving EOS community in Amsterdam and around the globe. We plan to do this as follows: 1. Technology Run best Servers at fast facilities with redundancy EOS – NL’s primary focus is to deliver as much capacity in terms of CPU, Memory and Throughput to the EOS network via an Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-ix) colocation as possible with (i) maximum up-time and (ii) minimal latency. For more details visit our site <a href=""></a> . 2. Team and Organization As a BP, we are aware of our responsibility to the community. Our primary concern is providing a reliable node and generating community growth and engagement. From these primary goals a very simple organizational structure appears. There are 3 main responsibilities; (i) Business development / Strategy, (ii) Community and of course (iii) Tech / Infra. The last component requires 2 persons from the start. 3. Cooperation DutchEOS believes that knowledge should be shared between BP teams so that each BP can support the global and local EOS communities most efficiently. We have already reached out to other BP candidates in the area, awaiting their response. Of course, we are open to get in touch with anyone who feels they could contribute to EOS or DutchEOS, in any way, shape or form. 4. Benevolence DutchEOS will provide full transparency on the revenues and costs of their operations. DutchEOS priorities in terms of revenue allocation are first of all to make sure it can (i) fund the most efficient and effective servers, facilities and the required redundancy thereof and (ii) fund a base level of hands-on support for the local EOS community to develop Dapps (trainings, expert advice and events). Excess revenue will be invested in the development of Dapps through a dedicated EOS VC fund. 5. Diversity DutchEOS strives to represent the Netherlands in the global EOS network and use the 2nd largest internet hub in the world, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, as it’s ISP. DutchEOS will be based in Amsterdam, a city known for its diversity and the start-up friendly environment. 6. Political opinions DutchEOS fully supports the EOS vision whereby Block Producers exist primarily  to benefit the EOS community as a whole. DutchEOS is curious whether BP incentives are currently structured in such a way that this behaviour is the most likely outcome for all BPs. DutchEOS looks forward to this and other crucial discussions within the community and the other BP’s as the EOS ecosystem matures in the coming years. However – we will always look out for the interest of the EOS community. As a BP, DutchEOS feels it should provide a knowledge platform and give space to debate by organizing meet-ups and conferences. The final decision should always lie with the community.


Supporting EOSIO from Southern California
  • Southern California
  • <strong>What we're all about.</strong> EOSoCal is a group founded in Nov 2017 with a mission of supporting and promoting the successful launch and viability of the EOS.IO software and community, operating out of Southern California. ​Our goal is to contribute to the overall success of the EOS.IO decentralized ecosystem from this area of the world, helping masses preserve life, liberty and property for a better world. <strong>We aim to achieve our goal by contributing in the following ways:</strong> <ul> <li>We are block producer candidates ready to contribute reliable and scalable block production to the EOS blockchain, as well contributing back block rewards into the community.</li> <li>We are allocating development resources , including support, funding, design and programming to projects that align with the EOS.IO philosophy for a better world.</li> <li>We help educate the community, from beginners to advanced users, on using EOS.IO open source software by providing educational content and planned workshops.</li> <li>We are advocates of the EOS.IO platform, helping others discover and adopt by spreading the word, supporting communities and distributing content.</li> <li>We are developers of decentralized applications with a soon-to-be-released project we hope will change a billion lives, as described by Brock Pierce with an "air drop" of tokens to EOS token holders. No ICO.</li> </ul> <strong>Our unique value proposition to block production:</strong> <ul> <li>Our facility is open for audits and site visits.</li> <li>We are a self funded organization that does not need to funnel rewards to investors.</li> <li>We provide independent contribution to aid in decentralization.</li> <li>We aim to be fully transparent with block producer rewards and accountability.</li> </ul> For more information, visit <a href=""></a>

EOS Land

Tokenized Community
  • Vancouver
  • We, EOS Land (<a href=""></a>), is excited to announce our candidacy for EOS Block Producer for EOS.IO main net. EOS Land is a tokenized community, for everyone who believes that a better world is includes the blockchain and a decentralized ecosystem. Our headquarters is in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada, a city inspired by blockchain applications, such as Kittycat. We are supported by Professors in the IT academia of Canadian major universities in addition to endorsements by local DevOps specialists. EOS Land is a registered legitimate company operating under the British Columbia Partnership Act, in Canada. The vision for us at EOS Land is to find new opportunities for people in the real world. We believe we are entering into a brand new world with the introduction of Blockchain technology, just like Christopher Columbus changed the world with his discovery. Our mission is to build a better transparent and accountable tokenized blockchain community ecosystem at lower cost, access for all. When in Rome do as Roman. When in blockchain ecosystem do as blockchainian. Our first step is to participant in the election of EOS block producer by applying EOSLand token in every effort made by our members, especially for our volunteers. This is the first time that contribution made by volunteers can be timely quantized and recorded on blockchain same as other contributors in the blockchain ecosystem. EOSLand is a token without par value just as reputation points recorded in the contribution ledger for the first tokenized EOS community members of EOS Land. It is not used for any security or utility token purpose. We planned to freely airdrop EOSLand tokens on the Bitshares blockchain in 3 years to our members based on their contribution made to the EOS community from now on. Total 2.1 billion (100%) EOSLand token will be issued and airdropped as follows: Contribution of Co-founders: 9% Contribution of Volunteers: 6% Contribution of Operators: 8.8% Contribution of Sponsors: 38.1% Contribution of New Members: 38.1%


The ''Dapp Developing'' EOS Block Producer candidate
  • Amsterdam
  • Hi everyone! We are EOSVibes – The ''Dapp Developing'' EOS Block Producer candidate. We are a diversified team of talented, motivated and creative blockchain enthusiasts who live in a variety of locations across the world. EOSVibes is an Honour and Reputation based organisation. We have created an early draft of our Constitution and made it open source for community input on GitHub. <strong>Our mission is to create continuous value for the EOS community.</strong> EOSVibes pledges to do this by: <ul> <li>Securing the EOS blockchain in an optimal manner, along with</li> <li>Creating and deploying new Dapp’s on top of EOS.IO that have real-world use cases</li> </ul> The first Dapp our team is releasing via a free Airdrop to all EOS Token holders (within 90 days of EOS blockchain launching) is called; <strong>HireVibes Dapp</strong>  <a href=""></a> All future Dapps created by EOSVibes will follow a similar Airdrop model which will give the whole EOS community an opportunity to build a portfolio of EOS powered tokens. EOSVibes will also crowdsource new Dapp ideas from the EOS community giving everyone the chance to propose their dream Dapp to be developed on top of EOS. Check out our Steemit <a href="">introduction post</a> for more information.

EOS NodeOne

BP candidate from Seoul, Korea. For a Positive Sum World for All.
  • 551 Seolleung-ro
  • EOS NodeOne is a block producer candidate based in Seoul, South Korea. The global team is consisted of an engineer with C.S. & biotechnology masters degree in Harvard and Boston, a founding member of Korea's biggest startup incubator with $500m fund, a reknowned blockchain expert and an electrical engineering doctor who hold more than 30+ patents and more.   The vision of EOS NodeOne is to create a healthy upward spiral within EOS community by circulating and amplifying value so that it can compound upon itself indefinitely. To achieve this, EOS NodeOne strives to serve as a catalyzer by;   <ul> <li>providing secure and reliable infrastructure,</li> <li>Investing and incubating EOS Dapp projects,</li> <li>fostering a healthy community on and offline,</li> <li>and keeping independence from undue external influence.</li> </ul>   For the Mainnet, EOS NodeOne is preparing a bare-metal server with the follow corresponded configuration:   <ul> <li>Memory : 768GB</li> <li>CPU : 2x3.4GHz 6128 6-Core 12 Thread Processor</li> <li>Storage : 2x480GB STA SSD Intel S4600</li> </ul> <em>* Adjustments in specification might be applied upon Mainnet launch. </em>     <strong>Security, load balancing, and backup</strong>: EOSNodeOne’s deployment architecture has been designed with high availability, scalability, and state of the art security considerations as key motivators. <strong>Inter Block Producer connectivity</strong>: Our Block producer to block producer infrastructure supports a mesh VPN/whitelisted set of IP addresses to ensure that only qualified BPs can connect with each other on the established p2p ports. Traffic on all other ports and from other IP addresses is dropped by upstream hardware based routing rules. Public Internet connectivity, <strong>DDoS protection and load balancing</strong>: We have implemented significant safeguards to protect access to our keosd daemon (public endpoint for wallets/transactions etc.). <strong>DDoS</strong>: We have a Cloudflare based subscription to protect our public endpoint against UDP and ICMP protocols, SYN/ACK, DNS and NTP amplification and Layer 7 attacks. Cloudflare has demonstrated experience in flighting large scale DDoS attacks e.g. a 300Gbps DDoS attack in March 2013, and a record-breaking 400Gbps attack in February 2014, etc. Our subscription and testing shows that a local Seoul based node on their infrastructure will provide the required protection for our node without adding unacceptable latencies to network traffic. <strong>Validating transactions:</strong> We are currently exploring the feasibility and performance implications of adding a Nginx/Apache layer to validate EOS transaction syntax arriving via REST Api calls (to prevent rouge players from flooding improperly formatted transactions) on to our node. <strong>Load balancing</strong>: Our architecture provides for application level (layer 7, http/https) load balancer and a network layer (layer 4, TCP traffic) load balancing to provide ultra high performance as transaction volumes increase on our node. <strong>Failover support</strong>: EOS NodeOne will invite the 121 BP community members to create a failover node collaboration agreement with us so that in the event of a catastrophic failure of data center or sub-sea fiber links, etc. our node will immediately migrate to a partners’s data center hardware and remain operational. We will similarly act as a catastrophic backup for other BP community members. <strong>Monitoring</strong>: We are deploying a sophisticated array of monitoring tools (monit, upstart, and in-house authored shell scripts) to ensure that Nodeos and Keosd are consistently operational and downtime is restricted to milli-seconds when any unexpected event (including crashes) occur. In blockchain world, the community is everything.   EOS NodeOne’s motto is ‘Positive Sum World for All.’ and its mission is to generate a healthy upward spiral for all in the EOS community. To achieve this, it is crucial to nurture the right kind of culture to prevent a situation where zero-sum game prevails. It can be done by fostering a culture of giving, where members of our community are constantly “paying it forward”. Instead, they will have bought into the goal of creating relationships with social capital and trusting that they’ll benefit from the community in often unforeseen ways.   <ul> <li>We’ll develop a community of EOS dapp token economists, investors and developers in collaboration with various local partners.</li> <li>We’ll hold annual Block Producers Summit where 21 BPs can gather and discuss about how EOS community should evolve.</li> <li>We'll create online EOS content for education, dapp development and community governance to foster a deeper understanding on EOS for those who are not very familiar with how EOS works.</li> </ul> <em>* In the order of the priority. Any budget expenditure in investing & incubating will come only after we are 100% confident with infrastructure stability and reliability.</em>


Decentralizing EOS through Bare Metal
  • Iceland
  • EOSMetal is founded on the premise of being as decentralized and independent as is possible while still providing a robust infrastructure.  We accomplish this through a 'bare metal' physical server design, further decentralized by locating our infrastructure across multiple geopolitical borders.  We have targeted data centers in geographical areas currently underserved by EOS BP's and neutral to cryptocurrencies. We are entirely self-funded and will never take any money from a DAPP, token sale, or exchange.  We have also pledged to never buy votes through dividends or any other method that would compromise our being an unbiased block producer.  We are all EOS investors first, block producers second, we respect the needs of this role as it directly impacts us as investors and supporters of the EOS project. Our infrastructure at mainnet launch will consist of three servers protected with redundant firewalls and DDOS protection services using geographically distributed at the time of launch.  Two physical servers located in Iceland and one server located in Panama used for additional failover and API queries, relaying the BP blocks.  As the network grows and infrastructure demands require, we will expand out server counts while also adding Denmark as an additional datacenter for further geopolitical diversification. <strong>EOSMetal Governing Policies and Roadmap</strong>: <ul> <li>We pledge to follow the EOS constitution in all aspects and judgments.</li> <li>We are 100% self-funded and will never take money from any outside organization, DAPP, exchange or investor.</li> <li>We pledge to never pay out dividends or other financial methods to purchase votes or favor, our operations will maintain complete unbiased neutrality.</li> <li>We pledge to maintain a funding account from our reimbursements ensuring 12 months of uninterrupted operations at any time.</li> <li>We pledge to allow all facilities and operations to be accessible to auditors.</li> <li>We will maintain a quarterly operations report outlining our infrastructure status, any infrastructure updates, current EOS utilization of our network resources, to be published on Steemit and our website at</li> <li>We pledge to serve all nationalities, publishing content and updates in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and English.</li> </ul> We thank you for considering us as a block producer and look forward to serving you on the launch of mainnet on June 3rd. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions about our candidacy. -EOSMetal

EOS Tax Relief

Helping individuals and businesses pay taxes originating from EOS.
  • Ashburn
  • We are an EOS Block Producer Candidate that will help coin holders by subsidizing tax payments from EOS.   EOS Block Producers may generate a significant amount of revenue.  We will use the majority of our funds to bring something unique to the EOS community that we hope will make EOS more valuable and attractive to investors.  We want to help individuals and businesses pay taxes originating from EOS.   In order to achieve our goals, we will first use the funds to pay for the costs of being an effective and reliable block producer. Seventy-five percent (75%) of the remaining funds will be allocated for the tax relief initiative.  This is going to be challenging as we will have to hire tax accountants and other employees in many countries to validate the tax subsidy requests.  The tax subsidy payments will NOT be in the form of a cash payment.  Instead, you will receive a dollar value that you can invest in an EOS Decentralized Application (dapp) from a pre-vetted list of companies.  Your investment will provide tokens that we will distribute in your wallet.   We are still formalizing what the reimbursement and investment process will look like. Most likely, we will not be able to pay the full EOS tax bill submitted for reimbursement on our website.  However, we are hoping to subsidize a portion of the request based on the number of tax relief submissions and the funds available for a prorated disbursement.   The other remaining twenty-five percent (25%) will be given to the Launch Team, Advisors, and our Community Supporters.  EOS Tax Relief will be completely transparent and we will publish independent audits conducted by a trusted third party.   In theory, EOS Tax Relief will enable taxpayers to become an EOS Venture Capitalist (VC). You will be able to view live VC styled pitches from the founders of each company and pick the project/s that you would like to invest in. After each pitch, you will be able to ask the entrepreneurs questions like any other VC.  If you miss the live pitch, you can review the videos and the documentation online at your convenience.  To protect investors, we will issue the funds to each company in tranches to ensure the founders hit their milestones on their roadmap.   We believe this model will enable us to return some value to the EOS taxpayer while reinvesting in EOS and growing the overall ecosystem.  As for the entrepreneurs, EOS Tax Relief will provide an additional incentive to building their Dapps on EOS. In addition to the funding, EOS Tax Relief will provide an enormous platform that entrepreneurs can leverage to introduce their project and company to a global community.  This process will be exciting and beneficial for all parties involved.  For those who have always wanted to be a Venture Capitalist, come join us.  Please consider voting for EOS Tax Relief as a block producer so we can turn this concept into reality.     <strong>Join Us</strong>   We are still building our team and we would love to hear from you. If you would like to help us turn this idea into reality, please contact us.  We are looking for:   1. Social Media Coordinators, Marketers, Community Organizers, and Ambassadors who can help us spread the word to the EOS community.   2. Technical members to add to our technical team.   3. Accountants and other tax professionals who can advise us.   If you are interested in joining our team, please send us an email at


Operating in a legal friendly jurisdiction that supports geographical diversification
  • Novosibirsk
  • <strong>1) Vision</strong>   We believe that the features and functionality of the EOSIO technology is so revolutionary that in the near future we may witness disruptions in the traditional business models and social relationships that may affect each of us. We believe that the major driving force for mass adoption will come from business developing industrial scale decentralised applications, and pioneers in this will be startups that are not burdened with the clunky organisational structures and who are able to look into the future with a fresh perspective. But once the transformational process initiated large corporations will find themselves in the position to follow EOSIO revolution and adopt their business models accordingly. Then the changes may become viral.   However, given that the EOSIO technology is based on the DPOS protocol, the networks launched by the community will be associated with the producing nodes and their owners. Thus all these transformational changes may not happen soon unless the community offers reliable and reputable network, which is not burdened with the legacy of the early blockchain projects often associated nowadays with the criminal activity.   Therefore, we believe that the block producing nodes should be located and operated in the jurisdictions that support trust and transparency. The owners of block producing nodes should be transparent and comply with the local legislation, the community ethical standards and adopted EOSIO constitution. Also, in order to minimise potential risks and make the EOSIO network stable and reliable producing nodes must be distributed across different jurisdictions.   <strong>2) Values</strong>   <strong>We pledge to never pay for the approval votes.</strong> <strong>Also we believe that paying dividends to the EOS tokenholders is not healthy for the the EOSIO ecosystem.</strong> <strong>Instead we believe that the community (including block producers) should balance their interests with the inflation rate mechanism incorporated into the EOSIO software.</strong>   Our inflation rewards will be reinvested into the network performance (node security, redundancy, processing capacity and additional geographic diversification) as well as into initiatives that benefit to the whole community (investments into DAPPs development and education).   We believe that inflation rewards for the block producers should be at the levels enough to support node scaling plans and support initiatives that benefit to the whole community. At the same time block producer's revenue for personal use should not be higher than IRR for typical venture capital investments (20-30% per annum on investments). <strong>Therefore we pledge to publicly disclose our rewards and investments once a quarter</strong>.   <strong>We pledge to always comply with the local legislation, high ethical standards and adopted EOSIO constitution</strong>. We will stop our operations if local legislation become restrictive or the community ethical standards become contradictory to the local legislation. In this case we will inform the community in advance.   <strong>We pledge to never collude with the other block producers</strong> or put our interest above the interests of the community.   <strong>We pledge to run only one node per network.</strong>   <strong>3) the Team</strong>   Ivan - the founder and CTO of a large data center. Ivan has broad experience in rolling out industrial scale IT infrastructure solutions. Tech specialist with deep expertise in telecommunication and server-based solutions.   Kirill - a serial entrepreneur, who successfully built nationwide businesses and who is able to provide all necessary resources (legal support, human resources and etc.) for node scaling. Kirill is a professional investor with the rare skills to build large projects from the scratch. Kirill has international work experience and is ACCA charterholder.   Maxim - an investment banker with 15+ years of international experience. Maxim has broad experience in capital raise for IT companies in Russia. Maxim is qualified for operation with cryptocurrencies in accordance with the currently adopting legislation in Russia.   <strong>4) Hardware at mainnet launch and approach to scalability</strong>   We understand importance of BP roles for the EOSIO community and take them seriously. We already tested our node in the public environment and monitored throughput (<strong>our node has been operating in the public community testnet since early February 2018</strong>), therefore we are pretty confident that at mainnet launch date our robust and only ‘bare metal’ IT infrastructure will meet performance requirements. <strong>At EOSIO mainnet launch </strong>our infrastructure will consist of<strong> two EOSIO servers (Xenon 3GHz 24 cores, RAM 192Gb) </strong>and<strong> three Data Storage servers (Xenon 2.2GHz 16 cores, Cashe: 1Gb OSD journal NVMe 256Gb, 48 Tb DataStore) </strong>protected with the redundant DDOS protection services.   Cluster architecture to the node designed and distributed approach to IT infrastructure allow to us dedicate sufficient processing resources with the high resilience level at mainet launch date as well as to facilitate dynamic and rapid scaling in the environment of the ever-growing processing requirements. We are fully funded to meet the most immediate scalability plans after the the EOSIO mainnet launch.

eosSweden is Sw/Eden

Together Let's Build the World of EOS
  • Centralplan 13
  • EOS Sweden is <strong>SW/EDEN</strong> <strong>WHO WE ARE</strong> <strong>Eric Björk | Co-Founder | CTO</strong> <em>What you are about to read, was not written by Eric. It was written by his team (and we're pretty passionate about his character). He would never say this stuff about himself -- it goes against his nature. S.A.</em>   Eric is a technical wizard who found himself dissatisfied with the status quo of how technology businesses operate in the world today. Everywhere Eric looked he saw an esurient attitude and a good deal of disinformation. Eric became motivated and decided the best way to fight the disinformation is by helping people become more informed. Eric was one of the first developers involved in the EOS community, launching the first Testnet on the platform. As Eric spent more and more time on the testnets, he realized he could play a vital role as a BP for the EOS ecosystem. Northern Europe would need at least one BP and Eric knew, that with his experience he could serve in that role. He also knew he would need help. Everyone who knows Eric recognizes that he doesn’t like to promote himself and yet over and over he is recognized by his peers for his selfless dedication to the EOS ecosystem. As a BP candidate, Eric and his team embody a tenacious drive and passion that is alive in Eric’s work ethic. With Eric in a BP position the EOS community will have an individual and a team that they can count on to build blocks consistently and educate the people within the ecosystem compassionately.   <strong>Vahid Toosi | Co-Founder | CEO</strong> Vahid is serial entrepreneur with a passion for doing things different. Vahid doesn't get stuck in outdated traditions and backward thinking. His past projects were exciting and profitable. At the same time Vahid isn't about money. His passion is to make the world a better place for everyone. Eric and Vahid connected through the growing EOS community in Sweden. Eric knew right away that Vahid would be an invaluable member of the team and brought him on to serve in the role of CEO.   <strong>Sean Anderson | Community</strong> Sean was introduced to Eric through their mutual friend and one of the most influential voices in the EOS ecosystem, Katie Roman. Sean's diverse experience as a Marketer, Designer and filmmaker were evident right away to Eric in their first conversation. However, Sean's idealism and passion to help people accomplish the impossible was what motivated Eric to ask Sean to join the sw/eden team. Sean is working on a documentary film about people who do the impossible.   <strong>WHY VOTE FOR SW/EDEN</strong> As Block Producers our first job is to make Blocks. At the same time, those blocks are not just slapped down willy-nilly on any old blockchain. They are produced on the EOS blockchain. The ecosystem of the EOS chain is governed by a constitution that is meant to protect the individuals who are a part of that chain. As BPs one of our roles is also to safeguard the integrity of that constitution and therefore the people in the EOS community.   One of the driving forces for sw/eden is to help people learn how they can use their gifts and abilities to contribute to the community. That driving force is built on the foundation of our core values - - <strong>Transparency, Honesty, Generosity and Education.</strong>   If we can step-up and look for ways to make the world a better place, we can make a positive change for future generations to come. At <strong>sw/eden</strong> we want be a part of those who are leading the charge. That charge will happen at a grassroots level on multiple fronts. As people invest their best, change will happen. Maybe we're naive - but there are so many opportunities all around us - all the time - to help others. With EOS, those opportunities are even more attainable. <strong>VALUES:</strong> <strong>Transparency</strong> <em>“Blockchain is really exciting technology because it's actually providing both transparency but also agility in a contractual relationship that any organization should have.​"</em> Jean-Philippe Courtois As behemoth organizations like Facebook have started to feel the fading of public trust (because of their MANY public missteps) and as we give our electronic devices a deeper dive into our daily lives, it is evident that transparency will need to scale with the changing times. The EOS blockchain, is where that is happening and sw/eden​ has a deep passion to see that happen.   <strong>Honesty</strong> <em>“No legacy is so rich as honesty."</em> William Shakespeare We think being honest to a fault is pretty damn awesome. In the old world of business and economics this probably would have been considered both good and bad, but in the new world of blockchains we see it as a HUGE asset.  Clarity and truth allows everyone the opportunity to grow.   <strong>Generosity</strong> <em>“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love."</em> Lao Tzu Giving back is really important to us. It’s not a Swedish thing or a Nordic thing, it's a human thing that everyone has the opportunity to be a part of. We don’t live in a vacuum and there are so many tremendous ways to help others especially with Blockchain technology and being a Block producer opens many doors.   <strong>Education</strong> <em>"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."</em> Nelson Mandela This is important to us because we believe that educating the community - even our potential competition is good for the EOS ecosystem. The more people know, the stronger our community will become.   <strong>We Want to Make People Smarter...</strong> Education is vital. The ecosystem of EOS will thrive in an environment where we all grow together. For us that means sharing our knowledge in order to make sure any BPs and backup BPs that are new or unsure, have a clear understanding of what they need to contribute to the ecosystem both technically and from a community development standpoint. For <strong>sw/eden</strong>, having the right equipment in our server parks isn’t enough, we have to be willing to pass on what we know.     Below is a list of educational pieces that <strong>sw/eden</strong>​ will be developing and implementing in the coming months. <ul> <li>Best practices for infrastructure setup and configuration. (Video series)</li> <li>Performance Testnet (Joint Project): Work in cooperation with other BPs in the community to run the Performance Testnet. It will allow the standby producers to validate and show that their hardware is “production ready”, so that EOS Community is guaranteed that any new BP can handle the load required</li> <li>Physical Server Locations: Best Practices (Video Series)</li> <li>Launching a dApp as a Business (Video Series)</li> <li>Setting up Server Surveillance System (Video series for BPs)</li> <li>Communicating about EOS & Blockchain Tech to Your Average Person (And Why that’s Important)</li> </ul> <strong>MONEY & VOTES...</strong> Paying for votes is off the table. It does not fit with our values or nature of the EOS blockchain. We believe it is crucial that we avoid any semblance of vote buying.   <em><strong>Giving Back:</strong> </em>When we say giving back, we are talking about knowledge and ALSO the lion share of the surplus revenue we receive as block producers. Those funds will be used to develop dApps that benefit mankind and the community as a whole.   A big part of our long-term plan is to help would-be-geniuses with great dApp ideas turn them into reality by providing both funding and coaching.   Every week we are contacted by more and more developers looking for coaching and guidance with their wonderful ideas. <ul> <li>Post launch, we will put together a form on our website where people can submit their ideas and begin a correspondence with our team.</li> <li>Each year we will select certain developers from that group and help them develop their ideas. We will be looking at developing dApps that have the potential to have a positive impact on the world.</li> </ul> Many of us still measure success by looking at our financial status or how much wealth someone has accumulated. If we can begin to tweak this mindset and redefine the meaning behind the word "success" to incorporate another set of values like generosity, openness and altruism, then success will look entirely different... and so will the rest of the world.   These last thoughts are from a lecture by Graham Hancock The ancient Egyptians weren't all stuffy and moralistic.They understood that human beings are frail. Our frailty is part of our learning experience at this level of existence. There is a forgiving aspect in ancient Egypt in regard to the moral behaviors of the soul.   It's more like one would regard their life as a work of art. A sculpture that you are working on for decades and decades, slowly, slowly etching it out. Here and there you make mistakes, even hideous mistakes. The project still continues, you work around the mistakes. Chipping away at it until you smooth them out. When it’s done, you have a beautiful, beautiful work of art. And that's what you should be able to do. At the end of your life to be able to look back and say, "I did wrong. I made mistakes. But on balance I did good. I settled my account with the universe."

EOS Costa Rica

The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications in Central America
  • San José
  • <strong>Mission</strong> We challenge ourselves to provide the EOS platform with a strong geographical and political diversity by running the most robust EOS Block Producer possible from Costa Rica. We pledge to leverage our talent, experience, and sustainable internet resources to meet such an important challenge. <strong> Our stable political environment, geographical location, and access to clean energy, are Costa Rica's unique contributions to the EOS network.</strong>   EOS Costa Rica is an initiative of Sistemas Edenia Internacional S.A. (EDENIA), a Costa Rican IT company founded in 1987 as the country’s first <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">BBS service</a>.  We have been online since then and have acquired decades of experience managing <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">our own server farm.</a> After studying and investing early in Dan Larimer’s projects BitShares and Steem, we were convinced to serve the EOS community by offering our hard work, knowledge and resources from Costa Rica to the world. Learn more about our project  here: <strong><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Candidacy Announcement - Steemit</a></strong> <strong><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Technical Roadmap - PDF </a></strong> <strong><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">EOS Open Source Software Projects - GitHub </a></strong>   <strong>Our Pledge to the EOS Network</strong> <ul> <li>Provide the highest-standard network infrastructure possible to the  ecosystem.</li> <li>Be self-funded and secure the investment needed to ensure a competitive EOS Block Producer.</li> <li>Allocate block rewards to EOS educational and development initiatives.</li> <li>Sponsor projects and dApps for community-led projects and developers.</li> <li>Be transparent and open on the allocation of block rewards.</li> <li>Actively participate in the governance of the blockchain with an open and positive attitude.</li> <li>Respect and defend the constitution, fair elections, community vigilance and arbitration mechanisms</li> </ul> <strong> Community Reinvestment </strong> Costa Rica is committed to investing where it matters most with a public education policy that is free and mandatory since 1870. Costa Rica stands out for its high educational standards and outstanding productivity levels and we intend to replicate those values for the local EOS community. We have reached out to the communities in Panama and Guatemala in order to combine efforts and build the most significant EOS cluster in Central America.   We pledge to reinvest our block rewards following the same formula that has made our country a ideal business environment -- invest in a educational system for EOS developers, fund EOS startups that focus on innovation and partner with local Universities to increase research and development in the EOS ecosystem.   <strong>Expansion Plan</strong> We will install redundant redundant infrastructure in a secondary location, Guatuso Data Center, El Guarco de Cartago, Costa Rica, 20km from the primary datacenter. We will subsequently begin to install a third clustered node within Costa Rica in order to provide not just redundancy but extra geographical diversification for the EOS ecosystem. Both data center will be interconnected through a Internet Exchange Point (IEP) CRIX   <strong><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Check out Our Team</a> </strong>

EOS.STORE block producer

Focusing on the practical use of commercial DApp.
  • 中国北京市朝阳区望京利泽西街8号-2 邮政编码: 100096
  • EosStore team, comprised of firm EOS believers and enthusiasts of block chain technology, is committed to building  a decentralized community featuring self-ownership, openness, equality and mutual-trust with EOS holders. Meanwhile, as a candidate for block producer, EosStore is expected to become its guardian and the builder for a prosperous EOS ecosystem, dedicated to  building an open, diverse and balanced application ecosystem.   At present, we have set up EOS researching community globally to provide communication platform and technical support by sharing EOS-related information and hold EOS-related activities regularly. Meanwhile, we have built a content distribution platform for EOS DApp based on EOS ecosystem. On one hand, it could help EOS developers present and distribute their DApps; on the other hand, it could also provide better choices for investors and download access for users. Besides, the first incubation fund world-wide focusing on DApp development based on EOS ecosystem has been established, which is also the first fund that investors and developers make investment decision together globally. The fund has 8-digit EOS(approximate to 2 billion RMB now). The management team of the fund is comprised of technical elites form Silicon Valley, people holding EOS over 1 year and BM’s early supporters. We will show one of our wallet addresses containing 9,990,000 EOS at offline activity later for your reference.


Build mutual trust world on EOS!
  • Singapore
  • We are dedicated to bringing EOS to the masses. The best way to achieve widespread adoption is through useful, fun, and well-designed products that showcase the best of the EOS platform. And also build and share our tools with the EOS developer community.   <strong>DApp Projects</strong>   #EOS Mutual Aid World EOS Mutual Aid World combines the traditional mutual insurance model with blockchain and smart contract which provide a low operation cost and guarantee of compensation for risks. It creates a trusted network based upon our social web, and receive financial support from our friends using the accountability tokens and smart contract that EOS provide. More Information: <a href=""></a>   #MDS Wallet MDS Wallet is an EOS Cross-Chain Wallet which Support ETH (ERC20), NEO (NEP-5) & EOS tokens. It support all functions in EOS with great UX. It also leverage biological recognition tech to protect your tokens. Download: <a href=""></a>   #EOS MediShares Testnet EOS MediShares Testnet is an open EOS test network that allow anyone to join as a Block Producer. It aims to provide a good online development and testing environment to all EOS developer. Github: <a href=""></a>   <strong>Our Advantages</strong> Professional Professional block producers and blockchain development team, gathered elites of underlying technology development of EOS blockchain. Golbal Community We are keeping expanding our mutual aid communities in the crypto world all over the world. Independent We adhering to the independent values as a Block Producers and showcase the best of the EOS platform.   You can support us in the following ways 1. Store your EOS in the MDS Wallet (<a href=""></a>) 2. Choose to vote for the EOS.MediShares


ONO - in a good way
  • Beijing
  • <strong>We are ONO, a free, decentralized social network dApp which protects and respects the variety and diversity of human social interaction and which will soon launch on the EOS platform.</strong> We are already an experienced, fully-functioning, well-organized team of 40+ people in Beijing, China and we believe our core values are aligned very closely with those at the heart of EOS.IO philosophy. Additionally, we believe we will add significant and deep social value both to the people within the EOS.IO ecosystem and to those who are EOS token holders. We understand how to create authentic environments that nurture the social aspect of human beings on a deeper level than what is currently available on the market. We are here to formally announce to all EOS.IO people, token holders and communities that we would like to represent you as a Block Producer and be a responsible custodian of the EOS.IO ecosystem. We are committed to ensuring the steady, long-term and sustainable growth of the EOS platform through meaningful and diverse social engagement, community outreach, education and the cultivation of strong cross-cultural partnerships. To learn about our core community principles, stance on dividends and see a full description of the 8 criteria that we fulfilled according to the EOSGo BP guidelines, please look at this Steemit article: If you would like to take a deep dive into the past accomplishments of our founder and CEO, Ke Xu, please read this Hackernoon article which presents a comprehensive and thorough description of successful business ventures as well as philosophical insights:

EOS 42

Empowering the Community
  • 10 Tudor Street
  • <strong>EOS42 present ourselves to the community for consideration as a Block Producer candidate for London, UK.</strong>   Our primary aim is to serve and protect the EOS network through high performance, reliable network support, investing to enable it to scale, protecting precious EOS token resources and value, and empowering the community to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.  We will do this with honesty, integrity and ethics while maintaining full political and financial independence (we are fully self funded with no outside ownership interests), and providing high team and financial transparency.  Additionally we will pledge a proportion of net profits to blockchain education charitable causes.   EOS42 will invest in the people and resources that needs, help build and support new dApps (such as the <a href="">Chintai token leasing platform</a>), and provide education to a wider audience on the benefits of EOS and decentralization.   Please join us at one of our <a href="">EOS London meetups</a>, when we will be hosting speakers globally, introducing block producers from across Europe and beyond, hackathons, developer meetings and much more!   <strong>We published <a href="">the first Block Producer Code of Conduct</a> in April, which sets out the values and behaviour in addition to the eosio constitution by which we will be held accountable. You can find out more about <a href="">Chintai</a> at the website, for the first big EOS42 community dApp project that we are working on.</strong>


The Portal to EOSIO Ecology
  • Singapore
  • MEET.ONE is a Singapore’s EOS block producer candidate and is dedicated to building the EOS ecological portal. Our team has solid technical strength. The core members are all from top Internet companies and have billions of users of development and operational experience. MEET.ONE actively contributes to EOS ecology. In February, the first WeChat mini program 'EOS TOOLS', was developed to help users complete the mapping, verification results and ensure asset security. The current total user's number of mini-program has reached hundreds of thousands; In March, we participated in the formation of the Scholar Testnet and completed the BIOS BOOT first. In April, Chrome plug-in 'EOS KIT' was developed for users around the world and features such as EOS Global News Highlights, Twitter Account Flip, Dapp and BP List. In May, the MEET.ONE’s app has been tested internally and can perform functions such as EOS asset management, node voting, Dapp entry, and news. In the future, MEET.ONE side chain will be launched as Dapp incubator to provide the EOS development environment. The MEET.ONE community upholds the values of co-construction, contribution, and equality, and currently has more than 100,000 members.   MEET.ONE 是新加坡EOS全球节点竞选团队,致力于构建EOS生态入口。 团队具有坚实的技术实力,核心成员均来自顶级互联网公司,拥有亿级用户开发和运营经验。 MEET.ONE积极为生态做贡献。 2月,开发了首个微信小程序-EOS小助手,帮助用户完成映射并验证结果,保障资产安全。小程序目前的总用户数量已经达到数十万人; 3月,参与组建了Scholar Testnet,并首先完成BIOS BOOT测试; 4月,为全球用户开发了Chrome 插件EOS KIT, 集合了EOS 全球资讯精选、Twitter账户速览、Dapp列表和BP 列表等功能; 5月,APP客户端已在内测,可进行EOS资产管理、节点投票、Dapp入口和资讯速览等功能; 10月,将发起MEET.ONE侧链,提供EOS开发环境,孵化Dapp。 MEET.ONE社区秉持共建、贡献、平等的价值观,目前已经有超过10万成员。


  • Shanghai
  • Adhering the idea of consensus, co-build, sharing and win-win, ONEROOT Project aims to build the infrastructure for blockchain industry, establishing the ecological economy that adapts to the industry. ONEROOT has rich experience in blockchain technology R&D and community operation, as well as extensive resources online and offline. ONEROOT is devoted to providing full, one-stop support for all DAPPs based on EOS platform. <strong>Our Mission</strong> <ul> <li>Community<em> Building</em></li> </ul> Popularize blockchain knowledge, expand EOS ecology, and build high-quality nuclear communities <ul> <li><em>R&D</em></li> </ul> Research and develop decentralized matching mechanism and promote the liquidity and convenience of token exchange based on EOD underlying protocol <ul> <li><em>Appication</em> Incubation</li> </ul> ONEROOT foundation will provide full support for applications based on EOS, assisting the projects’ landing and bringing EOS ecology prosperity with the help of the abundant online and offline resources of Asian Blockchain Lab. <strong>Advantages</strong> <ul> <li>Strong community foundation</li> </ul> ONEROOT brings together a community of more than 20,000 peoplw. The community has a high degree of recognition for the concept of consensus, co-build, sharing and win-win, which has a strong user base that makes up the EOS community. <ul> <li>Experienced technology team</li> </ul> ONEROOT team has extensive experience in blockchain infrastructure R&D, security risk control, business model building, and so on. R1 protocol, the self-developed decentralized transaction smart contract, greatly enhances the convenience of token exchange. What's more, ONEROOT has a graphene-oriented team which can quickly carry out EOS-based application development and provide technical support. <ul> <li>Special fund support</li> </ul> ONEROOT Foundation has established an EOS special fund, which combines the software and hardware facilities of Asian Blockchain Laboratory Park to support the development of all EOS-based applications. <ul> <li>Rich resources in the park</li> </ul> Leaded by the government's industry fund, ONREROOT has set up an Asian Blockchain Laboratory. In addition to the free office space, a large number of entitative industry resources are made available under government support. Therefore, a large number of high-quality blockchain project teams are brought together, and an international-level blockchain industry cooperation mechanism and framework is formed, providing participants a variety of hardware and software resources and promoting the quick landing of EOS-based applications <ul> <li>Advanced operation concept</li> </ul> Consensus, co-build, sharing, and win-win" has always been the fundamental concept of ONEROOT. Except for importing resources, the revenue generated by the operation nodes will all be used to reward the community and promote the healthy development of EOS ecology.


EOS block producer with heavy DPOS experience
  • Adgar Park West
  • <a href=""><strong>Tokenika</strong></a> is a Warsaw based, Eastern European blockchain expert, software house and a think-tank specialising in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Consisting of a strong team of experts from the fields of IT, coding, artificial intelligence, trading, law and regulatory environments, we strive to create a foundation for the most promising blockchain related tech. Our team members have been involved in blockchain and DLT tech since 2012, and have been firm supporters of Dan Larimer’s (the creator of EOS) projects since the introduction of BitSharesX, the first incarnation of <a href="">BitShares</a>. Currently Tokenika’s efforts are exclusively dedicated to successful deployment of <strong><a href=""></a></strong> ecosystem, in our eyes being one of the brightest new stars on the blockchain scene. As a potential block producer, we are acutely aware of the scale and complexity of this task. <strong>Our key strengths as an EOS block producer:</strong> <ul> <li>Our block production infrastructure has been setup and fine-tuned by <a href="">GTG</a> - one of the best performing Steem witness nodes, consistently scoring in the top 3 for the least amount of dropped blocks.</li> <li>We are ready to start EOS block production, offering solid support to the sprouting EOS community and immediately scale it according to needs.</li> <li>Tokenika’s server infrastructure is robust and most importantly, rapidly scalable, largely due to our Steem witness know-how. We are not just hoping this is the case, we know it.</li> <li>We use industry grade Tier-3+ datacenters with fail-over protection and an up-time of around 99.9%.</li> <li>We are already producing blocks for the <a href="">EOS community testnet</a>  under the witness name ROGUE.</li> <li>We lead an active EOS community and have a <a href="">lively following</a> on the Steem platform, where we educate and offer advice on technological and practical subjects regarding</li> </ul> This separates us from many inexperienced witness candidates who are forced to adopt a trial-and-error approach to this task, and might lack the skills or the infrastructure to set up and sustain a stable EOS node. We are also developing several solutions for the EOS ecosystem, such as <a href="">EOSFACTORY</a> (a Python-based smart-contract testing framework, similar to Ethereum's Truffle), <a href="">EOSPROJECTS</a>, a listing of existing EOS tools and extensions, and an EOS block explorer. As far as dApps are concerned we're building an EOS-based digital identity system called <a href="">SYGNET</a>. Also, to facilitate the mass adoption of EOS, we are at advanced talks with a respected MMO game developer interested in using EOS technology, a regulated bullion ownership registry migrating to a blockchain and several other prospects. From time to time we also advice the Polish government’s Ministry of Digitisation on blockchain related matters, and have early insight into Poland’s and EU’s blockchain regulatory landscape.

EOS Dublin

Irish Block Producer ready to serve the global EOS community.
  • Iveagh Court
  • <strong>EOS Dublin is a block producer based in Dublin, Ireland.</strong> The four green dots on our logo represent our core values: Independence, Honesty, Integrity and Education. We are the main hub for EOS in Ireland. We believe that EOS.IO represents a global paradigm shift towards a better digital world. EOS.IO is more than a technological advance, it's about what becomes possible when we merge technology, community and individual commitment. To us EOS block producers are akin to the janitor sweeping the floor at NASA. We play a small part in a world-changing venture. As block producers, we're engineering the foundation for the future. We can't wait to see what the future holds once the foundation is finished. <strong> Our Core Values</strong> 1. Independence EOS Dublin is wholly owned and funded by the founding team. We commit to sustain this model and will never take outside investment should it pose any risk to our operation. We do plan to have an option pool for future team members to participate in, and may accept small investments from friends and family who are also excited by our mission. Our holding company, EOS Blockchain Limited, is a Limited Irish Company and will comply with all legal and statutory obligations. Our audited accounts will be publically available at the company’s office in Ireland each year. 2. Honesty We commit to being honest and transparent with each other and with the wider community, in all our dealings. 3. Integrity “Say what we will do, and then do what we say.” There is always a right way to do things, and we commit to take that path, regardless of how difficult it seems. 4. Education We commit to keep learning and improving each day and to teach what we know both internally and to the wider community. We are seeking opportunities to work with the leading Irish universities to ensure that when they teach Blockchain, they’ll have the resources to make sure EOS is on the curriculum. We also commit to support a number of Testnets post go-live to support innovation and testing. <strong>Stance on Revenue Distribution</strong> Our primary commitment is supporting EOS and to create value for the entire EOS ecosystem. This involves scaling capacity ahead of demand. The EOS blockchain will only be as strong as its weakest link, we all need to ensure that each of our BPs and standbys are production ready. Any excess revenue will be invested back to benefit the global EOS community. We are invested in this project personally. The founding team have committed to vest their own shareholdings for 3 years should we remain as active BPs. When everyone’s incentives are aligned, great things will happen. We have committed to support community projects which we believe in like Chintai and to develop and support App development which will be value creative. The compounding effect of this re-investment will be to create excellent outcomes for all stake-holders. <strong>No pay to play:</strong> We want EOS investors to vote for EOS Dublin based on our merits and the value we add every day. We will never pay for, or indirectly reward, any entity for voting for us. At EOS Dublin Independence means Independence. Our core values dictate our behaviour, and we are committed to transparency in the global EOS community. Reward systems we build through our applications and architecture will serve to improve the EOS global community as a whole.


  • Bhutan
  • LibertyBlock is the fusion of Everipedia, The Dollar Vigilante, and Ikigai Asset Management.  Our goal is to be the most transparent, accountable, and cooperative block producer.   We believe that a worldwide technology should have worldwide representation. Our block production servers will be in Bhutan, which represent the voice of South Asia. In addition, we have team members in Mexico, Puerto Rico, India, and Colombia- with offices in the United States and Canada.   We are united by the crypto-anarchist principles that gave birth to crypto and inspired by Dan Larimer’s vision in making EOS into a platform for human freedom.  United in this pursuit for liberty, we place our candidacy as EOS’s LibertyBlock.   Our data center in Bhutan will house 4 high-end servers with support for over 1 TB of RAM and 50 CPUs. Housing and maintaining our own servers will give us greater control over the block production process and we have the expertise on board to do it.   LibertyBlock aims to become the most transparent and collaborative block producer on the planet.  We won’t stop this pursuit until we are completely vetted and recognized by our peers as such.   You can learn more about us on our website or by following us on social media:   LibertyBlock - Steemit - @blockliberty Twitter - @blockliberty Telegram - Facebook-   Learn more about our Road Map, Community Project, and Dividend Policy by following us on <a href="">Steemit</a>.

EOS Titan

EOS Block Producer Candidate
  • Montreal
  • EOS Titan is a consortium of companies involved in software development, telecommunications, encryption and blockchain technologies. Our team is composed of early adopters of cryptocurrencies who share the ethos of the ecosystem and are looking forward to bring the industry one step further towards the goal of massively decentralized governance and financial structures. As a block producer candidate, our priorities are to secure the EOS blockchain, ensure the network operates in a resilient, reliable and efficient manner, and to scale it responsibly while maintaining adequate decentralized segregation of roles and responsibilities. Our team is self-funded, giving us the ability to move quickly and independently from external influence. With offices in Montreal, Canada and Sofia, Bulgaria, the consortium of companies behind EOS Titan regroups 60+ software developers, engineers and IT professionals, has extensive experience with blockchain technologies, building enterprise software and hardware solutions, and with large scale secure delivery of content over a variety of transport mechanisms and hardware. Our vision for the EOS network is to establish the de facto standard collaborative platform for the execution of smart-contracts, while maintaining a rigorous independence from state-controlled and corporate interests. We value privacy, censorship-resistance, antifragility and free markets ideological tenets, and our decisions are guided by these principles. As the EOS ecosystem matures, we intend to join our efforts to those of the EOS developers and community to help build open-source scaling, load-balancing and censorship-resistance solutions for block producers, DApps and nodes servicing EOS blockchain(s). In addition, we intend to develop a decentralized, secure streaming content delivery infrastructure and marketplace running over the EOS network, to help in the continuous battle to preserve freedom of speech and privacy over Internet. As EOS is the first blockchain platform to enable such an ambitious project, we stand fully committed to its success and we believe our election as block producer will strengthen the network tremendously.


With KEOS as your primary BP, your EOS needs are guaranteed, block by block.
  • 대한민국 서울특별시 영등포구 여의동 3
  • We are excited to announce KEOS as an EOS Block Producer Candidate. Based in Seoul, KEOS is a joint operation with KCHAIN and TokenPost as the central drivers for the EOS movement in Korea and worldwide.   We are ready to take on the grand task of bringing EOS to the center stage.   As leading global professional blockchain consulting company, KCHAIN provides a broad range of blockchain services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and expertise across the blockchain industries and business functions KCHAIN is a seasoned pioneer working at the intersection of both business and technology. Our very own projects include Scanetchain and Giving Ledger.   As the number one blockchain media in South Korea, TokenPost provides the most up-to-date news and analysis on trends, technologies, and companies in the blockchain ecosystem, and also regularly organizes the largest and the most influential blockchain conferences and forums nationwide. Recently, it has become the first blockchain media to issue its own utility crypto token, the TPC.   Together as KEOS, we plan to develop multiple open-source projects, decentralizing the blockchain ecosystem using EOS technology. We are eager to bring our technological expertise and promotional capacity in empowering the EOS community and vitalizing its ecosystem.   We promise seamless throughput capacity, and constant hardware upgrade will be among our priorities. Be still, with KEOS as your primary EOS witness, your EOS needs are guaranteed block by block.

EOS Romania

One for all, and all for one
  • Strada Tipografilor
  • Hello, "One for all, and all for one". I always loved that saying, from the first time when the Three Musketeers story made me aware of  it; since then I got to learn and experience it over and over again. Be there for all and then all we'll be there for you when needed, be a team player and the team will be there behind you when the time will require it. I want to put together a BP and run it to support EOS blockchain and be part of the team, be part of All. I will start with a server stored in google cloud (<a href="">best DDOS defence proven by this study</a>), in the closest country to Romania that google cloud supports (Belgium, Netherlands), with 1TB drive, 4 vCPUs, 16 GB memory. After that I will scale it out as needed and as the funds will permit it. I'll start small and grow as much as I will be able to, but even staying small I will be that tough nut to crack which will keep the chain uncorrupted. I vouch to respect EOS principles and <a href="">constitution</a>, the <a href="">block producer agreement</a> and to be as opened as possible where the funds will be used: costs of running the network (hardware and staff), upgrades and if there will be anything left donations to non-profit organizations that feed or cure children around the world. Everything will be public and it will also be voted by the community. One for all, and all for one, Ovi <a href=""></a> more things about me <a href=""></a>

Free Space Block Producer

Location, location, location
  • Reno
  • <ul> <li>Perfect combination of performance and price</li> <li>Block-chain enthusiasts</li> <li>Committed to EOS project</li> <li>Small business minded entrepreneurial management</li> <li>Located 20 miles from the first Tier 5 data center in the world</li> <li>Life-long enterprise IT experience</li> <li>Adequately self funded</li> <li>Continued testing, optimization and reinvesting</li> <li>Full financial transparency</li> </ul> We have a singular mission.  To provide the utmost reliability at the lowest cost. We are extremely confident that we can run a  fully redundant node for under $500,000 a year and still be profitable, while many others claim they will need 2 million.  Vote for us and let us prove it, because once we do, and other BPs follow our model, we will save the EOS community tens of millions per year.   But let me be clear, we won't be sacrificing performance.  Our savings will come from efficiency and right-sized engineering.  First, not only is our Reno data center the most redundant and secure facility ever built, it is a green facility, has low electrical costs at under 5 cents per kWh, a 35% guaranteed savings on internet bandwidth, some of the lowest taxes in the world, and sub 20 ms ping times to half of the USA.   Second, we will run 2-4 redundant servers, each capable of meeting the full demand of the EOS blockchain network.  Between the switch facility and the redundant server design, we are projecting 99.99% up-time for this node for under $500,000 / year.


Real People, Real Lives, Real World .. Let's make a Real Difference!
  • United States
  • <strong>      Our Mission - A Peer to Peer Decentralized Aid Governance Mechanism</strong> <strong>                                    REAL PEOPLE, REAL LIVES, REAL WORLD</strong> <strong>                                          LET'S MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE ! </strong> EosLove declares its mission for block chain based governance for socio-economic growth and management across wide variety of social services and aid organizations on a peer to peer decentralized governance basis. EOSLOVE Is founded on the principles of equality, fraternity and a kinship that we all share at various points in our life with the others we live with. But many have never made a concerted effort to assert themselves to make a difference in other people's lives - especially the most needy and deprived of the society. A lack of decentralized means, lack of transparency and the lack of trust of various middle parties involved has been a problem here as well. Behind all the glitter and glory of technology and wealth arrayed across a spectrum of the society, there lurks deep behind the hidden alleys - a lot of despair, lack of opportunity, exploitation of children and women (whether it be in form of labor or prostitution), lack of food, appropriate medical care, homelessness and many more to speak of. We at EOSLOVE have decided to dedicate ourselves to the betterment of the society in various walks of life where we see inequality and injustice persisting. After having lived a life of reasonable plentiness and having reached our career peaks to our satisfaction, giving back to society and making technology work for the betterment of the masses is what our job satisfaction will be at this point of our lives. The principles behind which EOS has been built based on value of life, liberty and property, and the technology stack behind it appealed to us as a suitable vehicle to take our mission forward mainstream. There is probably no better mechanism than a blockchain for the transparency and agility we need to display in our socially benefiting endeavors. With this as the basis of our life's aspiration, we are setting out on a journey to change the world by offering help where it is really needed in the most efficient and cost effective way. Our team comes from wide variety of backgrounds and cultural/national boundaries which will provide us a unique perspective on how to approach the various problems that ail the many different sections of society across various cultures and nations.


An all female Block Producer
  • Spain
  • ShEOS is proud to announce candidacy for Block Producer on the EOS network. We know that diversity is the key ingredient for a new economy which is why ShEOS is the only female run Block Producer candidate – we are dedicated to doing things differently. We recognize the need for experienced, dedicated and reliable Block Producers (BPs) and we are excited to participate as leaders in this space. We are a group of international female entrepreneurs, investors and engineers committed to a widespread and successful EOS.IO blockchain launch.  Using powerful and secure state of the art technology at our data center, our aim is to ensure the adoption and performance of the EOS network. We will focus on education that encourages women to build infrastructure and applications on the EOS platform, foster community and educational sessions worldwide. ShEOS is dedicated to improving the ratio and fostering sustainable growth and accessibility for all people.   One way we intend to put these intentions into action is by donating a percentage of all funds toward scholarships for female blockchain developers. We are committed to using the rewards from block production to benefit the larger global EOS and blockchain ecosystem. Our involvement in the community extends beyond block production to events, outreach, advocacy, and support of the broader network. Through education platforms we will encourage the development of dApps and usage of the network. Our goal is to help uplift the EOS network and realize the goals of the most powerful software for decentralized applications.


Collaboration | Innovation | Decentralisation
  • BVI
  • Founded in 2012, Bitfinex is a digital asset trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency traders and liquidity providers.   Since our inception, our focus has been on identifying and advancing the capabilities of protocol-level technologies that meet the demands of a high-volume blockchain-based trading platform, both legal and technical, and we believe we can contribute significant value to the EOSIO community through sharing this.   Our team is composed of 100+ industry experts, including a highly-versatile development team, technical support agents, legal experts and passionate industry advocates. Our underlying goal is to grow the open-source nature of the decentralised digital asset space, achieved through intensive community development, research and collaboration.   Our vision as a block producer is that of a collaborative incubator, combining the potential of EOSIO with our experience to take EOSIO research, development and adoption to another level. Our team has gained invaluable industry experience along the way, and we aim to make use of this to enrich the teams around us - sharing information and providing guidance whenever possible.   Collaboration will be vital for the success of EOSIO and we look forward doing our part to advance the EOSIO community.   <strong>Our full EOS Block Producer application can be found <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">here</a>.</strong>


To be a great BP
  • Shenzhen
  • Dear Community, EOShenzhen, builders running as the First Block Producer Candidate from Shenzhen,  in English,and Chinese. We will continue our efforts to build a healthy EOSIO ecosystem and Chinese community. EOS will profoundly change the way we live now, and EOShenzhen will go all out to do it. EOShenzhen BP for a stable block chain at the same time, will build the future for community development fund and incubators, committed to BP, will become Chinese most influential will strengthen communicate with the node of global cooperation. We are committed to the slow and steady style, strict and efficient technical team and the benign development of the community operations, maintenance EOS.IO and stable operation, the maintenance of community development, the new operation model to develop network space. 亲爱的社区, EOShenzhen作为EOS.io作为第一批来自深圳的节点候选人,我们将以英文和中文的形式与大家沟通。 我们将继续努力,建立一个健康的EOSIO生态系统和中国社区。 EOS将深刻的改变我们的现在的生活方式,EOShenzhen将全力以赴到该项事业中。 EOShenzhen为一个稳定的区块链BP的同时,未来将打造利于社区发展的基金及孵化器,致力于将会成为中国最具影响力的BP,也会加强与全球的节点沟通合作。 我们致力于稳扎稳打的作风、严格高效的技术团队及良性发展的社区运营工作,维护EOSIO稳定运行,维护社区发展,共同打造网络空间新的运作模式。

EOS Japan

  • 日本东京都 千代田区岩本町3−1−5
  • 私たちは日本のEOS愛好家です。創業チームは日本でEOSを推進しています。日本は有名なBitcoinの大きな国です。日本の仮想通貨を改善するための国内の規制政策と措置により、日本のビートコインは世界の総額の半分を占め、全国の通貨の3%を占めています。対照的に、日本のEOSの普及率は非常に低く、いくつかの主要取引所がコインテストを実施しており、Bitflyer ZaifなどはEOS取引を開かない。したがって、EOSJapanは日本のEOS市場を開拓したいと考えています。普及のために、日本のデジタル通貨国はEOSエコロジーの強力な力となっています。 <strong><span style="vertical-align: inherit"><span style="vertical-align: inherit">Team:</span></span></strong> <span style="vertical-align: inherit"><span style="vertical-align: inherit">Shizuka Nakamura</span></span> <ul> <li>ICO, a professional digital money investor who has participated in dozens of currencies such as EOS, is well aware of the first tier and two tier markets.</li> <li>Currently, there are several digital currencies: ELF, CTXC and other Japanese community leaders; there are many famous Japanese media resources.</li> <li>Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan, has long been a well-known legal firm and is familiar with the law of digital currency in Japan.</li> <li>Now invited to HuoBi in Japan, we are more familiar with the future process of EOS exchanges in Japan.</li> </ul>   五十嵐 昴 <ul> <li>EosJapan community technician, CO sponsor</li> <li>More than 10 years of operation and development experience of large IT platform</li> <li>Development of NTT DoCoMo mobile platform system and development and maintenance of underlying mail system</li> <li>The development of the artificial intelligence project of NTT data</li> <li>Tokyo Electric Power Development Project Development</li> </ul>   <span style="vertical-align: inherit"><span style="vertical-align: inherit">Naka Hajime</span></span> <ul> <li>EosJapan Community Cofounder</li> <li>Chinese Community Leader</li> <li>Blockchain Early Investors</li> <li>Founder of EOS-based iProud Exchange</li> <li>Second Prize of the Second China Blockchain Technology Application and Creative Contest</li> </ul>


The Trusted Enterprise Contributor of Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Hongkong
  • Wancloud is a neutral and innovative Blockchain-as-a-Service platform. We aim to leverage blockchain technology to effectively serve the needs of business and society. Combining blockchain with cloud computing, Wancloud provides community, enterprise users and developers with a suite of blockchain services. Featured by its convenient, flexible and professional service, Wancloud is committed to lowering the cost and threshold of blockchain applications, to the reduction of repetitive workload for clients and to the promotion of blockchain technology adoption.   We have helped enterprise clients to deploy a wide range of blockchain pilots, such as financial record processing.   As part of our globalization efforts, we have been deploying servers and nodes globally in regions like Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. Each Node Center will be equipped with professional maintenance team to provide responsive and secure service to suit the needs of blockchain operations.   While we aim to provide reliable technical service as a super node, it is also important to note that our connection and community building efforts could bring unique value to EOS eco-system. In the process of providing services and building communities, we have accumulated a rich pool of resources of community, enterprises, and developers, providing guarantee for the sustainable development of the platform in the future. If elected, we could accelerate the promotion of EOS with respect to its industrial and enterprise adoptions.